I just want to say how much I respect YouTubers? An example being cryoatic, but just in general! These people start out just posting videos of what they love, and it’s wonderful! Then, they start go get paid and get a fanbase and it’s great! The responsibility it takes to “be responsible” for a fanbase is immense. markiplier is a great example of this, as well as therealjacksepticeye! These people are genuinely great people and they do so much for their community, as well as keep people happy! 

However, the biggest reason I respect them is what they’ve gone through. Everyone has a story, and life isn’t easy to go through, especially being held on such a high pedestal, and with haters at every corner. 

Youtube means so much to me, and these Youtubers have been with me every step of the way! It was because of cryaotic I was able to find a word for my sexuality, and because of markiplier I was able to get past a rough time in my life. 

This whole things is probably really badly written, but I just want to say how much I respect Youtubers. You’re all really cool and I’d love to hang with you guys and drink sparkling cider.

Okay, I’m done now!

There was a man in our house today, and I didn’t know who he was. I went downstairs to get a hot pocket, and when it was done, he was like “Hey, I’m Matt” and extended his hand. I was like “I’m tired.” And he just looked at me weird.
—  Cryaotic, talking about being socially awkward.

Livestream Tonight [8/29/2015]

Okay so i just saw Pixels and got the greatest idea.

Pixels!Youtube au.

Basically take youtube gamers and replace the main characters. There ya go.

(Guys this au is my fuckin life and im gonna write it AH)

Markiplier - Sam
Pewdiepie - Kevin
Jacksepticeye - Violet
danisnotonfire - Ludlow Cryaotic - Eddie amazingphil - Lady Lisa

ect, other gamer youtubers

pls this is like the best thing in my entire life ohMY GOD

anonymous asked:

i dare you to find cry on skype

Geez. You don’t give up do you?
This is like the fifth time I’ve seen your fucking ask in my inbox.

Also if I ever did get his Skype…that’ll be the fucking day.

Also I think it’s really rude you want people to look for his Skype.

Just to amuse you, I’ll add every fucking imposter because I know they’re all not him.

I betcha you’re one of them imposters though.

Seriously this is not really what I do but really, I think it’s weird.

Now please don’t spam me anymore.

Go watch their stream or something.

Go praise the sun, play with a box of baking soda, randomly yell ONLY4 or worship the Jundus Cryst fer all I care.

Just please stop spamming me you guys.

It’s annoying.