cruxite items

the-awkward-goldfish  asked:

Hey there! I'm in the process of making a fansession, and I realized that I have no idea how entry items work, as in the items players use to enter the Medium. How could I go about coming up with them for my characters? I really couldn't find much on the subject anywhere, so I thought I'd ask. Sorry if this isn't really the sort of thing you answer usually!

Okay so yeah this is one of those topics that is difficult to have a clear understanding of but I’ll do my best here!

So let’s imagine that you and your friends have opted to play SBURB and have already decided upon who shall act as whose server player, etc. The pre-game preparations have been made. Once the game has begun for the first person and their server player is connected, that server player is able to manipulate the environment in a sims-esque way. Though they do have to be careful not to run out of grist otherwise they won’t be able to deploy the necessary machines and the player will have no choice but to await death via meteor. 

I won’t go into detail of how the machines are important and where everything comes from because that would be pretty lengthy but if you do need that information, feel free to send another ask saying so. 

The entry items are created at the very beginning of the game through the use of the Cruxtruder, Totem Lathe, and Alchemiter.  Each item is made of a certain crystal material found only in the game and is supplied at the very beginning along with the punch card to change the shape of the crystal into the object. Once made it will allow the player to be transported into the Medium by breaking it. However players must be careful breaking it because once they do, there will be no going back. It is suggested that players wait until the very last seconds before the meteor strikes to break their artifact. 

It seems that each item is meaningful to the players in some way and one theory of mine is that the items have to do with something important from that player’s past and future. For example, Rose’s item took the shape of a wine bottle which can be linked to her guardian, meeting Roxy, or her future alcoholism in one of the timelines. Jade’s took the form of a pinata of Bec which was her guardian and could be linked to her future as a half-dog girl. So assigning items to your players will involve taking a look at what the plot holds for them and what could act as a tiny representation of what is to come. 

Good luck in your writing!