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ngl i wasn't sure about the mon-el hate but like??? not only does he abandon his lover to die, he consistently disrespects his CURRENT gf (kara) and lies??? why is she the bad guy? didn't he literally own slaves??? how are people okay with this man???

i’ll give u three guesses, tho i’m sure u’ll only need one


found an old song by rhys darby (coran’s va),, imagine coran singing this lance is the guy with the jandals and keith is the girl who breaks up w him bc he won’t take them off 

I was about to start cryin until i remembered that Lance has Pidge and she would no doubt hack anything she needed to so they could find his family, no matter where they moved to

he wouldnt have the old house but at least he would have his family :’)

holy shit. i just saw power rangers and felt Things!! lol ikr, Power Rangers (2017) gave me a taste of Hollywood if there was actual inclusion? 👀 What a time to be alive.

But on the real, the modernized team building origin story was rad. And it was 100% gooey and cheesy goodness!!! You guys should take your 90′s pals for a good time. 👌👌👌

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I'VE BEEN SLACKING AT MY ANON DUTIES,, I'M HERE TO YELL ABOUT THEM BEING POWER RANGERS NERDS!! Okay, so the new Power Rangers movie came out yesterday and they went to see it and when Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers came on,, they STARTED CRYIN LMAO THESE TWO TEENAGE BOYS ARE CRYING THEIR HEARTS OUT AT MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS,, these nerds i love them. (Tsukki cried another time in the movie, but I won't spoil anything) -Sunny Anon! ☀️

i’ve been slacking on mod duties don’t tell

THEY JUST LOVE MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS they both assigned one and it became their favorite color opps-

~mod ao

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AH hannah we luv u n are all so so so supportive of u i cant think of a better person for the editor in chief position and that boy is so so lucky to have ur affections im cryin !!!! Youll kick ass this week

Everyone this is Erika and she’s always so unfalteringly kind and supportive to me and seeing her name pop up in my likes brightens my day GO SEND HER LOVE xxxxx

(also thank u bb you are the SWEETEST)

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but who would be lefou? jmads? or john adams? oh my god washington as maurice

jmads is DEF lefou. can u imagine cute lil jmads following dickface mcgee aka tjeff around???? im cryin…………also oMG washingdad would def be maurice,, can u imagine him w all of his weird gadgets n shit????? im SO EXCITED