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I don’t know anything, I feel so pressured by the expectations.
Can’t you see I lost my capabilities when I lost myself? But I’m not supposed to be screwed up, am I? I’m suppose to be smart and good. Great. Goddamn fantastic. I can’t be damaged. After all the signs you’re still surprised if I show a sliver of instability. Look at my family, look at my life, LOOK AT ME! Do I look like I had the chance of not being fucked up in the slightest?

regaldearie asked:

I just wanted to say how much I love what you wrote about Rumple! I think his story is better suited to tragedy. Whenever he has a chance at getting what he wants (whether its to escape his father's reputation, or a chance to choose Bae or Belle) he sets his sights on something else and I wonder if there's any happiness possible for him at this point. It's nice to see someone else who loves him willing to accept that idea that he may never be redeemed.

thanks for saying that. and yes, his tale is better suited to tragedy.  I wish i had included that word in my original response - because yes, his story IS very much a tragedy.

Rumple does constantly make the wrong choice. even becoming the Dark One was a choice - he killed because wielding the dagger wasn’t enough.  the temptation to be strong, after a lifetime of being weak, was something he couldn’t resist. and he’s repeating that wrong choice over and over again.

when we look at Rumple’s backstory, his childhood, we get some explanation for why he is the way he is. perhaps it’s learned - perhaps it’s inherited, but his father made wrong choices too.  and in the end he chose himself over his son.  for me - that episode was the point where I realized there was nothing this character could do to make me not love him. and i think it’s because Robert Carlyle  played the part of heartbroken abandoned son so very well.

i’d like to take this as an opportunity to share an interview Bobby gave a few years ago (before OUAT) about his own childhood - which shares some striking resemblances to Rumple’s. Even if you aren’t a fan of Robert Carlyle, or Rumple…I BEG YOU TO PLEASE READ HIS STORY (which I’ve linked below)

It’s incredibly really - the way he shares those experiences that shaped him. And the fact that he overcame so much gives me hope. for myself, for humanity, and especially for the character Bobby so masterfully portrays - Rumple.

It’s heartbreaking and beautiful and inspiring.



Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good

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