cry at the quality at these photos


Threw around some ideas with @nerdaday and gave our favorite gals some matching bezzie mate sweaters 😖


I have been cursed blessed with neuyako!Karma

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Why do you think Sansa was crying when she sentenced LF? In a high quality photo of the scene you can see a tear sliding down her cheek.

Yes, she was. Don’t know if it was scripted or it was all Sophie but it’m glad they portrayed as the tragedy it is. Sansa said it—that in his own way, Petyr loved her, and, “it’s not about what I want, it’s about what honor compels me to do”. Their relationship was so complicated, and it shaped Sansa so deeply that it’s impossible for her to remain impassible. This man wronged her and her family so much, she knows it now, she’s suspected it for a while, yet he was the only constant in her life after Ned’s death. He was there in King’s Landing. He helped her navigate the court. He smuggled her to the Eyrie. Under his wing she grew into the person she’s now. Before Arya, before Brienne, before Jon, he was her closest confidant and the only person who knew all her secrets. He was a surrogate father and a surrogate lover. This isn’t a Littlefinger apology, to be clear—he was absolutely abusive and manipulative to Sansa, on top of all the shit he did to the rest of her family. But it’s perfectly normal to still feel devotion and compassion for one’s abuser, even after you’ve completely opened your eyes on the nature of the relationship; and Sansa is nothing but compassionate.

I really appreciated that Arya asked her how she felt. She understands that her sister’s relationship with this man was complex and that she still felt a twisted kind of loyalty to him and yes, it was brave of her, because she decided to get rid of someone who might still have been an asset, not to house Stark as a whole, but to Sansa Stark as an individual.

I honestly feel so, so sorry for her. Because she had to steel herself and watch another person in her life die, and this time she had to pass the sentence while he begged and cried for mercy. The witch is dead, yes, but in real life that sort of moments are more bittersweet than triumphant. Remember Joffrey’s death? Justice often requires a sacrifice. And Sansa had to sacrifice the only thing that was, in a twisted way, hers and hers only to have justice for her family. This is probably the hardest thing she’s had to do so far. I’m both proud and heartbroken.


au where jimin is a model and jeongguk is a photographer. they’re a famous duo in the industry because they almost exclusively work together. (the only exception being that jimin will model for yoongi and jeongguk will photograph taehyung and seokjin). they’re like a package deal, you can’t hire one without hiring the other as well. and under normal circumstances there would definitely be complaints about their exclusivity from companies, but with the quality of the final photos, all complaints are quelled.

“gukkie, everyone is saying that we should switch roles next time, so i’ll be behind the camera snapping photos of you.”
“very funny.”
“no, i’m being serious!”

Hideous lol

yo traditional artists

do you feel like crying when taking a photo of your drawing because the quality of your phone camera is complete shit and you don’t have a scanner?
say no more,

there’s this app called “camscanner” and I swear it makes your photo look much better, almost like you used an actual scanner 

so yeah thats all have fun

Okay but Neil with an Adidas endorsement deal and Andrew with a Nike endorsement deal. Only they keep getting in trouble with their sponsors because they constantly wear each other’s clothes. Which wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t get photographed wearing the wrong brand more often than their actual contracted brand.

Adidas Rep: Mr. Josten can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

Neil: Well, the lighting is shit for starters. I thought paps cared more about their camera quality.

Adidas Rep: *deep heavy sigh* No, it’s this. *stabs finger at photo!Neil’s jacket* That’s a swoosh. That’s a Nike swoosh. From Nike. This is Adidas. You signed a contract to only wear and be seen wearing Adidas products. *points at picture again* That. Is. A. Swoosh.

Neil: I’ll remember that the next time I call the paparazzi to stalk my house and follow me to the convenience store at 3am.

Adidas Rep: *internal screaming and crying*


Nike Rep: Mr. Minyard I know we’ve discussed the nature of your contract before-

Andrew: We have.

Nike Rep: -so I know you’re aware that it’s against your contract to be photographed wearing competitor brands.

Andrew: *blinks*

Nike Rep: *awkward throat clearing* Well, that was a great chat. Please be mindful of your contract. *promptly leaves*

Yuzuru Hanyu Interview at 2017-18 Media Day (Kiss&Cry): On SEIMEI, goals, and shortcoming

An exclusive interview from Kiss&Cry (TOKYO NEWS MOOK #639). On SEIMEI, goals, and shortcoming.

What else can I say? I remember the title of another piece, “Confidence without Conceit.” That describes Hanyu perfectly, and I think we’re in for a feast this season. - gladi

Translated by gladi. Please do not repost without permission. Images belong to Kiss & Cry (Tokyo News Mook) - ideally don’t cut out credits from the pictures :)

Text by Satoko Sawada. Photography by Nobuaki Tanaki (SHUTTERZ)

(Introduction skipped––same old, same old)

I would like to show a “Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu”

SEIMEI uses music from Onmyoji, a movie set in the Heian period. Last season’s free skate, Hope & Legacy, was also said to have been chosen due to [Hanyu’s] desire to “go wa style” (t/n - Wa is Japan, Japanese-style. But also harmony, peace, soften). Why is Hanyu insistent upon “programs of wa”?

“Well first, number one is the great feedback when I tried SEIMEI. Before I did SEIMEI, I didn’t have the sense that ‘wa’ would absolutely be a good fit for me. But when I did SEIMEI, a program that is faithful to ‘wa’, I received excellent evaluations, and for sure, the program also felt good to me. Now, I see ’wa’ as [my] weapon.“

According to Hanyu, he and “programs of wa” are on the same wavelength.

“Of course, there is a somewhat retrospective aspect in ‘evaluations,’ but more than anything, I personally was immensely interested in traditional performance arts. And then, there was also the meeting with Mr. Mansai Nomura. So first, my interest towards “wa”, followed by the feeling that “programs of wa” and I have come to be a good fit.”

All eyes are on the Olympics, so what is he like––the Yuzuru Hanyu he intends to show there?

“Since Ballade No.1, my short program, is classical music and has nothing to do with ‘wa,’ with SEIMEI, I hope to bring out its contrast to that. To add to that, SEIMEI’s protagonist, Abe no Seimei, is a character who existed in reality and is also widely known through movies, et cetera. Not only do I want to be true to that, I would also like to show a ‘Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu’ through my performance.

(Skipping paragraph on thoughts about SP choice. More details in Kateigaho interview here)

(Photo below: I already see SEIMEI in this, actually.)

I want to show greater depth in both programs

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These incredible men are the sweetest people in the entire world. I am so grateful to have been able to meet them and I hope one day I can meet them again and actually tell them how much they mean to me

“ I guess I wasn’t cut out”

Keith: Lance?!

Hunk: Lance!? He ran off!

Pidge: Lance! Allura, can you get a hold of him?!

Allura: No! I seem to can’t hold of him!

Shiro: Lance! Can you hear us?!

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I’m not ready for this series to be over 😭❤️

Whitebeard Pirates and graduation headcanons

So after sorting graduation stuff out today, I really wanted to get these down >:3

  • So, when you tell the crew the date you’re graduating, they’re thrilled!
  • “At least one of my kids is smart enough for this!”
  • The rest of the crew know Whitebeard is only kidding. 
  • Initially you might be scared of them turning up; there’s a lot of them and marines could descend on the ceremony. 
  • So you kinda decide to go on your own
  • They still turn up. All of them. Every single Whitebeard crew member that has ever been turns up.
  • Pray the graduation is outside or they’ll invade the entire hall
  • At first, other families are terrified as there’s little to no marines (who would think pirates would legitimately turn up to a graduation ceremony?)
  • So there are not enough marines even if they are there to take down the Whitebeard crew, so everyone just kinda carries on like there’s not an overly proud pirate crew standing behind them. 
  • When you go up to get your degree, they all cheer the loudest. 
  • Thatch and Izo were appalled at the quality of the free champagne/drinks provided and handed out their own. 
  • During the little mingle at the end of the ceremony, every crew member gives little gifts.
  • Had Izo been able to plan properly, they would have gotten one huge gift for you instead of literally hundreds of little ones.
  • Then comes the family photo. 
  • The photographer nearly keels over when he sees how many there are. 
  • Now you really do need to be outside.
  • Because you’re the one graduating, you sit on Whitebeard shoulder displaying your degree that was founded on sweat and tears. 
  • Most likely to cry at the graduation: Thatch and Izo.
  • Chest puffed out with pride: Whitebeard and Marco.
  • If you’re wearing heels, Marco or Thatch will be the ones to escort you to the stage so you don’t fall over <3

Sniffly Boys and Matching Sweaters - 23:45

Rei was feeling a little under the weather, so Mini bought them matching sweaters and invited him over for a Christmas-in-January party. They shared a bowl of soup, watched 80’s movies, and sipped on ginger tea. Needless to say, Rei was feeling much better.

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy