cryin about these 2


day 1.5/6 all the cute stuff from when i hung out with @lucycamui

  • makka ice cream crêpe, yuuri parfait, katsudon pirozhki
  • free postcards w the food!! 
  • seung-gil, victor, and yuuri acrylic keychains
  • lucy gave me the phiphi and kenny rubber keychains 😭💞
  • lucy also won that yuuri plush from one of those crane games ohmygod you guys lucy is a legend… a boss… a champion… 

I am cryin about 2 things regarding “Stuck Together”.

  1. I always wanted to see a same-Gem romance. I think these two Topazes are in love. How she talks about herself and her parts is of course different from what Garnet is, a whole new person, but this felt so good to see this sort of third person perspective!
  2. If Fusions get sentimental then there is no way Navy isn’t out saving her squad. Then again I have no idea why CG Ruby has zero feeling about her previous fusions, boo and hoo. Blease.