cry boy cry

this is an au my bestie @llamavillana​ and i made up !!

So Jason and Lena met at this bar, both were drunk, crying for their loves (kara and barbara, who are friends, coincidentally) and since then, they become bff and give advice to each other on how to get their girls. Lena would always tell Jason how to make a romantic dinner for Barbara (not good), and Jason would always tell Lena how to act cool, dress in leather, and impress Kara (also not good, it usually ends up in trouble but these kids are trying their best)

( Kaiba’s dialogue right before summoning Obelisk kills me —– 

“No…in no way is defeat a permissible option in this place. The one who should have put the nail in Yuugi’s—no, in Atem’s coffin…was none other than me. And, in my subconscious, having failed that task, his ghost continues to wander around, even to this date.”

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Original trans Joey anon here. What I meant was basically trans guy Jonas and Dean basically being very "well if you're really a boy then why do you cry. Boys don't cry".

OHH okay yes this is a good headcanon lmao sorry I didnt get it the first time

So that’s it..

This didn’t made sense back then..

Why would Viktor suddenly ask about Minako as if he’s jealous?

Why would he ask Yuuri if he’s got a girlfriend when it’s their first serious talk?

Why did his eyes lit up when Yuuri said no comment?

Why did he want to talk about himself all of a sudden?

This was corrected, the word that was said was actually “lover”.

And why did he suddenly wants to talk about his lovelife before anything else??