cryaotic birthday

Happy Birthday Cry :)

Sup. I hope you had a wonderful day, sir. I just want to say that you deserve an amazing birthday for all the good you’ve done and for just simply being yourself and allowing us to know you, even if we don't see you. But in a way we do see you. We see you as the guy who caused $21,000 to be donated to charity. We see you as the guy who can’t wrap slippers properly. We see you as the guy who restored the faith that all men aren’t sexist assholes. We see you as the guy who can make all his fans go crazy over just a picture of his room. We see you as the guy with the cutest and most attention-seeking cat ever. We see you as the guy whose laugh makes the world just seem a little bit better.

Happy birthday you perfect sir. Okay bai. *heart*

I don’t know if Luna was born yet, I just know Amanda went into labor yesterday (talking about Matthias and Amanda’s baby here) so this youtuber cupcake is because of her, and whoever else has a birthday today (wait, today the 26th? I forgot that it’s my birthday today I’m an idiot) or a birthday any day :)
In order: Pewds, Mark, Cry, Jack, Matthias (and the cupcake is Chica’s from fnaf lmao)