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I had a dream last night that Theon drowned in an episode and washed up on the beach on Dragonstone and Melisandre was like "The Lord of Light is not done with the Kraken!" and brought him back to life and when Theon woke up Mel and Jon were standing over him and he said "Why did you bring me back? I was with Robb."

ahhahahahah why did you do this to me ahahahahahahha guess who wrote something ahahhahaha im totally not crying right now ahaahhahha i hate everything 

Theon’s eyes open wide and he is surprised to find himself in a warm room instead of the Drowned God’s halls. He expected to be cold and wet but here he is dry and warm. Soft furs are covering him and a warm fire is crackling in the fireplace across from the bed he is cocooned in. The room is so familiar but he cannot place it. He knows it deep in his bones but his brain is slow to catching up, taking in one detail at a time. It takes a few minutes of collecting all the pieces when he notices that he is not alone.

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Sorry I stumbled on a gif set the other day and couldn’t get this out of my head.

THEY BOTH DO IT. Who taught these boys this move? Do you think it was Peggy?

Peggy (1940s): If I tell them falling over is a Good Fighting Tactic™ do you think they’ll believe me?

Peggy (2010s): Huh.

Wonder Woman is getting a movie. Wonder Woman is getting an epic origin story. Wonder Woman is the main character in a massive blockbuster and she’s not going to be sidelined, shoved into a secondary position, or going to made to look like she’s weak or less than a male. She’s not going to put in a box, labeled romantic interest for no reason than to make her seem more feminine. The male in the story is secondary to her, and will never be made primary over her. Wonder Woman is directed by a woman, made to resonate with women, and not to be objectified by men. Fucking Wonder Woman is happening, and it’s amazing

why b99 season 4 gives me life
  • Jake and Amy getting through Florida
  • Gina becoming a part of Charles’s family
  • jake and rosa’s friendship
  • the fact amy and rosa stuck together while jake was in Florida
  • “gross!! rosa, those are our dads!” 
  • we finally met Kylie. like four years later guys. we did it.
  • Gina got hit by a bus and she didn’t even break her stride (aint nothing gonna slow her down)
  • doug judy came back and kicked ass
  • “go to sleeeep daddy’s deaadd but his ghost’s always watching….”
  • the squad tackled racism like terry tackles firemen (strongly and efficiently)
  • Amy Santiago is gonna be a sergeant 
  • Jake and Amy’s relationship is so supportive and healthy i genuinely want to cry somethings
  • charles has a son now and he’s a great father, super supportive and learning things about his child’s native country
  • the show went from having fat jokes in season 1 to having an episode arc where Terry relates getting “emotionally healthy” 
  • jake not letting amy compromise her dream’s for his sake because her dreams are also his dreams

feel free to add ur own but basically this entire show is a blessing but this season is a treasure

who am i?


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

Hey you know that “Michael Fassbender is like a handsome shark” thing? 

 I want Dan to have a thing like that. So here’s some evidence that Dan Stevens is like a Fluffy Husky.

Ok, cool. But it’s not quite sexy enough. How about Dan Stevens is like a Charming Wolf?

Hmmm. Or maybe Dan Stevens is like an Annoyed Owl?

…I’ll keep working on it.


This was stupid

This whole thing, it was so stupid, and it made Annabeth feel stupid, and she wasn’t stupid, she was smart, gods damn it, so why couldn’t she do this? She should have been able to do this.

She only realised she was crying when a tear splashed on to the page of her textbook, blurring the black letters printed on the white page. That tear falling felt like conceding defeat, and soon enough she was crying in earnest, sobbing hard enough that the words became even less intelligible than they’d already been.

She put her head down on the book and let herself cry, feeling terribly stupid and sorry and frustrated. Her whole face felt hot, flushed with anger and annoyance - at this essay, at herself, at the fact that she was a daughter of the goddess of wisdom and she couldn’t seem to write a simple fucking essay.

When the door to her room opened she instinctively straightened, grabbing her dagger and spinning in her seat to face the intruder. When she saw who it was she immediately collapsed back onto the desk, face first, letting her dagger fall to the floor. 

She heard Percy shut the door behind himself. There were a few soft footsteps, and then a gentle hand on her shaking shoulder and a quiet question. “Annabeth, hey, what’s up?”

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Every season of gbbo
  • Student balancing exams AND baking!? HOW will they manage?? The stress????
  • That one person that never properly finishes their bakes
  • Contestant who is barely able to contain their unbridled ambition. No, it doesn’t matter they didn’t get star baker or had a bad judging, they’re just happy to be here *forced smile* 
  • Stay at home mom who just doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, oh no she’s crying now and your heart is broken
  • Grandparent just looking for something to occupy themselves
  • Someone bringing in home-grown produce
  • A young, pretty woman who inevitably gets dragged over hot coals online if she’s even mildly successful
  • A large, beautiful man that you have at least one (1) sex dream about
  • Cinnamon roll, must be protected, always 5 seconds away from crying
  • Engineer or scientist that shows off their science skillz 
  • Person with a design-oriented job that gets criticized for “style over substance”
  • Person who cops an attitude during the judging
  • World’s Best Dad ™ whose bio clips are full of them parenting

He actually got it, but I could paid to see the face of the R&D technician.
With regret, I didn’t found something funny to put on the tablet v_v


It’s 1AM and I’m losing it over this

guide to sf9
  • youngbin: so mature???? can be spotted telling other members to get their shit together, being called "dad". looks kind of like an older chani
  • inseong: the one who looks like a fucking nerd and is a fucking nerd. literally never stops flirting, everyone and everything is fair game. also very likely that he is singing loudly to himself rn
  • jaeyoon: HIGHLY EXTRA. nobody knows what he's doing but he is doing it as Big as he can and it is funny so its fine. very very confident in his face and talents and also completely shameless
  • dawon: im sure he introduced himself but just in case. he is the one who is screaming for no fucn reason. funny as FUCK. overflowing with useless talents. rly intense about whatever's going on
  • zuho: looks like a shark or smth, raps like a demon. despite scary voice and scary face he is probably wearing pink glittery eyeshadow and doing something cutesy
  • rowoon: literally tall dark and handsome. flips his hair all the time. pops into the frame to make a pun and then leaves. if he makes eye contact with someone he will either start dancing or giggling
  • taeyang: literally dances like a freak, easy to find him in dance practices bc his style is really unique. dont look into his eyes its like looking directly at the sun
  • hwiyoung: probably the member who smiles the most but hes always covering his face. possibly he is crying or squealing about something
  • chani: shortest member (for now lol). adorable but actually goth. really deep voice also. "wait he's 18???"