Say My Name / Cry Me A River
The Neighbourhood

I won’t let you say I’m assuming things
If something’s going down, that’s the way it seems
It shouldn’t be the reason why you actin’ strange
Yeah, nobody’s holding you back from me
‘Cause I know how you usually do
When you say everything to me times two
Why can’t you just tell the truth
If somebody’s there, then tell me who


A man writes off his ex-lover by manifesting a ‘river’ of female dancers to act as an extension his indifference toward her.

“Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake | Choreography by Andrew Winghart

Starring George Lawrence II

Featured Dancers: Laura Aronoff, Michelle Barfield, Andrea Bess, Ellie Biddle, Brooke Brady, Audrey Case, Katherine Cheng, Kelly Choi, Emily Crouch, Natasha Crudup, Shelby Davis, Sammi Farber, Melissa Farrar, Katie Hazard, Mikaela Jagim, Chelsea Jennings, Bridget Krouse, Bailee Krucek, Kelsey Landers, Arielle Libertore, Madisyn Maniff, Juliette Martinez, Briana Morrison, Nikki Norenberg, Lonni Olson, Victoria Pizzo, Cailyn Rice-Robinson, Kailyn Rogers, Jordan Salisbury, Courtney Scarr, Lauren Shaw, Taylor Sieve, Mariah Spears, Lucy Vallely, Natalie Weaver, Aaliyah Zolina


Born on this day: April 25, 1917 - Jazz vocal icon Ella Fitzgerald (born Ella Jane Fitzgerald in Newport News, VA.) Happy Birthday to the “Queen Of Jazz” on what would have been her 100th Birthday.

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16 and 8 for the fix thing

I’ve uploaded one for 8 (The floor is lava) here

16. Cry me a river.

Robert jolted awake with the force of Aaron’s foot connecting with his shin.

“Uh?” he called out in his sleep-drenched confusion.

“Your turn,” Aaron mumbled, barely audible as he spoke into his pillow, all sound drowned out by the screaming coming from the room next door.

Robert sighed and rolled onto his back.

“I did the last one,” Robert protested weakly, eyes still glued shut with sleep. “I’ve got to go to Leeds…tomorrow…for work –”

“Cry me a river, Robert,” Aaron muttered quietly, taking his pillow and folding it around his head to drown out the sound of Oliver’s crying. “I was up four times with him last night and woke up for work at half five. You sort it.”

Robert sighed; knowing full well his husband had a point. He hadn’t exactly been pulling his weight recently, especially seeing as it hadn’t been long since he’d had to work away for a whole three nights, leaving Aaron quite literally holding the baby.

He lay there for a few more seconds – willing Oliver’s screams in the next room to cease all by themselves – until Aaron kicked his shins once more and he relented, hauling himself up to sit on the side of his bed and slide his feet into his slippers.

“Fine, ok!” he conceded as he pushed himself up off the bed and stumbled out of their bedroom.

A few minutes later the crying stopped, and Aaron could hear Robert singing sweetly to their son in the next room.

He smiled to himself, before succumbing to sleep himself, sated by his husband’s gentle lullaby drifting down the hallway.


And now Laura Benanti having a love duet with a Trombone…

Laura Benanti’s first job on Broadway after her stint in “The Sound of Music” was a 1999 revue called Swing! Here are Benanti and Steve Armour in Cry Me a River. “Swing!” was the last musical to open on Broadway in the ‘90s.