crybaby loser


1. Andrew Jackson (an actual attempt to punch Jackson is not recommended due to his erratic and violent nature, but c’mon. he committed genocide. you wanna punch Jackson)
2. Andrew Johnson (he’ll break down cowering and whimpering after one solid hit to the jaw like the crybaby he is. loser)
3. James K. Polk (All portraits of Polk bear a striking resemblance to Lucius Malfoy, strongly implying that Polk was in life almost inherently punchable)
4. Richard Nixon (Be warned: Nixon was deceivingly agile, meaning that actually landing a punch may be a taller order than initial observation would suggest) 
5. James Buchanan (also surprisingly difficult, as the majority of Buchanan’s face was composed of a single stone slab)
6. John Adams (knows good and well what he did)
7. Ronald Reagan (Due to his experience as an actor and in the military, a sneak attack on Reagan is recommended - but keep in mind, Reagan had an unusually high Perception score for someone of his build) 
8. Warren G. Harding (but you won’t feel good about it)
9. George W. Bush (doing so will also inflict harm upon Dick Cheney due to the Blood Magic link the two share, making this a highly recommended punch)
10. Woodrow Wilson (an ultimately futile gesture: Wilson will simply rise again after you deck him, his stern look of paternal disapproval unchanged)

The spoiled millionaire brats in the NFL will never know what real sacrifice is.

God Bless our troops who protect our freedom, which also includes the freedom of the NFL thugs to act like the trash they are.

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I love that Lena has like…… twenty minutes of screentime at best in the grand total of five episodes and yet y’all have already come up with these fucking elaborate headcanons about organic food crybaby bottom binch Lena Loser, I love this fandom

iconic jung hoseok lyrics
  • “make money, good money”
  • “all the girls of the world are
    in hope world, lined up”
  • “ABCDEFGH Hakuna Matata”
  • “i will bite down on you first”
  • “i’d kiss you starting from the morning
    can’t forget to grab some brunch”
  • “a killer of girls’ hearts”
  • “her hair, body, waist, legs,
    even her other unspeakable parts”
  • “after fighting my hormones again today,
    i’ll pop my pimple”
  • “my swag explodes”
  • “wiggle wiggling jingle jingling
    rolling around, beagle beagling”
  • “getting physical and acting cute”
  • “you’re a thief, i’m the police, pay for your crime”
  • “all of you are so weak, such losers, crybabies and idiots”
  • “today, i’m it, mini miney mo”
  • “i wanna see the stars on your shoes
    haha, without Namjoon knowing”

Dany fans: *yelling at me for disliking Dany*

Dany fans: “it’s sexist to hate Daenerys!!!”

Dany fans: *one breath later* Sansa is such a crybaby loser like wtf how weak how stupid what a dumbass fuck you sansa whore bitch wow North doesn’t deserve you, Jon Snow is king of the North gtfo of the way

(Jon Snow is a fuckboy)

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I was just thinking about how snowflake got started when some liberals were holding rallies and legit emotional AF when Trump won. Conservatives were circulating baby memes and shit arrogantly asserting liberals are just crying because someone doesn't agree with them. Now that we see him getting rid of DACA, trans troops and probably on his way to legalizing LGBTQ discrimination via religious freedom laws, I suddenly get why people had such emotional reactions... They knew this shit was coming

Trump said he would do all this shit, and we listened, and we said, “Hey, Trump is going to do all this shit he says he will do!”, and people ignored us. They called us crybabies and sore losers, and just overall treated the election like a game that they had won and we had lost. And now, almost a year later, we are seeing all of Trump’s promises come to fruition, or at least attempted despite a majority of the nation not wanting these new policies.

{I’ve never really put much thought into ships for Kairyuu tbh.

Like Nasuga said, Kairyuu with Felix is def a ‘what if’ scenario. I do like the idea of this bbi being with Selkie to try and bring him out of his shell. As well as possibly with Rhajat because I just like how that dynamic might work.

Platonic wise he def loves his cousins (Chiyo, Shiro and Chrys, even tho the latter kicks him). He’d kick booty for them.}


…. yer kiddin’ me, right..? We ain’t even remotely alike!

((OOC: I borrowed a very special version of Shadow for this ask~ He’s over at chaoscuro! Go give him a follow and throw some questions at him! ♥♥♥ ))

Raih’a spends a good amount of time crushing on his Au Ra friend.  : )

This is actually a little belated…I reached 50 a couple weeks ago and I’m past it now…BUT I’M PROUD OF MY CRYBABY LOSER (and mostly I am glad to be out of the Coliseum armor).  I’m ready to get to Heavensward and seeing Sir HotElf who I’ve been hearing so much about!

To other fellow FFXIVers (and others), my pal Koba is currently open for commissions!  Her art is super cute and she loves drawing avatars, OCs, and homo, which really means you can’t ask for much more.  Please take a look at her commission post!!!!  

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The MyCastle assistant faceless is ACTUALLY one that was discovered as docile and timid. Rhajat got him as a pet for her birthday and has him well trained in basic discipline. He especially likes it when Kana or the younger sisters give him flower crowns and is also good sparring practice (just a sore loser and crybaby). In conclusion: he's just a giant cinnamon roll.

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hey sorry if this seems out of nowhere but I wanted to know what version of Weevil/Haga you're playing on your blog. your header is a bit unclear.

((Oh!  Sorry, I didn’t mean to be confusing.   …I also meant to have a character bio page up by now, but after tumblr ate my first draft, I’ve been putting off redoing it all due to being discouraged (and busy).  That’s my own fault, though. ^_^;;;

I play 19-year-old post-canon Weevil.   He’s mellowed out a little bit and is attending university.   He’s still kind of a crybaby, a sore loser, and has a terrible temper, but he has grown a longer fuse since the events of Duel Monsters, and occasionally makes efforts to try and fit in better or acquire a social life.    They don’t….usually go very well, or last very long, but he makes them.  

His parents also put him on the proverbial short leash after he nearly got himself killed (several times) during his card game vendetta in the series.  They pay for his schooling, his debit card is linked to their account and notifies them whenever he makes a purchase, he is not allowed to own a car (has to borrow mom’s), and he resents the hell out of it, but has kind of been pidgeonholed into behaving himself for the mostpart.   This hasn’t stopped him from selling off his extra Duel Monsters rares and pooling the profits into a petty cash fund he can spend as he likes without them knowing, though.  

Depending on the universe, Rex is pretty much the only anchor he has to his earlier teens and reverts pretty easily to his own idea of “normality” while around him.   He trash-talks more frequently, he obsesses over Duel Monsters, and is  just more “Weevil-y” in general around his buddy.))

I Promise [Prologue]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: feels. so much feels. 

Word Count: 2,016 

Prologue, Pt. 1

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Flashback (12 years ago) age 7

“You have weird teeth”

“Why don’t you talk? you’re such a loner!”

“Look at this crybaby! what a loser”

Jungkook stood under the tree, which used to be his safe place until the bullies raided his territory. His head was on his knees, begging silently for the teasing to cease. “Please, please stop it” he whispered.

“YAH! YOU SCOUNDRELS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR GROUNDS?” someone shouted. The teasing stopped momentarily as the bullies search for the voice. “Oh look who’s there, it’s his girlfriend” they all laughed. “Your girlfriend is here to save you? You’re such a baby!” they continued. Jungkook didn’t hear much afterward.  Until— “We- we’re sorry!” said one of the boys. Jungkook lifted his head up, confused after hearing the bully beg for forgiveness from this mysterious girl. “Yeah that’s right! don’t ever mess with us!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. After his blurry vision faded away, his eyes set on her. “Hey, are you alright?” she asked. “Y-yeah, but w-who are—“, “My name is Y/N” she smiled widely. “You should learn how to defend yourself from those bullies of yours” she sat next to him. “But, how did you do that?” he looked down at the grass, avoiding eye contact with the strange girl. “I learned taekwondo, you should come with me and learn how to fight!” she had her fist in the air, trying out different moves. Jungkook didn’t answer, he kept staring at the green grass. “What’s your name?” the girl turned and faced her body towards the boy. “J-Jungkook” he stuttered. “Well Jungkook.. from this day on, you’ll be my friend!” she announced. “What?” Jungkook faced her with a surprised look on his face. That’s when he took a good look of her face. ‘She’s glowing’ he thought. “What do you say Jungkook? do you want to be my friend?” she extended her arm. He looked at her hand and back to her face. ‘What if I get teased because of her?’ he thought. “I swear on my life to always protect you” she uttered. Jungkook stared at her in amazement. Her smile never left her face. “O-ok” he shook her hand.

After meeting Y/N, Jungkook grew out of his shell. He attended taekwondo classes, he spoke louder than before, he made eye contact when talking to people, he learned how to initiate conversations, and it’s all thanks to Y/N. When Jungkook invited her to his house for the first time, his mother pulled her to another room to personally thank her. “Jungkook told me a lot about you since you came into his life, he smiled every day” her eyes started to water. “I’m so thankful that you’re his friend, please always be by his side. He needs you in his life” she hugged her tight like her life depended on it. “No worries Mrs. Jeon, I’ll take care of him” Y/N gave a comforting smile.

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Can I request a scenario where you're jumping around your bedroom in Hobi's large sweater, jamming to Dope but when you reach the chorus, you spot him leaning against the frame.

this little shit would love it omg

lyrics are taken from : with a tiny bit of editing to fit better. 

For once, the house was empty.

Normally someone would be around- your friends, your boyfriend, or even your family. However today, it seemed as if everyone had other priorities and you were left with the freedom of solitude.

You decided to fully maximise this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and decided to jam to a few of your  favourite songs. You started up your favourite playlist and begun.

Ayo ladies & gentleman
If you’re ready, I’ll start, yeah!
Differently from other guys
With my style, with my style!

You grabbed your ‘microphone’, already imagining the crowd going wild.

I worked all night, every day
While you were playing in the club
Don’t be surprised and listen every day
I got a feel, I got a feel
I’m kinda sick!

You couldn’t help but re-enact each member’s parts, focussing on the exact gestures. You’d watched their performances over and over, seeing the dedication they’d put into learning the choreography.

Jjeoreo, jjeoreo, jjeoreo, the smell of sweat in our studio
Look, my ringing dance moves answer
All of you are so weak, such losers, crybabies and idiots
Has nothing to do with me
cuz I’m sick with hope haha

This part you knew the best. You thought of your boyfriend, and the late evenings he’d come home, too exhausted to speak. He’d fall into your embrace, barely able to open his eyes and wake up early the next morning to repeat.

OK, we’re sick
from our head to our toes
We’re sick with work for half our days
We live sickly in our studios, our youths may rot away
But thanks to that, we’re running to success
Girls, scream louder, let it ring

Just as you were finishing the last line of the rap, you heard someone screaming to match the song. You jumped, and saw Hoseok behind you. He looked decidedly smug, leaning on the doorframe as he watched you.

“How long were you there for?” You asked, horrified.

“Long enough.” He said, sauntering in.

“By the way, you really killed my rap. Maybe you should feature in our next Cypher?” He teased. pulling you closer.

“Not to mention, isn’t that my sweater? My song, my rap, my clothes- what’s next? You’ve even stolen my heart.”