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we may be hollow, but we’re brave

Summary: Even had insisted they spend the night before their wedding apart, because he’s dramatic as fuck, but he ends up calling Isak anyway. Isak doesn’t even try to hide how endeared he is.

Words: 1,248

Isak groans as he adjusts the pillow under his head for the thirtieth time that night. It’s the first time in weeks he’s had to fall asleep without Even, and it’s fucking with him bad. Once upon a time, he thought he’d outgrow this urgent need to have Even next to him, touching him, just being with him always. But after a year together, he feels the exact same desperate ache for Even as he had when they first met—when real love, the kind that comes naturally with Even, still felt like a fleeting fantasy. He’s more or less accepted that forever is in his grasp now, but being without him when Isak could so easily drive over to Even’s parents’ place and crawl into his bed, still feels like the worst kind of self-inflicted torture.

He’d whined to Jonas about it for a good two hours earlier, until Jonas had threatened to hand over best man duties to Magnus instead. Isak had been scared enough to shut the fuck up, but not he’d just pouted silently instead. “I can’t wait until Even marries you, this whole engagement has brought out the clingiest, sappiest parts of both of you,” Jonas had complained.

“Do you really think that it’ll get better after we get married?”

Jonas considered this for a moment, before burying his head in his hands. “Fuck, it’ll be even worse.”

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i’m feeling a fresh wave of hurt. jay meant the world to louis, and from the way he talks about her it’s evident she wasn’t only his mother, but his best friend. she nurtured him, but also gave him a push when he needed it. she really was a strong, incredible woman (more than we will ever know). a big part of the reason louis is the humble, loving person he is today is because of her guidance. he knew a year in advance that she wasn’t going to make it, that he only had limited time left with her, and nobody should have to go through that pain.

Remember the people that died in the 4 bomb blasts, and oil tanker accident that killed and injured in the past two days in Parachinar, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi. More than 300 people have been wounded or dead. Pray for the families that will never get to see their loved ones walk back in from the eid prayers today. I hope they find peace and power

when their friends find out that isak is in even’s phone as mannen i mitt liv, they’ll never let him live it down. whenever isak’s doing something weird, like picking his nose when he thinks no one is looking, or pouring half a bottle of mayo on all his sandwiches, someone will sarcastically say, “look, there goes the man of your dreams.” but they only get a soppy smile from even, because that’s the man he’s spending the rest of his life with, dorkiness and gross teenage habits and all. they’re a part of isak, and even would never choose to have him any other way. so the joke turns into isak and even making eyes at each other, and honestly, did anyone expect any less at this point, when it comes to these two?

ok so there’s this one radio show thing dnp did in which phil took shirts that each had one of the top five radio songs on them off of dan, as he was reading them out loud. and yes, in general, it was very gay. but i just notice that every time phil took a shirt off dan he leaned over dan and put his head close to him and he just looked so cozy. as if he was meant to be there, meant to do that. dan wasn’t weirded out or anything visually by phil’s nearness. and it just randomly strikes me sometimes how comfortable and tender they are with one another. those moments in that radio challenge are the ultimate proof that they just care about one another so much. sorry for breaking your heart bye