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hey! I watched the gang gets a new member today bc of your post and I was wondering if you could go into more detail abt why you think Dennis is in love with schmitty? thanks ily

i figure that’s why he’s so emotional about schmitty. it’s like him and maureen, being around schmitty rekindled some of those elusive Feelings in dennis. he’s also the one who tries to mke up with schmitty, and include him in the gang in with their weird shamrock rings first, even fi he can’t finish speaking either time because he’s all emotional. i mean when have we seen dennis cry over anyone besides himself? 

sure, i think he has feelings for mac, too, but he sees mac every single day of his life, so he’s pretty used to that. besides, dennis probably idolized the hell out of schmitty (especially bc they hadn’t seen him in so long and he built schmitty up in his head, y’know, what with that bpd idolization/devaluation thing) and that got all mixed up with romantic feelings (in that sense i’d say both mac and dennis have trouble differentiating between admiration/idolization and romantic attraction, although you can def experience both at the same time) and then he split on schmitty when he didn’t return the intensity of his (and the rest of the gang’s) feelings.

violà! ;) ilu too 

dear girl meets world,

thank you. thank you for showing us real life. thank you for going places we never thought a disney show would/ 

thank you for giving us riley, forever bright and optimistic. her love for her friends and family is inspiring.

thank you for giving us maya, and showing that being broken and damaged doesn’t make you unlovable. i hope to have her strength.

thank you for giving us lucas, the stereotypical jock who turned out to be so much more.

thank you for giving us farkle, who showed us that being quirky and smart shouldn’t make you an outcast if you find the right people. 

thank you for giving us zay, funny and happy and the type of friend and person we all hope to be. 

thank you for giving us smackle, who showed us that no disease or disorder can limit us from being outstanding. 

thank you for giving us their friendships, which showed us how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. 

thank you for bringing back cory and topanga, who meant so much to so many people, and giving us these new characters, who will always have an impact on us. 

thank you. 


Eren is like one of those persons who can be injured and tired but he’s always gonna be worried for others not for himself. Specially if this person is Armin…


So is that what it feels to have your ship canon?

My heart is going to explode. I am crying. For real. I am.

(Just waiting for Destiel to happen now, because I might never stop crying)

I feel YoonBum is afraid of being alone. It’s not uncommon for victims to become dependent on their abusers. 

As much as I like fics about Eggsy moving into Harry’s house and transforming himself into Harry’s ghost, I love the idea of Eggsy stripping away that armor, even with Harry gone. This is Eggsy Unwin we’re talking about. Harry—the love of his life—is not coming back, and Eggsy’s suffered so many terrible things in his life that are beyond what an average twenty-something has gone through. But Eggsy doesn’t give up. He keeps living, even if that life isn’t perfect.

I love the idea of Eggsy waking up each day, then slowly getting used to his new life, befriending his fellow knights who respect and begin to like him for who he truly is, strengthening his connections with Roxy and Merlin and his family, being able to be there for his mum and sister the way he wasn’t fully able to before Kingsman, and learning to love what Harry loved about him. It’s not the posh accent or the parted hair or the fancy suit that makes the man; it’s the man underneath all that glitz and glamor.

Eggsy doesn’t think he can live or cope with V-Day coming up, and dreads the anniversary with all his heart. He begins withdrawing, begins retreating back in Harry’s house, and begins to take the more dangerous missions. But his friends and family notice. Roxy takes him out, and they spend many a time and many an illegal amount of Kingsman resources to travel and have fun and spar and burn through their Netflix queues. Merlin periodically checks up on Eggsy and secretly arranges for meals and treats and tea to be delivered to Eggsy after missions and at home. Percival sits down to lunch with Eggsy and talks to him about small things (and later, big things, like James). The other agents keep him busy with gadgets and sparring and stories. His mum invites him over whenever he can and cooks him dinner, while Daisy gives him as many hugs and cheerful babbling a about her new school. Even his old mates, Jamal and Ryan, offer him a pick-me-up at the Black Prince—which is free of Dean and his goons since Eggsy’s little stunt—and pakouring all over the East End.

V-Day is as terrible as Eggsy thinks. He cries. He goes through a lot of the liquor cabinet. He hears stories on the radio and telly and people about everyone who they’d lost. He has nightmares of Harry being shot, Eggsy shooting him, Harry coming back and dying in his arms. He pulls on Harry’s suit and looks at the newspapers on the wall and goes over everything that day, trying to see if he could have fixed it.

But V-Day passes. He and Roxy save the world again. They fly out to America to complete the mission, then come back home safely.

Life goes on.

It’s not ideal. It’s not perfect. But Eggsy eventually combs his hair the way he likes it, speaks in his natural accent, and doesn’t always adhere to Kingsman standards of manners. He packs away Harry’s newspapers and starts his own headlines. He starts putting up his own pictures and knick-knacks from his missions in the house. He begins treating himself not like a guest, but as a permanent resident. Eggsy doesn’t completely purge the house of Harry—for example, Mr. Pickle stays—but it’s definitely his. And if Eggsy holds onto the robe and carefully brings it out from underneath the folded clothes in the bottom drawer on bad days, no one but him needs to know.

He will always love Harry. He will always miss him. But Eggsy will go on to propose his own recruits, make more friends, defeat more villains, lose a few more loved ones, get his heart broken, and fall in love again.

Eggsy does what Harry proposed him for: to live a better life than he’s known.

And that’s exactly what he does.

Thank you baekhyun for always making him smile,taking care of him, understanding him. I’m grateful he has a brother like you. Also junmyeon who leaves his seat immediately after seeing yixing cry, jongin who comforted him.

“Now I finally understand when mom said ‘I wish it was my knee and not yours’. Because that’s what I’m feeling right now when I think of you and I’m sure mom will be feeling the same thing. People have always told us that we’d have to fight for our dreams, to put in the effort and persevere. But they never said the walls on the road would be this tall and slippery.

But I still want to climb one more wall with you, see how tall it is, and go through it together. This dream you were living was nothing but a dream, because what awaits you is bigger than you’ve ever imagined. I LOVE YOU.”

- Thiago’s message to his brother on Instagram


“Oh, Mulder, I’m going to be fine.”

“No, I’ve been thinking about it. Looking at you tonight, holding that baby , knowing everything that’s been taken away from you. A chance for motherhood and your health and that baby. I think that … I don’t know, maybe they’re right.”