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Bad Dream

So, I was initially making a new thing for the Crightmoss Crack Adventures that was going to be about a different pairing again… but you know, my favorite crack ship hasn’t been around lately, so I made a little something for it instead.

As usual, warning for relative out-of-character-ness.

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sharni and aaron?

Soft and gentle blondes 

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In your opinion, why is Ran THE girl for Shinichi? I apologize if you have already answered this question before

Oh, dear Anon, are you sure you’re ready for this? 

There are so many reasons why Ran is THE girl, as you so adequately put it, for Shinichi, that we’d finish way before if you asked me why she wasn’t. But, here’s the gist of it: 

She’s pretty much the only one who totally and wholeheartedly understands him. I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times, but it’s pretty clear to me in the file of how they met (Ran GIRL and Shinichi BOY) that Shinichi was probably bullied/had little to no friends until he met Ran. Yukiko says they’re going to a new preschool, and Shinichi doesn’t know anyone or show signs of having met other kids or having made friends previous to that moment, so I’m guessing his first friendships weren’t all that friendly. Hell, the moment he enters the preschool the first thing he wants to do is look for the library, where he can be alone. Except that all changes when he meets Ran: how much you want to bet the reason he was so adamant on helping her against the bullies is because he knew firsthand what that bullying felt like? And how much you wanna bet that she’s the one that helps him make friends later on in Elementary and Middle School? That she’s the one that is constantly encouraging him to open up and not be scared to meet others and establish relationships even though he pretends to act like he’s too cool for all of that? (He’s not, he’s just shy and a little bit scared, and she knows that).

And when they meet, they barely know each other but already she’s telling him not to act so pretentious and show-offy. Already she’s showing him she won’t back down, she won’t be so easily impressed. He’s going to have to work for it. And yet, she’s already showing him so much kindness –so much of the kind he’s probably never been shown before– with that precious smile and that nametag she makes him, and already she understands him perfectly. She sees through him just like he sees through her. 

And this is the case time and time again. People often mischaracterize (in canon too) Shinichi, or misunderstand his actions, but Ran is always the first one to correct them, to see the truth behind his actions and words. She knows him better than anyone else, sure: she knows what he likes and dislikes, and his habits, and everything that’s happened to him. She even knows his blood type. But it goes beyond all of that. She understands him. She can see when he’s bluffing, or lying. She can tell immediately when something is wrong even if he pretends like everything’s fine. She understands the motives behind his actions and what fuels his movements. She gets him. And for Shinichi, who has trouble expressing his feelings and what he thinks, he needs someone who will understand regardless. And Ran does that. 

She understands him, and perhaps more importantly, she accepts him. Shinichi is weird and easily self-centered and a Holmes freak and likes being around danger too much for his own good. The reason why he probably had trouble making friends was because he loves reading and mysteries so much. But Ran accepts all of that –the good parts (his courage, his good looks, how reliable he is) but also his bad ones. And, most importantly, she not only accepts all of those flaws, but loves them as well. She isn’t just amazed at his good qualities, she sees the flaws and loves him regardless. Even more so, if possible, because of them. 

I mean, for crying out loud, every time they go out she’s surrounded by cases and/or in danger, and she still wants to stick around and will still give her life for him. If that doesn’t tell you how much she’s the one, I don’t know what will. 

Not to mention that she compliments him perfectly. For someone who is often so arrogant and pretentious, Ran is the kind of person he needs –the kind of person who will snap him out of his dream-like state of “I’m legitimately the boss” and will make him focus on what’s real and true and serious. And yet, she’s soft and sweet and gentle and patient and understanding. She’s someone who will kick his ass, but also hold him until he feels better. And lord knows, after all the pain he’s been through, he’s going to need that reassurance and that comfort. 

She can predict his movements and act accordingly with such ease, that sometimes they barely even need words to communicate. The beauty with them is that they’re pretty much the embodiment of that “show, don’t tell!” writers are so in love with. Their actions speak so much louder than their words –for so many reasons, but especially because of the situation they’re put in– that they don’t need any of that externalization of feelings to understand how the other one feels. They show and they show and they show –and sometimes they tell, too (coughcough London)–, but it doesn’t matter either way. They’re separated –okay, kinda– and still they manage to maintain that bond, that strength, because they trust each other and know each other and understand each other like very few do. 

And not only that, but Shinichi is the kind of person who is always doubting and suspicious of other people. He’s not someone who trusts easily, and whose trust is often betrayed. He can’t, in general, have nice things. Except Ran. Ran is the one constant in his life, the one person who’s stuck with him through thick and thin –the one person who was with him when his parents left (even though he was fine, totally fine), when he doubted himself, when he was wrong in his first deductions and when he absolutely nailed his first ever case. She’s been through everything with him –they’ve been through it together– and he knows, whatever happens, he can trust her and believe in her and confide in her. And he needs that constant so that he doesn’t go mad amidst everything he’s going through. 

You wanna know the real reason Ran is THE girl for Shinichi, Anon?

She keeps him sane. And because of it, she keeps him alive. 

And there is nothing more worthy or important than that. 

A Few Bad Scars

Joker x Reader

Prompt: Joker x reader where they stuck in zombie apocalypse and joker has to protect her (the reader) from the zombies? :)

Warnings: Cursing, slight gore.

Masterlist | Requests

The surrounding area was grim and uninhabited. People had been leaving town- going anywhere they could to escape the epidemic they were forced into facing. What seemed like a long shot, low budget horror movie yesterday, turned into everyones worst nightmare today. 

The wind blew through the trees that lined the city street. The eerie-ness about it was unsettling as you walked the vacant sidewalk. Your whole life, you had been the shy girl who cowered in the face of danger. Who ran and hid instead of facing her fears. Well, now was as good a time as ever to face your fears. Not for anyone else, but for yourself in what you already deemed your last moments alive. It was time to stop hiding. Zombies were walking the earth, and though you weren’t sure how, you know that you weren’t going to go out without a fight.

You walked into an empty store, it was dark and clad in melted candle sticks and dark paintings. It must’ve been an old vintage shop and you felt it was fitting. You loved the darker style, but never had the confidence to rock any other clothing than what you found at Forever 21.

“Why not now,” you mutter to yourself, sliding out of your day old clothes and slipping into a {F/C} corset, tightening it as tight as it’ll go before coming across a pair of black hot pants. 

“At least I’ll die hot,” you mutter again as you slip them on. You walk towards a shattered mirror and strike an awkward pose, laughing at yourself before pulling a veiled top hat from a shelf and putting it on. You found a pair of boots next, just your size.


You looked into the broken glass again, actually liking your appearance. It was weird, and dark. No one would even know it was you if they saw you. Even though no one was in town anymore, you felt like a badass, and that was enough for you.

“Why not now?” a voice asks from behind you, causing you to jump and dash behind a clothing rack. You pick up a stick that was used to reach hangers on a higher rack and look around the clothing, a threatening expression on your features.

“I’ll fucking kill you, whoever you are, don’t come any closer,” you say.

“You’re gonna beat me to death with a stick, I’m so scared,” the man says, his voice low and raspy.

You move from behind the rack and out in the open, facing a man in a purple trench coat with no shirt underneath. He was pale, and his torso and face covered in tattoos. You’d never met, but you knew exactly who he was. Being the quiet girl, you had a few secrets. Dark and gritty as they were, like having a major crush on The Joker himself. You had already counted yourself dead, anyway. Why hold back now?

“Mister J!” You run up to him, embracing him with ease.

“I wasn’t aware we knew each other… I would’ve remembered that body..”

“Oh. We don’t. But I know who you are, and I’ve always wanted to do that.”

You nod before realizing what he just said. You move one leg in front of the other and slide your hand over it just slightly. 

“Careful, J. Ya don’t wanna get burnt, do ya?”

“Ya know, you remind me of a girl I used to know..” he said, his voice almost longing for something.

You watch his face, he seemed almost distant for just a second.

“What are you doing out here all alone, looney tune?” he asks, a fire in his eyes.

“I’m getting ready to die, honestly.” You shrug, throwing the stick in your hand behind you as you head for the door. Making your way to the entrance, you feel a hand grab yours, immediately causing you to turn around. His eyes lock onto yours, and you can feel the tension between the two of you, in your head, you’re cutting it with a knife.

So soon? We’ve only just met,” he says, his tone rising and falling as he speaks seductively, “I’d like to play with you..”

You catch your breath, holding it and stepping back in closer to him. Your face shifts into that of sensual pout. Cocking your head to the side, you lace your fingers with his and bring your free hand to his shoulder. 

“You wanna play with me, baby?”

You get the chills at your own voice, having never heard a tone like that come from your mouth before. You weren’t exactly the seductive type, but in the face of death, you did want to do and try new things..

“Oh, I do, sweetheart.. I really, really do.”

A smirk graces your lips and you slip from his grip again, heading back towards the doors. 

“Good things come to those who wait,” you say, teasing him with your ass as you sway your hips on the way out of the doors.

I got him right where I want him, you think, almost giddy as you turn to head for the street. For being a man so dominating and full of power, he sure melted like putty in your hands. 

You turn the corner and let out a loud shriek as a group of undead corpses come out of nowhere. You back up, looking for a place they could have come from, and notice an alley way the leads to the other outlets from the outskirts of town.

You back up into someones clutches, screaming again at the top of your lungs in sheer terror.

“Fuck! Fuck you!” You scream, kicking at the bodies and throwing punches. You were aware this would be how it ended. You just weren’t sure how it would feel to be at the mercy of a bunch of dead cannibals.

You fall to the ground, feeling grimy hands tearing at your clothing and gripping into your skin. You can feel and see tears oddly clouding your vision as you do. I thought I was ready for this, to end on this note. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much… The pain from a small patch of your skin being clawed off of your body is unbearable as you writhe, screaming and crying at the top of your lungs into the pavement. You begin to feel the same pain in other places, causing you to wonder if you’ve been bitten into.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

You hear gunshots going off, and feel heavy blood, bug and disease covered bodies falling on top of you. The growling noises and screaming of the corpses filled your ears throughout the sound of bullets being fired. A sob leaves your lips as you give up, giving into the pain that was now causing your body to shut down. 

Your last thought is praying that you didn’t wake up in the same deadly cannibalistic craze as the people who killed you.

Your eyes open and you find yourself laying on a table in the middle of a worn down manor. You immediately panic, sitting upright and falling off of it, grasping at the floor to try to get up and make an escape. Am I dead? Why don’t I have the craving for human flesh? All the information you learned from B-list movies and the Walking Dead come flooding into your head as you stand up and pat your skin down. You see a patch of flesh missing from your thigh and you break down, collapsing back onto the floor and letting out a loud cry every time you see another skinless patch.

“You!” Joker says, running in from a broken window, meeting you on the floor and automatically covering your mouth with his tattooed hand. He looks around as you scream into into it. You continue sobbing as you hold your own hand in front of your face, caked in your own blood from the wounds you’ve just touched on your own skin. 

Shhh!” he exclaims, “Shut the fuck up, or you’ll really look horrific.”

He turns you to face him, a sinister grin on his own lips as he sees the smile on his hand paired with your damp eyes.

“There’s that smile..” he says.

You tear his hand from your face and glare at him, speaking in a hushed, but still loud register between your softer sobs.

“Am I dead? What happened?”

“In case you didn’t realize, doll, we’ve got a little zombie situation. I’d like to make it out of this alive, if you don’t mind. Do you think you can handle being quiet, instead of sobbing away over what’s going to be a few bad scars?”

You blink at him a few times, and he grabs the back of your head, tangling his digits in your hair as he pulls back on it. He reaches for your hat on the table, grabbing it and placing it back on your head curtly. 

“You.. You saved me..” You whisper before hesitating with your next response. “Yes, sir,” you say, looking into his eyes with admiration, now.

“Good girl. Stay that way, and I’ll keep you safe.”

Drifting | Zico Angst Scenario

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this scenario. It’s based on Drifting by G Eazy, which you can listen to here. Thank you! PLEASE SEND IN REQUESTS!

-Admin Sarang

Genre: ANgst

Warnings: Smoking/drug use, Drinking, Cheating, Mentions of sex, Bad language

Got this flight to London, I ain’t pop no xans for it. In case you was wonderin’, I ain’t even plan for it. I just left L.A., barely caught the plane, fuckin’ TSA.

It had been this way ever since he became famous. Flight after flight, city after city. You were proud of him, supporting him every step of the way. Although, with each step, his strides became longer, and you began to struggle to keep up with him as you stumbled over your own two feet.

You remembered the first time he left. You woke up alone, the mattress beside you cold and empty. He hadn’t even said goodbye. It was like he never existed.

Slowly, you became accustomed to living on your own again, only being reminded of Jiho’s love when he had the time to text or call. You hardly ever knew where he was, but you knew he was chasing down his dream. You let him run without you, watching his figure get further and further away from yours, knowing that he was happier out there.

Ain’t used to this fame shit, this “you-all-know-my-name” shit. Me, I’m just the same kid, that fucked around and made it. Fucked over my main chick, damn she was my main chick. Thinkin’ ‘bout the game, I shouldn’t have played, but I played.

Jiho always woke up in someone else’s bed, the bitter taste of regret in the back of his throat. He would put off reading your messages for hours, knowing the second he read them, his stomach would twist into a bundle of self hatred. He would convince himself that tonight would be different, no more parties, no more drinking, no more smoking.

However, the day would bleed into the night, and he found himself in the company of numerous strangers, his friends mixing into the crowded room, leaving him to fend for himself. He would down drinks and fill his lungs with smoke until his mind was as cloudy as the room around him, forgetting all about how he felt that morning. Eventually, he would slink off with somebody that he thought looked vaguely like you, making sure to keep the lights off in whatever room they found so that he could pretend it was you until morning.

I blame it on the distance, why I’m fucking with these bitches. These numbers on my phone, a text pops up, she’s like “Who is this?” You probably got a mistress, probably every week it switches. Now is this cause for concern, and should I be suspicious?

You had known. You had known for months. The second Jihoon texted you, all of your suspicions had been confirmed. You were thankful that he told you, though. Sometimes heartache was better than blissful ignorance.

Yet, you couldn’t bring yourself to pack up in leave. You didn’t know why, Jiho had done it with such ease.  You should’ve been able to do the same, especially since he wasn’t home. He was never home.

You sent him a text, telling him that you knew about his nightly rendezvous. You stayed up all night, staring at your phone screen, waiting for a reply. When dawn broke and you still received no word, you decided to call him.

Your breath caught when somebody actually answered. A woman’s voice asked who you were and you shakily told her you needed to speak with Jiho. She said she didn’t know who Jiho was.

“I’m sorry, I need to speak with Zico.” You corrected. He was no longer the loving, sweet Jiho you had once cared for. He was Zico now.

Your heart still fluttered when you heard his voice, hurriedly reminding yourself that this wasn’t the same man you loved and cared deeply for. He asked who was calling and you sighed, mustering up the courage to speak.

“It’s me, Jiho. It’s (Y/n).”  

I’m overseas trippin’, a million miles away. And she’s still in L.A., my mom’s out in the bay. And these overseas minutes add up, that’s a lot to pay. I can pay it, yeah I know, but it’s the excuse, I say. She’s been trying to track me down, I feel like I’m cattin’ now. Dodgin’ her when she’s the one, I’m out here trippin’ actin’ wild. Start to wonder if I’ve changed, I’m like how could that be now? Would these bitches be here really if I wasn’t rappin’ now?

Jiho stuttered at the sound of your name. He purposely avoided your calls, knowing it would break him to hear your voice after how many times he betrayed your trust. The burning in his chest was confirmation of his fear, the sound of his name from your lips tearing him limb from limb, guilt staining his skin.

“(Y/n)-ah, you know how much these long distance calls cost.” He recovered, ignoring the stinging in his eyes. He could hear the way you scoffed, imagining the disappointment that was in your eyes.

“Where are you right now?” You questioned, your free hand catching the tears that threatened to pour down your cheeks.

“I’m not sure. Why?” Jiho replied, eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his own answer. He was somewhere in Europe, maybe? He couldn’t remember.

“It doesn’t matter,” You sighed “and don’t worry about the calls. I won’t be calling you anymore.”

Jiho could’ve sworn he felt the Earth shift. The grip on his phone tightened. “What do you mean?” He sputtered.

“It’s not like you answer anyways. You wouldn’t even be talking to me right now if the girl you slept with last night hadn’t answered for you. Find somewhere else to stay when you get back. Don’t come around here.” You demanded, ending the call hurriedly before you could hear anything else he had to say.

I’m just so conflicted, it’s been so long since we’ve kicked it. And I can’t lie, I’ve missed it, but somewhere the current shifted. And now I’m somewhere else, far away, feel like we’ve drifted. Hard to face the facts, I’m drinking to escape ‘em, then get lifted. Get swept under the rug, ‘til I’m trippin’ on a pile. Get a change, something different for awhile. Yeah, we grew apart with time, we ain’t kicked in it awhile. But I still think about you now.

Jiho locked himself away every night after that. Every drop of alcohol made him want to vomit, every other girl’s skin felt dirty. So he stayed alone behind a locked door, eyes cloudy and red as he read all of your all messages before falling asleep.

You haunted his dreams, but he didn’t mind as much as he thought he would. He liked being able to see you, to hold you again. It would hurt when he woke up, the feeling of emptiness returning to body as he forgot the events of his dream.

He haunted your dreams as well, but you tried your best to forget him with your every waking moment. You drank like a fish, going out every night with your friends, dancing with strangers. If Jiho could do it, so could you. You invited handsome men into your bed often, hoping that one would touch you like Jiho did, or better than he did. None of them ever did.

You found yourself craving him; your Jiho. Not the rapper who had sharp eyes that screamed fuck me. You wanted the boy with a friendly smile and soft cheeks that loved you. Jiho just wasn’t that boy anymore.

I’m faded once again, I don’t know where I am. I just know I’m driftin’ far from you. I’m tryna keep my head strong, but my heart won’t just let me grow away from you. Don’t you know we’re driftin’ off, driftin’ off? I know you think that it’s my fault, for fallin’ off. All this hope and disregard, driftin’ off. I know you think there ain’t no fault, I fall apart. And now I’m missin’ your love.

You kept Jiho in the back of your mind, almost like a token of good luck. Your wild phase had passed, and you continued to lead your normal day to day life. None of your friends talked about him, and neither did you. The pain in your chest subsided, and you could breathe again,

You sat on your couch, watching tv while nursing a mug of hot tea. The weather outside was raging, but you were safe inside, a blanket wrapped tightly around your body. You were engulfed in the drama you had chosen, only to be pulled back into reality by a loud knock on the door. At first, you thought it was thunder, but a second knock told you otherwise, causing you stand with a groan.

You pulled the door open, your jaw going slack as you came face to face with none other than Jiho. The boy that had left you behind. His hair stuck to his forehead, his clothing drenched in rain water. He was breathing hard, muscles quivering as he stood before you, eyes nervously meeting yours.

“(Y/n),” Jiho’s voice trembled, “I’m sorry.” He crumpled forward, head landing on your chest as he sobbed, arms circling around your waist tightly. He lurched into you every time he let out a loud cry. You felt warm tears run down your cheeks as he mumbled and pleaded for forgiveness. You wanted to let him in so badly, to make sure he was warm and comfortable, but you weren’t sure if that was the best option.

However, you had a change of heart whenever he looked up at you. His soft cheeks had red streaks down them, his eyes puffy and glossy. It was the first time you saw Jiho in over a year. This was your sweet boy, not the Zico that belonged to everyone else.

You pressed your lips to his, feeling the warmth of his breath dance over your skin. He hurriedly returned the affection, his grip on you tightening, as if he was afraid you’d disappear the second he let go.

You held him for what felt like a lifetime, the broken man clinging to you like a child. You knew, deep down, that this was far from over, and you questioned whether or not you would be able to fully accept him into your life again. But in that moment, you just existed with him.

Breakfast is important. I can eat it and feel full without guilt. I can enjoy it. It’s okay if it’s got more sugar and fat than fiber or protein. It’s okay to eat it and go back to lay down and rest for a while. It’s okay if I ate it earlier than I did yesterday. It’s okay if it didn’t have a fruit or vegetable involved. I am fcking allowed to eat and enjoy food. For crying out loud.

Michael Clifford Is Cheating On You? Pt 2

“Ahh! Let’s go stalk him!”

“Omg! Okay. And wow you text weird when you’re excited!”

“Haha, I know. I’ll pick you up in 15 minutes. Look hot.”

You put down the phone and went to get ready. I made a mental note to “look hot”!


You ran to your bedroom chose the shortest skirt possible, put on some knee high socks, and chose a floral crop top. You then ran to the bathroom and did your makeup very innocent but sexy style. (I didn’t even know that it was achievable) In your own opinion it looked like you were trying to hard, but you didn’t have time to fix it so just had to go with it.

Just as soon as you put the last strand of hair in its assigned place, there was a knock on the door. You ran to open it knowing it was Luke here to pick you up.

“Hey Luke!” You hugged him tight. You were very happy to see him even though you’ve been talking to him all morning.

“Hey Y/N! You follow instructions very well, you look HOT!” Luke eyed you up and down.

“Well thank you,” You both linked arms as you walked down the driveway to his car. Being the gentleman he was he opened the car door for you.

Driving down the road was very nerve wrecking. With the Green Day playing softly on the radio and the silence between you and Luke gave you no choice but to think; and in this case, thinking was not a good thing. Everything you want to say, everything scenario that could happen, what if you got caught spying? What would you do then?

Luke brought you out of your thoughts, “Y/N, please calm down. I can feel the stress radiating off of you.”

“Wow, you know me well…” you put your hands in your lap and you faced down, “I’m just worried. I mean, we’ve been together for 2 years Luke… I love him with my everything. He is my air, he is the rock that holds me down, he is the sun when all I see is the moon. I can’t live without him.“

“But see Y/N, that is where you are wrong. You are independent. You can do anything if you set your mind to it, and you don’t need a man to tell you otherwise, especially if that man is low enough to cheat on you. You don’t need that negative influence in your life. You deserve better.”

Luke’s little rant did make you feel better even though you didn’t believe a word he said. “Luke? How do you know what to say in situations? You always say the right things. You always pick the perfect words.”

“I haven’t been single forever you know?” You both laughed at Luke’s stupidity.

For some reason the ride to the coffee shop seemed a lot shorter than usual because in a blink of an eye you were in the parking lot.

Luke purposefully parked in the spot furthest away from the shop, just so you wouldn’t blow your cover.

You both got out of the car, and sat on the trunk. “You ready to find out the truth?” asked Luke.

“I’m as ready as I think I’ll ever get.”

Still sitting on the trunk you tried to scope out Michael but the cafe was crowded so it was hard to make out the people. After about 2 minutes, you both gasped. You knew Luke had found him as well.

Michael was decently well dressed, and sitting at a booth facing us. He seemed to be talking to someone, weird. That of course, doesn’t mean he’s cheating. It could be anyone. His manager. Another band mate. Who knows. But the back of the booth blocked our vision, so we had only our imagination to put together who it might be.

“Hey, Y/N, what if I go in for ‘coffee’ and take a sneaky picture of who he’s sitting with?”

“Would you?”

“Of course…” Luke started to climb off the trunk, “wait here. Don’t move.”

“No promises!” You smiled at Luke and watched as he waited in the small line for coffee.

And once again you were left alone in your thoughts. The more you thought, the more you wanted to cry, but you know that would smudge your makeup so you held strong but you couldn’t help but to think the worse.

You couldn’t take your eyes of Michael. Whoever he was looking at really had his attention. I remember when he used to look at me like that, we use to just sit across from each other, hold hands, and just talk. It was never anything serious. We just told our emotions. But then ‘practices’ got more lengthy and we haven’t had a real conversation in a long time. For crying out loud we haven’t had sex in over 3 months. Every time I try, he pushes me away and says he’s too tried.

“Y/N?” You jump back slightly startled, “Are you okay? You’ve been staring at Michael for the past 10 minutes.”

“Did you get the picture?” You really didn’t feel like explaining your thoughts so you moved onto the next subject. “Please tell me you did. The curiosity is driving me insane!”

“Before I show you this…” You tried to grab the phone out of his hand before he could finish but he jerked it away too fast. “Listen to me. Before I show you this, I want you to know, I’m here for you…”

“LUKE! Show me the picture before I walk in there myself and find out!” At this point you were just pissed off that he was stalling.

Slowly but surely he hands over the phone. On the screen you saw a beautiful girl sitting at a booth, but on the other end, you saw Michael. They were holding hands and their legs were interlocked under the table. He looked so happy. He looked more happy with her than he ever did with me. I mean of course, she was stunning. She had brown hair that scaled the entire length of her back, electric blue eyes. Her skin was absolutely flawless and she looked like she had never eaten a meal in her life.

You immediately handed the phone back to Luke and you started to sob. No matter how hard you tried to control the tears kept falling.

You slowly lowered yourself off of the trunk and walked to the passenger side door. At this point, you just felt weak. Too weak to talk. Too weak to stand. Too weak to breathe. It felt like everything that you’ve ever known and loved was just torn straight from your fingertips. You knew things were rough between the two of you, but you were going to work it out. It was all going to… work out.

The ride home was very silent. No music. No voices. Just the quiet hum of the engine as we cruised down the street.

Although the ride to the coffee shop was short, the ride home seemed to last an eternity. You were thinking of nothing and everything at the same time. You were so confused. But the things that stuck out the most were: What did I do wrong? What could I have done to make him stay? What personality traits does that girl have, that I don’t possess myself?

Eventually, we pulled into the all too familiar driveway of your house. “Y/N? Would you like me to stay the night?”

“No Luke. I’ll be fine, I promise.” You kissed him on the cheek (as you always do) and exited the car; walking sluggishly to your front door.

As soon as you opened the door, you turned around and your eyes followed Luke’s car as it faded off into the distance. You dreaded the moment Michael would have to walk through the same door in which you had just entered.

Your final decision was to sleep on the couch tonight because there was no amount of money that you could give me, that would make me sleep in the same bed as that monster.

As expected, at 11:57 that night, the click of the door unlocking rung through the house. You instantly laid down and pretended to be asleep, but you certainly didn’t expect what actually came through the door.


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Hello again! It's the Queen Anon. Now that you can no longer be spoiled, I need to ask you what you thought of Mala and what you think could happen with her character. I'm kind of disappointed that she only shows up in the last episode, but at least she interesting. I want to know how she knows Viggo. Also, that cliffhanger...


I am very much drawn to Queen Mala. She contains a wonderful, assertive presence, an unquestionable and assured authority, a commanding pose, and a thoughtful head upon her shoulders. She combines leadership, with confidence, with wisdom, with spiritual and cultural considerations. Mala is very interesting to me right now.

Although Mala makes the wrong assumption about Hiccup’s company, believing that they came from Viggo rather than in peace, it is not that she was acting out of completely blind emotion. She has sufficient reason to be suspicious. We get a hinted backstory of how she knows Viggo: the dragon trapper and trader has wanted to get his hands on the dragon her people revere. Because of this, Mala has seen the extent to which Viggo will go to out-manipulate his opponents. Mala herself makes comments about “the last group” that came to her island, and how they lied and pretended to be pro-dragon, too. Mala knows that Viggo is extremely clever, and thus will be on her guard for any intruders. I imagine it is very rare that people frequent her island, and that those who do… are usually enemies like the dragon hunters.

Mala’s decision from the trial is one she makes ahead of time. She lets the youths babble away while she withholds extra information she knows: she has Viggo’s map. I find that very interesting. She watches to see what they do before she informs them of their punishment. I find it fascinating how Mala is embedded into different cultural traditions, and yet it seems so natural… everything about that island has a beautiful sense of culture from the buildings to the body language of its people. I like seeing this natural sense of culture and spirituality emanate from Mala as she interacts with Hiccup and the others and informs them they will be fed to the dragon nest.

I also love how Mala is willing to give Hiccup a chance but will remain on guard. I do think she jumps to conclusions at the end of the episode, but she did give Hiccup a warning with a very short rein. She seems the sort of woman who finds it better to play it safe than sorry. I hope that we get to see more expanded upon her next season, even beyond “Part 2″ to the Part 1 we just watched.

The last thing I want to say: I know there are some people decrying her design as “lazy,” or they are unhappy she is thin… but I actually overall dig her design. Her eyes could have been a different color and maybe her face shape changed a bit more, but I love the short hair - never before seen in HTTYD on a woman - and I love her clothing. Even her litheness is something I’m completely cool with because her entire island is full of lean people. It contrasts these people with the Vikings, whose general population has been portrayed as tall and heavy. Mala’s people have a different body shape - shorter on average, lean, fit, small. I actually think they create an interesting contrast with the wider dragon hunters, Berserkers, Hooligans, and Outcasts we see as background characters elsewhere in the series.


If it is okay for me to hop on and talk meta, I also want to talk a bit about feminism and female representation in RTTE. 

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