[Saturday, May 30] 7PM PST/ 9PM CST/ 10PM EST
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»the prompt will be [MOVIES]

How this work:
This week Prompt is MOVIES, You have until 11:00pm EST on saturday to post an illustration related to the Late Night Crew and MOVIES.
Post and tag it with #wedrawLNC

We’ll start reblogging (or RT on twitter) all your art on 10pm EST until 11:00pm EST before Late Night Crew’s stream starts.
New prompt every monday 4pm EST!
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Please, post your drawing on twitter too adding the same tag #wedrawLNC

Signs as Let’s Play Channels

Aries - The Creatures
Taurus - Vinesauce
Gemini - Seananners
Cancer - Markiplier
Leo - Achievement Hunter
Virgo - Two Best Friends Play
Libra - TheRPGMinx
Scorpio - CaptainSparklez
Sagittarius - Yogscast
Capricorn -  Game Grumps
Aquarius - Jacksepticeye
Pisces - Cryaotic

🍦🍧🍨  “Choose your weapon ice cream “

Youtubers Ice cream
Cryaotic, Pewdiepie,Markiplier ,Smosh (Ian and Anthony) Tobuscus and CinnamonToasKen !

Just imagine them as Ice creams URG. i’m sure they would be so delicious  !

Inspired of my own comic  ‘’cryaotic Ice cream “ 8A8 :