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your post on fyeahtattoos hit home and made me feel like someone in the world FINALLY understands how i feel. my tattoos are looked down on a lot, but my scars and health issues are pitied more than anything. it's frustrating because people don't realize that we've made it THIS FAR. sometimes life slaps you in the face and you only have two choices. you can give up and let your problems swallow you, or you can kick ass at being strong and overcome it. anyway, i think your scars are beautiful. :)

YES. I completely agree with all of that. And thank you so much <3

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i personally think cher lloyd is cute without all of that caked up make-up, but you ma'am, do not look ANYTHING like her. don't even respond to these assholes. they're not worth your time.

haha she looked nice when she dyed the bottom of her hair pink but yeah thank you haha! 

life seems to go on after unfortunate events. the harder you fall, the harder you fight. things get bad and you start to think you can’t handle anything else, but somehow you conquer your fears and continue with your life. i can’t imagine loving or missing anyone more than i do my mom. she was my best friend my entire life. we disagreed a lot and it got hard to tolerate each other, but we stayed close. she understood me better than anyone ever will. no matter how strong i continue to become, i will always miss my mother more with each day that passes.