cry about him

Pls… I love Vernon Roche.
I love how frank he is and how brutally honest he can be. He doesn’t cut corners or sugarcoat anything, but he doesn’t care at all how that makes others look at him. He’s a man with a purpose and nothing on earth can get between him and a goal or some lofty dream. The guy doesn’t just sit and hope things happen – he goes out there and makes them happen. He’s far from perfect and stumbles with his mistakes sometimes, and yeah, he attracts a whole lot of trouble both for himself and, tragically, even for those he cares about. The wrongs that happen to him, he uses as fuel to propel him further, and it’s tragic, almost, seeing a hardened man sink even further down some dark pit. That said, however, he isn’t a tragic character, and he isn’t someone you would ever feel sorry for or mourn for. Roche is too cutting. Too in your face. Too unapologetic. The guy says and does things everyone else avoids out of fear due to matters of respect or expectation, and in a series full of liars and cheats, this somehow makes his nasty personality oddly refreshing. Yet, he doesn’t limit himself to sharp words. He’s persistent, he fights, and he fights hard, and…………. pls… Raise your hand if you, too, love Vernon Roche.

Cristiano Ronaldo returns home


“i don’t have the tears to cry anymore. but…i at least have to keep yu safe” // “i promise you, mika. even if i have to sell out the whole world to do it, i’ll make sure you’re turned back into a human.”


i mean can you blame him????


Lance absentmindedly calling Keith ‘babe’ though. they’re not even dating. he just does. 

“hey babe, you wanna go for some training?” 

“hey babe, pass the salt would you?” 

“could you - ah, thanks babe.” 

Keith is so fucking confused and weirdly pleased and the team thinks its the most hilarious thing that’s happened since the lot of them were chosen as defenders of the galaxy (which is still pretty hilarious to them.) 

Lance never even realises he’s doing it. nobody even tells him. he doesn’t know the team is laughing at him. he doesn’t know he’s now the reason why Keith spends all his nights awake staring at the ceiling just thinking an endless stream of ?????

The sun is setting.


the get down
☞  1.01 where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure 
↳ ‘large and in charge


very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far

“And we didn’t even know each other...”

Look. I know Zayn and Louis applied for the same job. And Niall and Liam went to the same Busted concert (presumably when they were like 8 years old when Busted was touring before 1D was formed). Both of those things are neat coincidences.

But they aren’t very significant to any of them, because they’ve mentioned both of those things like one time in interviews over the course 6 years (and it was arguably to try and make the Script concert seem like less of a thing). 

You know what’s significant? What Harry himself made significant? 

The Script concert. He had to make a public declaration about it…twice!

“This place is incredible to me…I remember coming to quite a few gigs here. I remember I stood right there watching the Script and it turns out, Louis was at the same gig!“ - Manchester, 22 December 2011

“This venue is quite special to me. I’ve been to quite a few gigs here before. And I remember, about 3 years ago, I was stood just about there to watch the Script in here, and it turns out, that Louis was at the same gig!” - Manchester, 23 December 2011

Louis and Zayn have never described their mutual employment pursuits as “incredible” or “quite special.” And neither have Liam and Niall described the Busted concert that way, despite it being literally the same scenario as Louis and Harry attending a Script concert at the same venue on the same day.

So you have to wonder why Harry cares so much, why it’s such a curious thing that they were there, together, on the same night, at the same time, doing the same thing, and they didn’t even know each other. 

But then fate twisted, and they did meet, and became so important to each other, that it made the night they missed each other that much more significant.