cryin' baby


[TRANS] GOT7 - 離さなければ… / If I never let you go… lyrics (from “Hey Yah” mini album) 

Lyrics by Defsoul, Frants, Kenji Kabashima
Composed by Defsoul, Frants
Arranged by Frants

Jaebum this song is beautiful the lyrics the melody everything💗💜

cr. Synestheia

Do you wanna have baby?
  • Minho: I think it's unfair that Alby placed a no relationship with Y/N rule just because he's scared she'll get pregnant.
  • Newt: Forget it Minho, he's right. Besides in this place our hormones are likely to get the better of us, and who knows, Y/N might get pregnant.
  • Minho: Okay, suppose she does. Why does he think it will be that bad?
  • Alby: Because the Glade is too dangerous for raising a baby!Minho:</b> The maze is dangerous, the glade, not so much as for now.
  • Clint: We don't have the amenities to take care of a baby.
  • Minho: We'll send a note to the creators, I'm sure they'll be interested too.
  • Frypan: Noone's gonna wanna take care of a cryin baby all day! We all have work!
  • Minho: So? they can take turns,besides I think a cute baby would bring some life and laughter to this place.
  • Gally: Because Y/N would be pregnant for nine months, and pregnant Y/N would be worse than Y/N on her period, and let's not forget after delivery she'll be on her period for around forty days.
  • Minho: ....... Yea okay you're right a baby is a bad idea.

vibes: bday baby. i was kinda bummed at first cause a nigga pretty much alienated himself from a dysfunctional fam and abuse and that it aint even been a full 2 month since it happened im still processing all that. some how my girl came through and still made today special for me. the only person i audibly heard sayin with their mouth to me happy bday. when you socially anxious with few folks by you it be like that. i was happy tho. i wanted it to go away at first cause it was a reminder of the other lonely ass birthdays but she made my day. got me a lil cake and some red velvet cupcakes with a cute card and we went out for dinner. got me this slammin seafood mofongo and pina colada i was in heavenn. oh yeah thats me bein a big baby cryin in pic 4 bottom right lol.