This is the only WIP, (let’s see how long I can keep my word on that one) I’m putting up of my next BIG scale project and I’m so excited I can’t contain myself. Using my trusty Sai for all the lineart. I’ve done 1 out of over 20 characters/players etc. featured in this project and I want to keep it low key until it’s done just like I have for many of my other BIG projects haha.

My school term is almost over and winter holidays are coming in Australia which gives me more time to snuggle in a massive blanket with hot tea and really get into this one :D so,


psst my tags show a list of the people that are going to be featured in this, *wink* *nudge*

Signs as Let’s Play Channels

Aries - The Creatures
Taurus - Vinesauce
Gemini - Seananners
Cancer - Markiplier
Leo - Achievement Hunter
Virgo - Two Best Friends Play
Libra - TheRPGMinx
Scorpio - CaptainSparklez
Sagittarius - Yogscast
Capricorn -  Game Grumps
Aquarius - Jacksepticeye
Pisces - Cryaotic

I didn’t really know much about the group Amarante but as I began to listen to their new track Into The Dark and I kind of fell in love with it, then I discovered something which made me love it more. Amarante is a band which features my favourite youtubers Cryaotic (never knew he could sing!) and this type of music is always something I love. It feels like it belongs in a fantasy film based in a whole new world and I just cannot get enough of it. The groups new album Enchanting The Siren is out now - Jakk