What is happening to Cryaotic's channel?

Okay, this is a source of confusion for me and someone needs to help me understand this.
What on earth is happening to this channel? What’s with the prolonged break? I am aware that Polaris is making his videos private. I’d like to know exactly what this Polaris is, because to my knowledge, a YouTuber doesn’t need any company at all behind him to have his channel function correctly.

I may come off as rude and harsh, but it seems just strange to me. If there is no need for a company like that, why let them practically violate your channel? Have a look at some of Cryaotic’s playlists now. All of Crisis Core is private. First episode of Life is Strange? Private. Last episode of VtMB? Private. It seems illogical to me that you would allow a company to do this and put a flimsy company’s childlike sulking before your fans that have been there with you for so long, and would love to continue to do so.

I was told to download the videos before they become private, but I personally can’t do that. I don’t have any memory on my computer. And by the time I was told to do this, most of the videos I wanted to enjoy were set to private. So what can people like me do? I’m sure I’m not the only one in this predicament. Do I just kick back and accept that this is the end of Cryaotic, my favorite YouTuber? Maybe I should move on, start watching others instead? I don’t want to do that, but I don’t know if there is any point in waiting for another video from Cry anymore. Was the latest “More to Come” a lie?

I’d love to hear your opinions and explanations. I honestly don’t understand this situation and I mean no hate by this post whatsoever, I’m just deeply confused.


I SPENT WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS but anyways, this is my presentation on why you should get into Folklore if you haven’t done so already. This game is very near and dear to my heart, and the fact that Cryaotic is playing it makes me want to explain exactly why this game is so great. (Psst: here’s a youtube playlist with the awesome Folklore OST if you want to have a listen.)

A note about tagging stuff related to Folklore - you can use folklore (game) or folkssoul / folksoul (which is the Japanese name). The fandom has been small for a while, so we always love more fans!

Cryaotic legal situation and video privatization

Due to legal issues with audio sampling and usage within Cry’s videos he is having many videos being made private for the foreseeable future. Check his official twitter (@Crywastaken) for proper information and a full list of the videos so you can download them as desired. Thought the info should be spread here for the Fandom not active on twitter.

Sorry for the lack of art, guys! It’s been a super hectic week haha.

Cry is currently streaming Spore and named his planet after me which is super cool! So I had to draw his..super interesting critter. Which is now even better than this. 

Still this was totally fun to scribble. ;o


The youtuber gingerbread house, aka one of my greatest creations. I included a good amount of my fav youtubers, @markiplier @lordminion @therealjacksepticeye a crappy @cryaotic (sorry cry lol) and the game grumps! I’d have loved to include some more awesome people in there, but I didn’t have the necessary materials or willpower to include all of my favourites, because I have a lot xD