I love this multiplayer game! x’DD

Here’s two explosive videos with Pewds , Ken and Cry! :DDD

Check out their youtube channel if you don’t know them yet! :D

Have a positive explosive day Bros! :DDD

Hey! I finally made some art. Maybe it’ll be used as the screencap for some Call of Cthulhu videos?! I’m super pumped to see the ending of Cthulhu but more excited to see how Cry play’s it. Bummer with what happened with the “mom” in the attic though. Anyways! I hope to make more art for Deadly Premonition since that’s back in motion again. What a good game. That’s my hot tamale.


Since my brother took his Xbox back, I just end up on youtube watching this guy play Catherine even though I have the game on hand. I meant to only watch a few episodes but end up watching the whole thing. It annoyed me how he kept using the same climbing method but he improved and he was so optimistic and calm in which I would have thrown the controller against the wall. He’s a pretty chill dude. I think I’m gonna go watch some of his other stuff.