cry urself to sleep

college advice™
  • make friends in every class u have. i don’t care if it’s awkward nd uncomfortable at first bc at the end of the semester and ur ass doesn’t know how 2 do any of the questions on the final review i promise becky that sits a row behind u will
  • don’t drink too much coffee bc it stains ur teeth. try mountain dew or other energy drinks 4 late night study binges. BE CAREFUL when using monster, red bull, 5 hour energy, etc. bc these are the worst for ur heart so make sure to Read The Labels And Warnings before overdosing the night before ur chem exam
  • stock up on ramen nd mac nd cheese. they’re cheap nd are ready to go in like 3 minutes. when u haven’t eatin in 14 hours during midterms and u think u might actually Die ur friend 3 minute mac will be there for u when no one else will
  • cut off people who suck. i mean academically socially and romantically. if they don’t give a shit about their grades u don’t need to give a shit about them yall im serious
  • c’s get degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • for the love of god please check ur student email
  • eat a vegetable every once in a while. ur decaying body will thank u
  • keep in contact with ur friends who don’t go to ur school. It’ll be nice 2 talk 2 someone who doesn’t know about the scandal in the biology department at the end of the week
  • get to ur first class of every semester at least 30 minutes early. i’m not fucking around either bc if u want a good seat and decent parking u better set ur alarm
  • if ur professor’s a dick or throws something at u file a complaint. u could get him fired. don’t let them tell u “this is college” bc that’s not college it’s fucking harassment lmao
  • sit where there’s an outlet or where u can see and hear the professor
  • actually go to class and Especially go to long lectures. they’re snooze fests but You Will Fail if u miss out on too much
  • wear headphones everywhere u go on campus. no one will talk to u it’s gr8
  • no one cares what u wear. i’ve seen people in formal business suits to scrubs to pajamas in class. wear what ur comfortable with nd won’t get arrested 4 wearing. the rest of the population is just as dead inside as u
  • check ur online courses The Most. Ur professor isn’t obligated to tell u when shit’s due and they more than likely won’t
  • drop the class if u can’t make above a 70% average. trust me
  • don’t buy textbooks until the second week of class bc if u buy all ur textbooks before actually seeing what the professor wants u to get u will waste $1000 and cry urself to sleep when the bookstore won’t take ur returns
  • if u work save at least $25-50 of ur weekly paycheck for an emergency fund. ur future self will thank u
  • don’t buy from the campus bookstore. they’re blood-sucking vampires who feed off freshman. amazon does textbook rentals for Very Cheap so don’t waste money that could be used on food
  • know where the library nd computer labs are nd what services they offer (like free printing, test proctoring, etc)
  • get a study group nd make a gc. they will emotionally and academically support u. get to know these ppl nd meet them at 3 pm at mcdonalds on a sunday to take ur online exams. they will be strange but u will all pass
  • get to know ppl inside ur major. just trust me on this
  • do ur readings and turn things in on time. u will sleep better at night  
  • don’t take more hours than u can handle. u will become a shell of the person u were before the semester started
  • sell ur fancy ass graphing calculator u used for one class on ebay
  • drink water nd take care of urself
  • call ur mom every few days. she will love to hear from u
  • don’t die. just switch majors


Request: idk if you’re taking requests but I have one you may like. a kylo one set during the events of tlj where he’s all stressed about everything going on and that makes him kinda distant from you (married I guess?) and so that makes you feel sad/upset and one night when y'all are in bed you tell him “I love you” but he just doesn’t respond so you cry urself to sleep and then the next day (or few days, whichever) he’s apologetic and what not. angst but fluff you know?

Warning: None

Word Count: 2K+

Tagging: @total-kylo-trash

A/N: Thank you for the request! Was supposed to post this a few days ago but didn’t get the chance to! P.S., send in your ideas and I’ll write them up if I can! Enjoy and happy reading :) Feedback is always welcomed.

The stress on Kylo Ren’s shoulder’s were unbearable. After the fall of the Starkiller Base, he had felt himself falling deeper in the madness of his mind.

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i got news for youse: all children are loud. all children are frustrating. all children make messes. all children scream & cry. all children do shit they shouldnt. all children will get on ur last nerve. all children have quirks & do weird shit. all children will embarrass u in public. all children require constant care. all children take time & energy. all children are a huge, raging hassle. whether or not ur kid is disabled wont change that. if u cry urself to sleep every night bc u hate ur autistic kid, its because u cant handle having a kid. if u arent prepared to devote ur life to ur kids dont have fucking kids


Aries: They were literally named after the God of War. U ever get one mad? It’s like HULK SMASH they have no chill and they never get tired they only stop when they get bored 

Taurus: Ok they’re pretty chill and lazy eating their grass and shit, but bulls get pretty angry especially during bull-fights and when u taunt them. They will gore u and have nO SHAME

Gemini: Seemingly harmless since everything about them is fake, but they can turn EVERYONE against u even ur own mother they’re so good w people don’t mess w them

Cancer: When they get mad they retreat into their own little shell bUT THEY COME BACK A MILLION TIMES STRONGER they like get blinded by anger and lose any sense of reason

Leo: They have all the force of a great typhoon and the strength of a raging fire + they don’t do that forgive and forget bullshit they will always be looking for an opportunity to kill ur sorry ass

Virgo: Not inherently violent, but chillingly intelligent. Expect them 2 blackmail u bc they know everything about u and every trace u have left on the internet and they will let the whole world know about it #noregrets

Libra: It’s annoying. They will talk shit about u FOREVER and then ignore u, then pretend to be ur friend, then be really cold and it’s just annoying, you wish they’d kill u already but they won’t

Scorpio: Scariest assholes out there. Remember Raven from Teen Titans and how she has dark forces and basically the entire underworld on their side? That’s all u need to know

Sagittarius: They know exactly what to say to hurt u. Words don’t hurt? Really?? Get a Sagittarius mad, and they’ll bring up something u forgot about and it’ll make u cry urself to sleep for 3 days

Capricorn: They’ll get really quiet and WILL NEVER LET IT GO AND WILL mENTION it in front of other people and people will listen to them bc they’re so calm and rational 

Aquarius: Either you’ll disappear or they will. Neither scenario will leave a trace.

Pisces: Easily influenced by other’s opinions, so if someone else hates you, they probably will and they’re SO GOOOD at playing the victim, you’ll basically have no friends ever again

anonymous asked:

idk if you're taking requests but I have one you may like. a kylo one set during the events of tlj where he's all stressed about everything going on and that makes him kinda distant from you (married I guess?) and so that makes you feel sad/upset and one night when y'all are in bed you tell him "I love you" but he just doesn't respond so you cry urself to sleep and then the next day (or few days, whichever) he's apologetic and what not. angst but fluff you know?


how will u spend valentines day?
  • Aries: quality time w ur laptop <3
  • Taurus: snuggled up in bed w extra pillows
  • Gemini: reciting shakespeare to urself in the mirror
  • Cancer: a nice candlelit dinner for 1
  • Leo: watching rom coms imagining urself as the lead
  • Virgo: reading twilight, reminiscing
  • Libra: attempting to find a last minute true love through tinder (fingers crossed!)
  • Scorpio: thinking abt how all the red decorations reminds u of blood
  • Sagittarius: writing a 72k essay on why being single is ok but internally crying
  • Capricorn: sorting out finances & eating the chocolate u bought 4 urself
  • Aquarius: sleeping
  • Pisces: (im)patiently waiting for the post valentines day chocolate 50% off sales