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Ritsu could learn intangibility to go with his disassociation

this has been sitting in my inbox for a while and holyfuck i laugh every time i look at it. Like, could u imagine? if his intangibility happened when he was disassociating.

like he’s just walking to school, his soul not in his body. he doesnt even notice it when he walks right through a lamp post. Or hes chillin in his room, staring at a wall. the next thing he knows he’s on the ground floor. but he never notices. he just thought that he, like, walked out of his room and downstairs and doesnt remember it. or something

ritsu once somewhat caused a car accident without realizing it when he was walking across a street, head in the clouds, and a car phased right through him. The driver freaked out and slammed right into a building. he kept walking

I can't believe I did this!

So im a pre-kindy teacher, and I was painting with my class. One of the kids started crying for some reason. So I sat down next to them and said, “it’s ok, don’t cry, craft.”

I had to leave the room for a moment. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself.

                                                  s w e e t n e s s  
                                               underneath  the  
                                                        f i l t h


i don’t think i’ve ever spoken about or shown my wall on this blog before

basically, one of my bedroom walls is covered in postcards and photos and just cute things that make me smile and inspire positivity

today @imaginesofeveryfandom‘s letter came in the post (and i cried) and Charlotte, being the absolutely lovely delight she is, included two amazing little drawings she did and they’ve taken up a space on the wall because she’s just great

and i’m going to write her back and i just wanted to share this because i just love her and she’s incredible and i just wanna give her a massive hug rn

the face that joji/frank makes here crushes me because u can see 


that he knows how we missed frank.
- or maybe is just me being fascinated by his lil smirk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Personal Tribute to George Harrison

  George Harrison will forever be one of my favorite people. He has been the person who taught me the most in my life. He taught me life, to put it short. I may not be the happiest person ever, but he does make me smile whenever I see his face. He was such a beautiful human being who had zest for life. His music has made such an influence on me. Listening to All Things Must Pass, Within You Without You, Long Long Long, and many others has put me at ease just to hear his voice. Sometimes after listening to his music, I find myself staring at my walls trying to figure out life’s and my own meaning. To me, you’re a friend. A best friend. I’d feel empty without you and your charm and existence. 

 George, I’d like to thank you so much. You are one of the biggest reasons as to why I aspire to be musically involved. You’ve been a source of inspiration right when I got into The Beatles, up to now. I’ve cried a lot today and I will tomorrow. Thank you so much. I really miss you. I hope things are going good for you wherever you are. 

Happy Birthday, George. 


Since i saw the preview for “Through Imperial Eyes”, the line “Star Pupil” just stuck with me the whole time. A young cadet Kallus being the best of the best (with less hair facial). This sweet boy with so much hope and now a double agent ;v;.