cry now smile later

If I gave you everything, would we be happy? If I told you all the words you wanted to hear. If I told you I’m sorry more often. Would we be more? I should’ve held you closer. I should’ve never let you go. I should’ve begged you to stay. Can you look me in my eyes and tell me a story about us? Don’t cry. This is far from over. I know it’s over, but these poems. This is not over. They will keep coming. You’ll keep reading. We’ll grow further apart and we’ll soon be strangers. You’ll lose the umbrella and get soaked in rain. I’ll become a car with a flat tire swerving and swaying from my path. You’ll be a cliff hanger in a book and I’ll be every spoiler known to man kind. I’ll ruin everyone’s smile. We can laugh now and cry later, but your smile will never be real. You’ll crack before the end of this. You’ll break before the start of my next poem. We didn’t deserve each other, we were like poison. I indulged in you and you let it happen. Is there a difference? Romeo let it happen. Juliet indulged. Are we much different than a Shakespherean story? Love has a cost, I just didn’t realize it would be our innocent kisses and pure intentions. If I did, I would’ve let you go. Immediately. You’ve changed so much. I’ve changed too much. This love is a bit much, yeah?
—  #738 // maybe we didn’t drink the poison… maybe we were the poison.