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NCT 127+Ten Reacting To Their S/O Having an Eating Disorder

Anon: Hey this is a sensitive topic so you don’t have to do it if it makes you uncomfortable or anything like that but if it doesn’t, can you do NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their s/o opening up about their eating disorder and breaking down crying in front of them? Thanks ☺

A/N: I think this topic should be talked about more rather than it being ignored because people will get offended. So here it is. Enjoy xx


Taeyong would hear it all about it and would be glad that you opened up to him about a matter so personal. He’ll hug you and tell you it’s okay and let you cry in his arms as much as you want. “I will never leave you no matter what.” He stated when you told him about your fear of him finding out and abandoning you.

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Jaehyun would instantly dry your tears and smile at you, kissing your forehead and pulling you in a comfy hug. He would stroke your hair and let you let it all out. You ended up sleeping in his arms and he kept on checking on you through the night to see if you were okay.

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Doyoung would seriously hear you out and hold a tissue box. He’ll want you to cry till you feel better about it and then he’ll tell you its okay and that you both will get through it together.

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Taeil would hold you in his arms and stroke your hair. “I never knew how strong you were,” he’d say. “I’m so lucky to have you in my life y/n.” He could see your smile slowly creeping up on your soaking face. He kissed your lips and looked deep into your eyes. “I love you,” he whispered and kissed you again.

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Ten wouldn’t be able to see you cry and would break down as well. Before you know it you both are a weeping mess. He would hold your hands, sniffing and promise you he’ll help you through this and that you both were in this together.


Mark would be shocked for the first few seconds and then he’ll see breaking down into tears and snap out of his shock. He’ll have you sit down next to him and listen to you. He’ll hug you and kiss your forehead, wanting to stay like that until you feel better.

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Johnny would feel a pang of pain when he’d see you cry. He will instantly hold you in his arms and stroke your hair to make you feel better. He’ll try to soften your mood with his corny jokes and will try to make you feel better by watching movies and being two lil dorks.

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Yuta will try to be really gentle with you and will caress you with his sweet touches and he’ll smile bright at you telling you he’s always going to be by your side battling your demons with you. Just having him there makes you feel 100x better.

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Winwin would just listen to you and will be at a loss for words. He’ll want to say something but would be too scared to do so incase he offended you or hurt you in anyway.

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Haechan would hug you and bring out his ‘nice’ side. He’ll immediately feel guilty for roasting you all those times and promise you he’ll stop.”Please don’t cry Y/N,” he said sniffing.

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Lords reaction to accidentally hitting their daughter [Headcanon] (Request)

A/N: I just know this is going to be both hilarious and painful. Rest under the cut to save dashboards.


What did he do? That was the price of his pride, wasn’t it. The girl was crying in his arms, a big bruise on her forehead that was caused by his own practice sword. Nothing seemed to work. She wouldn’t stop crying. He knew it had been a bad idea to let her stay. He should have sent her away, with her mother, but no, those puppy eyes were stronger than he was. And everyone tried to warned him, to tell him that his girl was walking right to him, but he thought they were trying to distract him.

They weren’t.

“Here, have some sugar stars”, he wiped her tears away, before kissing the red mark on her forehead. “Mama’s sweets will make you feel better, ok?”


He thought it was a good idea. To show his daughter that he was strong, that he could protect her too. And so, he couldn’t say no when she asked him if she could stay in training. Well, what could go wrong? Right? Everything. Everything could go wrong. He was always so defensive that when he heard something behind him his first impulse was to attack.

He wish he hadn’t.

“Are you okay?!” he rushed to her, hugging her and trying to cease her tears. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Papa was careless”. Mitsuhide showered her in kisses and pampers, guilt heavy on his shoulders after seeing the bruise that was sure to appear any time.


Oh boy. 

Oh boy.

It had been a long time since last time the retainers had seen Yukimura panicking so much. He was carrying the little girl in his arms, running around the castle, yelling to the maids, for someone to help him. When you heard him, you left the kitchen as fast as you could. Then you saw him. Your daughter in his arms, both of them crying. 

“I… I…”, he sobbed. “She… I… I’m sorry…”

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Loki Says Relax (Loki x Reader)

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Title: Loki Says Relax

Summary:  Loki may or may not be a little over protective when you tell him you’re pregnant.

Warnings: None

AN: Thank you for everyone who reads my work/comments on it. It makes me feel so good. Feedback is always welcome :)

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Fandom is overreacting like usual so I’m gonna bullet point some wonderful, positive things about episode 11 so people take a second to stop thinking about that one minute

  • “History Maker” was finally completed and it is beautiful
  • Nobunari Oda EXISTING as a commentator
  • Viktor and Yuuri going all out with the ring kissing
  • Emil, Michele, Sara hanging out
  • Minako and Mari being super supportive of every skater with flags and posters
  • Yuuri and Viktor having serious conversations about making Yuuri’s program even better
  • Viktor glomping Yuuri
  • Viktor JUMPING with Yuuri during the quad flip
  • People back at Hasetsu tuning in to the GPF; Yuuri’s parents looking so proud of him
  • Baby!PHICHIT
  • Phichit’s hamsters
  • Phichit getting so much support back in Thailand
  • Phichit’s tears of prideful joy that he did SO WELL with his SP
  • Viktor’s cute little “davai” after Yuri P kicks him off the kiss & cry bench
  • Yuri P adding some arm movements to his jumps to make them even more beautiful and raise the difficulty
  • Yakov feeling nostalgic about Vitya
  • Christophe’s mystery man in a suit S/O hotness dude
  • Chris with glasses
  • Christophe’s other bae, his cat
  • Viktor getting excited to watch figure skating because it’s always been such a big part of his life and will always be his passion
  • Yuri P cheering for Otabek and Otabek giving him the bro thumbs up
  • Smol!Otabek and Smoler!Yuri P
  • Otabek is amazing on the ice and everyone believes so
  • JJ’s fiancé loving him for who he is, regardless of what he scores
  • JJ biting through his tears and hurt pride to shout, “IT’S JJ STYLE!!!”
  • Phichit and Christophe being besties on social media
  • Minako (Yuuri’s former dance teacher), Mari (Yuuri’s sister), and Celestino (Yuuri’s former coach) chilling at the bar
  • Viktor in a bathrobe 
  • Yuuri being mature and using proper communication to tell Viktor how he’s truly feeling instead of hiding his thoughts away and allowing the problems to fester which would only lead to arguments that could’ve been prevented through talking

If you’re having a bad day just imagine toddler age Scorpius and Albus playing with Harry’s invisibility cloak

Albus hysterically crying when Scorpius crawls under it and disappears and rushing to get his dad and try to explain to him that he’d somehow lost his best friend

Harry shaking his head in intense bemusement and whisking the cloak off a shell shocked Scorpius who immediately begins crying and waving his little arms, his blonde hair sticking up on end

Albus wrapping himself around his bedraggled friend and cuddling him fiercely, glaring at the invisibility cloak and crying when Harry attempts to get it near him again

‘My Scorpius! No! NO!’

Albus and Scorpius spending the rest of the day cuddled up together, Albus not ever going more than a few feet away from Scorpius and always returning to pet his little friend’s hair and give him reassurance

Draco picking Scorpius up later that day and seeing his son practically smothered by Albus, his face smeared with paint and his hair being put in bunches by the giggling Potter

Draco turning to Harry with the driest and most exasperated of expressions

'I left him here for five hours and he’s already married your son- I can see it in his eyes. Merlin help us…’

Harry shrugging and grinning widely, full of only love for his son and his new found friend

'I call dibs on being the cool father-in-law’

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1st sentence: Please don't do this!

“Please, don’t do this!” Chat whimpered, eyes welling with tears.

Marinette’s hand struck once more, ripping across his face mercilessly. He recoiled, even as she laughed, “Are you seriously crying right now?”


Her fingers tore across his arms and chest, and Chat wailed piteously.

“I thought you loved me!”

“Which is why the shrine has to come down,” Marinette laughed, amused by his dramatics as she pulled the last magazine clipping of the handsome model off her wall. “The last thing your ego needs is to be worshiped.” 

I am so mean to ya’ll…. ENJOY!!! XD


Now that I have the episode up on iTunes, lemme talk about this ending scene and why it’s a glimpse into future Starco interactions. 

While holding her in his arms, Marco realizes that something deeper is going on that Star isn’t telling him about. At first he’s shocked to hear the amount of sadness and depression that she’s conveying through her tears that it throws him off before responding. And then when he has a moment to process what’s going on he looks at her with concern as she continues to cry in his arms. 

Star has never been this heartbroken in front of him. The closest he saw her being in this state was when she sacrificed her wand to save him from Toffee. 

Now this is just my guess, but I’m gonna say that Star is gonna distance herself away from Marco as he’s exploring his new relationship with Jackie. He’s not gonna know why though since Star and Jackie get along really well all things considering. So he’s gonna believe that it has to deal with her depression over losing her book and her mentor to Ludo. So he’ll try to cheer her up and she’ll put on a fake smile to make him not worry. But at the same time she’ll give him wistful looks from time to time. 

I know a lot of Starco shippers are losing their shit over the fact that Marco’s now in a relationship with Jackie but consider this: This new revelation will help not only further the development of all three characters but will also give us some more development in Star and Marco’s relationship as a whole. 

I lived through so many shipping wars and I’ve seen many of my OTP’s go through the same thing. I’ve seen it all before and now it’s Starco’s turn. I’m not gonna start arguing with people over the internet about fictional relationships just yet because this is only the mid-season finale and there’s still plenty of episodes left in Season 2. So I’m not gonna start losing my shit just yet. 

Let’s not forget about Blood Moon Ball. I’ll be doing another deep analysis about that very soon but tonight I just want to focus on going through why this scene is a sign of more development to come when it comes to Star and Marco’s relationship. 

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^This was the reference photo

My Jensen story is much shorter. First off he smells like a man should smell. Just a nice aftershave that was a cross between old Spice and Irish spring. Now moving on,lol. I wanted a specific type of pose from the show. A lot of people keep calling it a Charlie hug, but it’s not. It’s with Dean and Charlie but this hug held a completely different meaning from all their other hugs. This was from the episode ‘Pac-Man Fever’ when Dean woke Charlie up from the djinn dream and she ran into his arms crying. That hug was full of protection, sadness, and understanding. So that’s the pose I went for. I showed him the pic, we took the photo and then he went, “ Chris let’s do one more.” Now I was completely out of his arms at this point as he just pulled me back in. We took it again, I gave gimme a quick squeeze and said thank you. This was our photo: