WELCOME TO THE FAMILY LITTLE ONE~ Say hello to your computery brothers Virus and Corrupt!

SAY HELLO TO VIRUS CRY! Look at this little cutie! I swear all of my damn characters are gonna destroy the house one day…We are gonna need more computers. So much internet, so little time. 

So~ This is good ol Virus Cry, his head isn’t connected to his body, go figure! He has little bits and bobs that can electrically connect his head for him! Without them, well, it would be rolling around everywhere. Those same bits are running through his sleeves which act as arms! The two little dots on his cheeks are outputs for built up electricity so he doesn’t short out~

He’s just a bundle of wires, joy, and sass…tons of sass…

Hey Cry and the rest of the tag! Remember when I asked you to record the quote so I could get it made into a tattoo? Well, my tattoo artist had an idea so we decided to put it on a blade of a dagger. The Sting to be more precise. See that yellow/orange thingy in the middle? That’s your voice right there Cry :D Creepy, huh. No but seriously dude, thank you so much for the audio! Even though the results aren’t what I first expected I love this tattoo. And my arm will be filled with a lot of imaginary things later on so this is a good start. I hope you like what you see Cry! :D I know I do :3


Remember this

(Vine by whimsical_mark)

🍦🍧🍨  “Choose your weapon ice cream “

Youtubers Ice cream
Cryaotic, Pewdiepie,Markiplier ,Smosh (Ian and Anthony) Tobuscus and CinnamonToasKen !

Just imagine them as Ice creams URG. i’m sure they would be so delicious  !

Inspired of my own comic  ‘’cryaotic Ice cream “ 8A8 : 



She loved her // like that
but telling her family? they might snap
So confined she couldn’t confide
She was playing girl games, offline
She had an answer, but she didn’t ask for this
Every little chit chat was a massive risk
If she discussed it they’d be disgusted
disown her and that’d be disastrous
She knew that it wasn’t their fault, They were brainwashed
They believed some crazy things
It’d cause her a smorgasbord of disorders
If she listened to what they would think
They thought that she was smiling, but they misidentified
because the clenching of her teeth was just her biting on the lie

And her logic said…

It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait for one - more - day
There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s them - they’re just backwards
You’re in the future, they’re in the past
and they would abuse you if they knew the facts about it
It’s gonna be ok, it’s gonna be ok
this issue is temporary so attempt to wait until - you’re - safe
You love her, don’t ever feel you should apologise
can’t control your feelings or compromise,
i know it’s difficult to find a guiding a light now but you’ll come out alive

Until you find the friends who’ll support you
Until you find a place you feel secure, you need to
Until you’re independent
Wherever in the spectrum you are

- Spectrum ft. Cryaotic & Minx