TWO SWEDISH POLICE OFFICERS ON A JOURNEY - Cry Of Fear - Coop - Playthrough - Part 32

3 years ago (May 4th 2012) Pewds and Cry played Cry Of Fear together.

The first time the ship name PewDieCry was used – by Pewdie himself. This part contains a lot of failing and dying. It’s also the part of Cry trying to talk but Pewds interrupting him constantly.

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🍦🍧🍨  “Choose your weapon ice cream “

Youtubers Ice cream
Cryaotic, Pewdiepie,Markiplier ,Smosh (Ian and Anthony) Tobuscus and CinnamonToasKen !

Just imagine them as Ice creams URG. i’m sure they would be so delicious  !

Inspired of my own comic  ‘’cryaotic Ice cream “ 8A8 :


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