On Valentines day I was walking down the hallway at school and this boy came up to me and put a little card in my bouquet of flowers and said “Here you go Happy Valentines day” with a big happy smile. It said your hair looks sexy pushed back. He went around giving people his mean girls cards. It’s refreshing to see people trying to make someone’s day even if you don’t know them.

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"Three little words!" (am i allowed to break the ice with this or what because i've been stalking you for an awkwarD AMOUNT OF TIME.)

Send me ‘Three little words!’ and I’ll generate a number for what my muse will say to yours.
40. “You fascinate me”

She’s never been especially skilled with people. Whilst she
was honest (too honest, a voice that sounded like her father
reminded her) she wasn’t good at social queues. At knowing
when she was speaking too much or when she was speaking
too little, a lifetime of being raised to focus only on knowledge
and science not exactly setting her up for being talented with
people. But usually they liked her, usually they warmed to her
nature or how she was.

                             He was different though. She couldn’t work 
                             out the science of him- what made him tick
                             or what might cause him to be how he was.
                             Science, the one thing that usually came so
                             easily to her, didn’t help with him because
                             every time she tried to read him she got yet
                             another answer.

“You fascinate me.” Jemma hadn’t even meant to say it out
loud yet there were the words. Looking up from what she’d
been working on when she recognised her voice in the room.
Not that for once she regretted it, she meant it and she 
didn’t really want to take it back. “I can’t work you out. Not
that agents are ever easy to figure out but at least they give
any form of clue other than an emotional little pirate flag.”

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You probably already know this but some people like to use their lipstick as their blush which could be helpful in a pinch. But your probably not really in a pinch right now.

i’m sooo bad with cream blushes and i don’t carry lipstick on me anymore but it’s ok i think my makeup look today was #crute and #natural and #fresh

Sneaky Spray
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