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Kenta+Tastunari + hugs during Curtain Call
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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers


The cast say their goodbyes to Shouhei and Tatsunari.

“I’m so happy to have had you as my partner.  Thank you so much.”

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Kuroo this isn’t a fashion show
jk please go on you look amazing


From the 8.19 Engeki Haikyuu Line Live Stream!

Since Ryoutarou was in Osaka hosting his birthday fan event, he couldn’t be with everyone for the stream.  So they made a stand-in by putting a pair of glasses on a volleyball.  Kairi would call out to the ball, “Tsukki!!”

Lazy Afternoon is probably in my top three of my favorite video game soundtracks. Purely because it captures that nostalgia feeling perfectly. And it has sounds that feel so familiar from something you’ve seen or heard and it’s on the tip or your tongue but not quite there. I know that’s the point of Twilight Town but just wow, the music really makes it real.


Mistakes were made. And worse is that you failed to keep the subjects contained and recover them after the initial breach. Now we have potentially dangerous individuals at large. Over 30 of them

And currently we only have budget to surveil one