cry texts


From the 8.19 Engeki Haikyuu Line Live Stream!

Since Ryoutarou was in Osaka hosting his birthday fan event, he couldn’t be with everyone for the stream.  So they made a stand-in by putting a pair of glasses on a volleyball.  Kairi would call out to the ball, “Tsukki!!”

In an interesting change of pace, Far Cry 5′s antagonists won’t be POC, and it won’t be in some made up country in Eurasia.

This time around, the bad guys are apparently a bunch of racist white people and it takes place in America.


Everyone knows onions make you cry, especially when they’re stomping all over your dreams and disregarding your sharply felt emotions. WHO NEEDS EM. But then…alas…they taste so good…Life is but a paradox.

I want to see Castiel crying.

Like, no man tears, no looking away, A FULL ON BREAKDOWN. He’s been holding onto so much shit and burying all his frustrations, anger, sadness, fear-EVERYTHING- 60 feet under bloody hell and I want him to scream, to cry rivers and have a friggin breakdown in enochian while hugging Dean as tightly as he can. I want him to choke on his own tears, JUST GET IT ALL OUT of his system.

Then I want Dean to embrace him gently, yet firmly, allow Castiel to bury his face into his shoulder and whispering,”We’re gonna figure this out, Cas. It’s not okay, but it’s gonna be. I promise.”

Then they bake a cherry licorice pie together and kiss probably with sam telling them to get a room

listen like….lance being the first one to step up & comfort keith is real cute for a lot of reasons, but just in terms of lance as a character it makes me so emotional cuz like!! you can see he does it because he actually cares and not because anyone asked him to. everyone is looking at him like they know he’s the only one who can get through to keith––which in and of itself is a beautiful thing. but what makes me really emo is that he doesn’t even notice everyone watching him….he’s just looking right at keith and steps up totally unprompted because he cares!! and everyone can see that, everyone knows that he’s the emotional support of the team which is why they all look at him that way, and yet he doesn’t know––he doesn’t even know that’s the quintessence of the blue lion, he doesn’t know how important that is, he’s just genuinely that good & caring and gOD wow i love lance so much ok