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Glitch Gazette Demo


Why are you involved with games? What are the specific features that make you love or hate a game?

What emotional bonds did you establish with games? What life lessons would you leave for others?

We made this questions to developers, journalists, academics, critics and really anyone involved with games and game culture. Then we gathered the answers in a zine: the Glitch Gazette!

“Surely there is some reason you are going through all the the trouble of trying to design great games” - Jesse Schell, The Art of Game Design

Glitch Gazette will be a Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android app. As a Part zine / part exploration non-game, it will be a reflexive reading illustrated by GIFs and an atmospheric soundtrack. And to those who prefer a physical medium, the Glitch Gazette will be a printed book too, only with a different visual from the app.

Impresoras 3D por estereolitografía

La impresión 3D es una realidad que va cobrando cada vez mas fuerza. Gracias a las impresoras caseras y DIY hemos accedido a una tecnología increíble que hace 5 años era impensable. El paso siguiente pasa por la estereolitografía, una técnica de impresión 3D que permite objetos mas pequeños y de mas resolución.

La estereolitografía, también conocida como fabricación óptica, fotosolidificación o…

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Wouldn't $600 Million Get You Excited Too?

Can you guess which website raised over $600 million in financing in its first four years of existence?

Zynga?  Groupon?  Facebook?  No, it wasn’t any of those.

How about

Ding Ding Ding!

Crowdfunding is Born

Yes, the site I’m talking about is  And the $600 million they raised?  They raised that money for OTHER businesses.

Kickstarter is what’s known as a “rewards-based” crowdfunding site.   Thousands of regular people come to Kickstarter each day and donate money to help new ideas and products get off the ground.  In return, these early backers receive a free reward from the company – usually the product they helped fund, whether it’s a cool new watch or a signed copy of a film that got made.

But the sorts of campaigns and products you’ll find on Kickstarter are different than the opportunities we feature here on Crowdability in a very important way.  Our opportunities are “equity-based” instead of “rewards-based.”

What’s that mean?  

In brief, it means that if you invest in one of the companies you find on Crowdability and the company becomes the next Facebook or Google, you’ll own a stake of the business, and can profit financially.

I don’t bring up Kickstarter as a lesson in rewards vs. equity crowdfunding.  Chances are, if you’re a Crowdability reader you already know the difference.

I bring it up because Kickstarter played a big part in why we decided to launch Crowdability.  

You see, when my partner Matt Milner and I first started talking about the JOBS Act in 2012, we (incorrectly) assumed equity crowdfunding would be a niche industry.  We didn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that thousands, or even millions, of people would be willing to invest small sums of money in exchange for a stake in various start-ups.

The Numbers Are HUGE

But then we dug into the statistics behind rewards crowdfunding – and were SHOCKED by what we found…

  • In 4 years, Kickstarter has successfully funded over 45,000 projects and raised over $600 million
  • Literally hundreds of rewards-based crowdfunding sites now dot the globe
  • In 2012 alone, these sites collectively helped raise over $2.8 billion

These numbers are staggering for at least two reasons:

  1. This industry didn’t even exist 4 years ago.  Now it’s helping thousands of new ideas come into the world, and
  2. If people are willing to donate $2.8 billion a year, imagine what they might be willing to invest if they could own a piece of the upside.  We think the numbers could become extremely significant.

We Believe…

We believe that equity crowdfunding , if done right, will lead to more new businesses getting off the ground, more new jobs being created, and more wealth being generated for investors.

Well, that’s the logic Matt and I are operating under, and that’s why we’re extremely bullish and passionate about this space.

We can envision early-stage private investments becoming a small part of every investor’s portfolio – essentially, a new asset class.  

For those investors who agree with us, it might be wise to start developing a strategy for investing in the space.  

We’re Here to Help

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you visit our Resources section and read two of our whitepapers»

  • Equity Crowdfunding 101
  • 10 Crowd Commandments

These reports will give you a better idea of how the equity crowdfunding process works and some guidance on how to evaluate different opportunities.

We’re looking forward to being your resource for equity crowdfunding.  Thanks for joining us!


The MicroView is the first chip-sized Arduino compatible that lets you see what your Arduino is thinking using a built-in OLED display.
This Crowdfunding project raised 1990% more than the pledged amount!!!

If you can make such amazing invention, than Crowdfunding in India is here support you financially!

So, what’s stopping you now?


PRINT ISN’T DEAD Quarterly, People of Print (2014)

With your support in creating PRINT ISN’T DEAD, we are in turn supporting the world of print for the expansive community who appreciate the merit of its craft. It also brings the online content of People of Print back to our original passion for print in its tactile form.


New Phone Accessory that will…Change the Cell Phone Industry

Entrepreneur creates a power source that fits in your wallet

A new accessory is about to hit the market! The Charged-Card is a Smartphone accessory that charges your phone, acts as a data cable, & has a built-in flashlight. Best of all….its the same size as a credit card and it fits right in your wallet! The Charged-Card works for all iPhone models 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, & 5S, Android, Windows, and Galaxy smart phones.

“It’s a lifesaver. I was eating at a restaurant and my phone was about to die. My friend pulls out the ‘Charged-Card’ and charged my phone over lunch!” - Gary C. Manchester, TN. Actual User

The Charged-Card works with most smart phones and even features a built-in flashlight. The current product comes in black and white colors, with more colors planned for the future.

The creator, Gene Aikens, owner of RevCity, LLC is running a campaign to complete the funding of the Charged-Card. The campaign starts on January 15th and will end on March 15th. The Charged-Card will start shipping to Indiegogo supporters the last week in March and will be for sale to customers immediately after. You can visit the campaign here at:
or go to and enter charged card in the search bar.

The Charged-Card is also featured and can be purchased on the company website