So hey, today is Cry’s birthday!

Cry recently had surgery to get his gall bladder removed, but Cry being Cry, he decided that the health insurance thing/whatever it is you Americans use to not have to pay thousands of dollars for basic health care was sketchy, and didn’t get any health insurance.

Needless to say, the poor guy is stuck with a massive bill after the surgery.

Jund started a fund to help him out, and tonight The Late Night Crew (minus Cry who is still in bad shape after being cut open) is gonna be streaming like they usually do on Saturday night, this time focusing on helping collect funds to cover his hospital bills

If you have a few dollars to spare, think about donating, please

Gofundme page:
Late Night with Cry And Russ stream (starts at 11 pm eastern time):

Making YouTube your fulltime job

Okay, yes I totally just googled that picture, but that’s not the point lol.

So, everyone should know by now you can basically get a job as a full time YouTube which is great and all but the question is….how? How do the famous YouTubers do it sooo fast? Do they bribe people to advertise their channel or something? These and so many more questions go through my head as I’m struggling to top off my own channel. At first, it was the partnership thing with YouTube but once you get on there’s no guarantee that you’ll become famous just like them. Now let me back up. I’m not saying I want a bigger following for the money or the fame or the partnership. Matter of fact, I’m already partnered for my 2,580 subbies and I’m quite happy that I even came that far. The point is, I want to grow to have that interaction. You know, have people give there different opinions about your videos and give you the criticism that you need to get better at what you do. Right now, I have about a few people that actually keep track of what I do and I’m wondering…HOW DO THEY DO IT? And also, how were they balancing out their regular jobs with YouTube? Because I find it so hard especially owning a dog and having noisy neighbors to record and edit a decent video. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe…just maybe they’re consistent but they’re also probably either buying advertisements, collabing/got connections, or buying views and/or subscribers till it looks pleasing to the eye. What do you think? Repost this if you think the same.  


ଲ( ⓛ ω ⓛ *)ଲ  - Animals! Youtubers 


from mah previous post 

Dang it  ! they r so kyote. (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) An adorable kitty cat, a sassy hot dog,an hungry and grumpy bear, a fabulous and jaded bee and a very very shy bunny.


sorry for the hot dog and zzz // Bzzz bad puns

also thanks @totoro49 for dah jacksepticat. everything started with this cutiepie~


Happy birthday to @danisnotonfire and @cryaotic! have some delicious meme breads/pastries of all sorts. hope your birthdays are filled with joy and good food. you guys mean a lot to me, and i hope ya’ll know that! Cheers to another year on planet earth!!

again, happy bday! *hugs you guys*


I wanted to do this for a while now

A compilation of all the times I’ve lived through the (neutral/pacifist) story of Undertale. Once through my own playthrough, and many more through the eyes and decisions of others.

In chronological order, I’ve experienced Undertale through:

-My own Playthrough 

-Cryaotic’s Playthrough

-Steam Train’s Playthrough

-Vargskelethor’s Playthrough

-JackSepticEye’s Playthrough

-MultipurposeGaming’s playthrough

BONUS: Russ and Cry’s playthrough