Under appreciated moment in Always Sunny:

In “Charlie Kelly King of the Rats” when they’re trying to keep Charlie out of the bar so they say a keg exploded and hit Dennis in the dick and mangled it up and chanting “Dickless Dennis” and he just starts clapping and laughing sarcastically before yelling “yeah but it DOESNT APPLY” in an Iconic™ tone of voice. And then offers to show Charlie his perfectly fine dick


My Brother, My Brother, and Me (dir. J.D. Amato, 2017)

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SAME!!! , i’m freaking out right now in a good way , i’m not gonna lie ..

are we ever going to get over this ? no . i mean look at jungkook trying his best to be as chill about this as possible but ending up closing his eyes, smiling .. clearly high key enjoying it look at jimin’s face , !!!!!!!!!

and jin’s reaction man! he was like : what ?? what’s happening almost freaking out, thinking they might have accidentally kissed .

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Talk to you about drunk Baz? Okay... So imagine Simon finding Baz passed out in the catacombs with a few empty bottles of expensive liqueur and carrying him back to their room (Baz would be light 'cause not enough blood) without really knowing why, then Baz waking up with a massive hangover with Simon asleep half flopped onto his bed

and then simon wakes up and accuses baz of trying to kill him before he remembers what he did

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I just made this, thought I would share it with you :D