cry urself to sleep

how will u spend valentines day?
  • Aries: quality time w ur laptop <3
  • Taurus: snuggled up in bed w extra pillows
  • Gemini: reciting shakespeare to urself in the mirror
  • Cancer: a nice candlelit dinner for 1
  • Leo: watching rom coms imagining urself as the lead
  • Virgo: reading twilight, reminiscing
  • Libra: attempting to find a last minute true love through tinder (fingers crossed!)
  • Scorpio: thinking abt how all the red decorations reminds u of blood
  • Sagittarius: writing a 72k essay on why being single is ok but internally crying
  • Capricorn: sorting out finances & eating the chocolate u bought 4 urself
  • Aquarius: sleeping
  • Pisces: (im)patiently waiting for the post valentines day chocolate 50% off sales