I have no caption for this. #stevenuniverse #cryforhelp #pearl #garnet #amethyst #deleting

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I will be taking my first solo road trip this weekend. I’m going to Charlotte, N.C.

I need a play list…….I need songs that’s gonna make me shake my butt the entire 6 hours that I have to ride it out. Can you guys help me out??????????? yes ALL Down South rap is welcomed !!!!!

Omg I’m so proud of this drawing!!! Its just a sketch but I’m gonna lineart this baby now! I seriously cant wait to watch the new episode cry for help (cuz in England it hasn’t come out so I have to wait for it to come online :b) and hear more of sardonyx’s voice cuz I love it! Id have to say sardonyx is probably my second fav fusion (garnet being my first and stevonie being my third) anyway better get linearting so enjoy!