cry you mercy

If you have free time, read the Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ. Know who your messenger is, try to live the life he lived and grow to love him just as he loved you.


so many things happening here

living with jungkook

- 10/10 gaming meme couple // angry game rampages

- lots of screaming at each other bc of the competitiveness when playing games and sometimes forgetting to eat because you’re gaming so much

- wii sports ftw always getting the gold in the wii olympics and jealous kook picking you up and slamming you onto the couch and tickling you until you cry for mercy

- white shirts;; white shirts every where // both of u like the yin and the yang with you and your black shirts and him with his 500 white shirts 

- having the most random competitions and setting rewards in order to get things done “the person who washes the dishes the fastest gets two hours of tv time” “does that include cuddling” “not if you don’t win” 

- him singing all the time; in the shower, before you sleep, on the toilet, when you’re watching tv, and you making fun of him by singing offtune really loudly every time he sings 

Solas:  Herald, a moment of your time?  And I would suggest soon as they have planned an encore.

Carver:  Nice mood lighting, Solas.  Very romantic.  But I’m just going to break your heart.

Solas:  Despite the jests, you have proven yourself capable.  Those that continue to follow look to you for guidance.  This burden of yours was never meant to be laid at your feet.  Corypheus has irrevocably changed your fate and the world’s.  Magister or no, you did not waver in his presence once; such bravery I have seen in the heroes of your legends during my journeys in the Fade.

Carver:   Eh. He’s not the first crazy mage I’ve dealt with. I mean, my brother sorta made me immune to a lot of mage idiocy.  And then there’s Anders… fuck.  You know, I trusted him?  I really believed he cared for us.  Sure, there were the manifestos he left stuffed in any crevice you left unguarded, the sodding prat. One day– BOOM– everything’s on fire, Chantry bits raining down on us, my brother crying– HE MADE GARRETT CRY.  So yeah.  Crazy mages and their stupid schemes: I’ve had enough.  I AM NOT GETTING BETRAYED BY ANOTHER MAGICAL IDIOT WANTING TO BLOW EVERYTHING UP TO MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER FOR THEMSELVES!  Arrrrgh.  Sorry.  You were saying?

Solas:  I– I should be going.  Have a pleasant evening, Herald.


(。・ω・)ノ゙  Yahoo sinners~! Akui here to present the Otomate Party 2014 DL Event Skit with Ayato, Shu, Subaru, and Kou. This is my first time posting an audio translation like this, so go easy on me haha.  (;*´Д`)ノ Audio translating is much harder since you don’t have the words right there, but I hope I did decent enough!

(๑・ω-)~♥”  Special thanks to Tsuki-chan for proofreading and August for helping on some funky lines I just couldn’t hear to save my life. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))  Enjoy the video and laugh because it’s super funny~!

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*literally have been whining for a couple of hours* I'm boreddddddddddddd

Me toooooooooooooo
What should we do about it? How about I pin you down and tickle your sides until you cry for mercy. Of course, there is something I will need you to say for me. To make me stop, you will have to say “I love the tickle monster” Will that cure your boredom?

You were no monster, you were like me, why would you be one now?
You are only in pain… and afraid… even angry. No voice to speak, memories fading.
Oh godmother why did you allow this to happen?

Hurts Sentence Meme
  • "Just take my hand, I'll make it feel so much better tonight."
  • "It's such a beautiful lie."
  • "Forever I'll fight."
  • "And I would give you my devotion. Til the end of time."
  • "Strip me of shame."
  • "Time waits for no one."
  • "Inside the heart of every man there is a lust you understand."
  • "We are all illuminated."
  • "Cause I'm down on my knees begging you, please."
  • "I will let the devil no that I was brave enough to die."
  • "You've got to lose inhibition - romance your ego for a while."
  • "I will never be forgotten."
  • "I've got nothing left to live for, got no reason yet to die."
  • "Fill me with rage and bleed me dry."
  • "Blood, tears and gold won't make it any better."
  • "Don't cry, mercy."
  • "Before you I had nowhere to run, nothing to hold on to."
  • "Rage on against the dying light."
  • "So we will say goodbye girl and watch as the world burns."
  • "I don't need this life, I just need somebody to die for."
  • "There's too much pain to come."
  • "leave me in chains."
  • "So just let the heads roll and we'll stand on this world alone."
  • "Now there's no way back from the things you've done."
  • "So change your mind and say your mine."
  • "Forgive my thoughts when I'm asleep."
  • "Heres hoping, you'll help me to be brave."
  • "Cause I know this loves seems real, but I don't know how to feel."


The demon had the woman tied up on his large bed, her arms were tied to the large posts and her legs tied together, and her eyes was covered by a black blindfold.

A wide sinister smile spread across his face as he seen her squirm when he placed his cold fingers on her stomach, she had such soft skin that he could just stroke it forever but no, he will mark her skin, make her bleed and cry for mercy. “You’ve been a bad girl, Erin.” He hissed out as he dug his sharp nails into her skin before pulling away and walking over to a table that held various knives and trinkets that would help him in punishing her for her insolence.

“We won’t have a safe word, just so you know.” He turned his head and looked back at the squirming woman, the smile turning into a frown of disapproval. “If you keep moving, the barbs will dig more into your wrists and you won’t want that, right?”

Mercy // Dallas Winston

Listen to Mercy by Hurts while reading this, Requested by anon 

Everyone has their definition of tragically beautiful, yours was Dallas Winston. Fights were constantly occurring between the two of you. ‘Dallas, please come home’ ‘Dallas, please tell me you aren’t sleeping with that broad’ etc. You were helplessly in love with him, though, through everything you wanted to cry ‘mercy’. You couldn’t take it anymore, it was driving you insane. You dreaded this day, though you both knew it would come. That night, was the night you finally called out Mercy.

“Why are you doing this” Dallas yelled drunken, leaning his forehead on the door frame punching a hole in the wall.

“I can’t do this Dallas! I can’t live like this! We’re always fighting, I never know where you are!” Tears were streaming down your face by this point.

“I can change! Please doll! I want you- I- I need you!” He made his way towards you, aggressively wrapping his hands around your waist bringing you closely. You tried to push him off of you but he was much stronger than you.

“Dallas! Get off of me!” you tried to push his chest but you couldn’t “You’re hurting me!” You gave it your all kicking and yelling and you finally knocked him to the ground.

“baby, y/n, please, you’re all I have” The look in his eyes made your heart melt. As much as you wanted to jump in his arms and tell him everything was going to be alright. You couldn’t. “I can’t go through all this on my own!” he cried out.

You looked down, trying to block the look of sorrow in your eyes. You couldn’t help feel bad. You were all he had, but you couldn’t keep living for him. You had to live for yourself from now on.  “I’m sorry Dallas.” you looked to the old ceiling which sheltered countless times. 

“Please Doll! I can’t live without you! What am I going to do!?” Dallas got up, looking down on you, staring into your soul, tears now streaming down both of your faces.

You started to walk away, but you were stopped by a gentle grasp on your hand. “But- I- I love you” he spoke out, that was the first time he had ever said that to anyone.

“Mercy.” You tugged your hand away putting your hands up. As you left that house, you left Dallas. A heart-broken, saddened, Dallas Winston