cry does not want to show his face


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5. Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Bobby will pick Hanbin up bride groom style and hurl him into the ocean which will result in Hanbin chasing Bobby around the shore, and ending in an all out splash war.

12. Still cries watching Titanic

Bobby always cries and tries to hide it by accusing Hanbin of crying while hidding his face. Hanbin will let him because he know’s this is his process and he thinks it’s cute. Hanbin on the other hand would be getting ideas for his next hit angsty love song “Hey Mr. Sea Ship”

14. Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Bobby uses Christmas as a competition of showing love that he does not want to lose. He’ll going all out getting Hanbin a big gift and a dozen small gifts. Hanbin on the other hand will give Bobby one gift that has a lot of meaning and heart. In the end Bobby will feel bested (and every year is the same).


-Michael plays a sick ass trombone and is the school asshole who has a youtube channel that half the school is subscribed to because oh my god that kids got some vocal cords

-Gavin plays flute and is the most bisexual prick who flirts with anyone and everyone all the damn time. he does it for meg.

-Ray is that kid who got dared to eat 3 boxes of graham crackers in 15 minutes and he did it without even drinking water. he also has the highest gamer score in the entire school and he wears this achievement on his sleeve

-Ryan is principal player 1st violin and is actually plotting the death of team nice dynamite. he is so good at violin it makes you want to cry because anything good you thought you did in your pathetic life doesnt even add up to this

-Geoff is a total drama dork but he only ever does tech and behind the scenes because he’s too shy to ever show his face after the snake incident

-Jack is the nice choir kid who tries his best to keep the band/orchestra war at bay but never really succeeds. its all in the effort, jack. all in the effort.

-Burnie and Gus are the seniors who always hang out with freshies and sophies and show them the ropes of the big school. theres a rumour that they graduated 3 years ago but they still hang around the school because they have nothing better to do

-Miles is the kid who’s art is in every fucking display case but no one has any idea who the fuck he is but holy shit his art is amazing and he’s probably been commissioned by professionals like 40 times

-Kerry is the nerd in graphic design who slays at drawing and is really funny but no one notices him because he’s so quiet and he hangs out with miles luna? who is that??

-Lindsay, Barb, Ashley, and Meg are the cheerleaders and DAMN are they hot. theyre like in every guy’s wet dream i swear. and not only are they hot, they play games. lindsay plays gta and kicks major ass

-Blaine is obviously the football jock I mean come on look at him he’s tall and freaking ripped. you cant tell me someone like him isnt on the football team

-Funhaus are totally the kids who run the back of the bus and have dildos??? all the time?????? where are they getting all of these?!!?!?!?!!?!!!?!!????

-Griffin is the badass girl that everyone wants because dude she’s bi and looking!!!!! And holy shit is she in woodworks?!!?! HOLY SHIT IS SHE USING A CHAINSAW TO MAKE A WOODEN SCULPTURE

-Joel is that tall asshole senior who scares freshmen and calls them fish. he will never be forgotten because when he was a freshmen he sat in a trashcan and rolled down the main stairs. he broke 3 ribs and burnie and gus pass this information on to new freshmen every year like its religion

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Forever (Barry Allen/Reader)

Imagine running straight to your boyfriend Barry after coming out as a meta to your father who rejected you.

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Barry sighed rubbing your shoulders. You’d finally stopped crying after what seemed like hours. Finally you spoke in a hoarse voice, “Why does no one want me?”

His heart broke as he looked down to your red puffy face, “Hey…stop that…we want you here…I want you.”

“But why didn’t he?” You sniffed, “He’s my father…and he…just kicked me out because I’m different.”

“He’s just…” Barry took a deep breath in. You’d come straight over to Joe’s after your dad kicked out when you came to him showing him your meta gift “scared. People are always afraid of what the don’t understand.”

“He’s my parent though…” You shut your eyes, “First my mom…now…”

“Y/N…” You looked at him as he smiled a little, “I will never leave you. I will never abandon you. You…and only you…will be the one break things off between us.”

“Barry…it’s not…”

“I know…but I want you to understand that.” He lifted your chin with his fingers, “I’m not going anywhere…and I want you forever.”