"Cry Me a River" by Chvrches // Radio 1 Live Lounge (2015)

It’s no big secret that Chvrches have a penchant for covering pop jams new and old, so it should come as zero surprise that they’ve gone and covered the Justin Timberlake hit, “Cry Me a River”. If you’ve heard their material in the past (original and otherwise), then you know what you’re in for - a stripped back, electro pop take on the original. They do good work, and this is no exception. Give it a listen for a fun little nostalgia trip.


Singin Cry Me A River, 09.08.14.

so this is really short and awful but since i’ve gotten 8758497 asks wanting to hear my voice/my singing i just decided to get it over with lmao. i’ll make a better one later i swear (the song is cry me a river, the JT version)


this is so sexy, I’ve been listening to it for the past hour wtf