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  • les: them brooklyn boys so big!
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newsies headcannons: scars

tw: death, scars, starvation, mental illness, abuse, general sadness

i based this off of a promt that says emotional harm now bears physical scars.

- race has a long burn that covers from his left shoulder and he refuses to tell anyone where it came from. it doesn’t take a detective for figure out that it came from his treatment by his parents

- after crutchie gets out of the refuge he has a scar from the corner of his eye to his chin, in the path of his tears. jack refuses to forgive himself for this

- jack has light scars that are all over his body, except for a deep keloid scar on his leg.

- the more you build up your emotional barriers, the lighter your scars appear.

- another keloid scar appears on jack after crutchie was taken to the refuge.

- romeo has one over his heart. it came from his sister, who ran off to california to marry a man who made it big during the gold rush. she promised to send him money. she never did.

- elmer has ones on his forearms from his mental illnesses (it’s canon, fight me) he also has ones on his knees from when his mother and a few of his siblings died.

- henry has a few that line his fingers. his hand reached out to his mom before she left. he thinks she might come back one day and looks for her. It’s still a touchy subject with him and the boys (see the beginning of carrying the banner)

- spot conlon has an almost claw like scratch on his cheek. his mother was an alcoholic and the scar came from the day she kicked him out in a drunken rage.

- albert has deep ones that line around his ears. he had a little sister that died due to starvation. - this is why he wears that covering on his head so the other newsies don’t see them

- the scars are around his ears because most of his memories of her are about her voice.

- the way she sung, the way she laughed, the way she joked.

- and also the way she cried and wailed for food when he came home empty handed

- jack basically found albert crying over his sister’s dead body.

- jack took him back to the lodge and taught al everything he needed to know.

- but this didn’t change this pain he still felt when thinking about his sister.

Never~ Crutchie Morris X Reader (Newsies)

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TRIGGER WARNING!!! Slight hint of sexual assult (but not really just assholes hitting up on you) and bullying

Race smiled sadly at the letter in his hands as he approached David, showing him the letter. “She come ‘round yet?”

“No.” He sighed, taking it from his friend’s hand, “Who knows when she will be either, working all those jobs of hers. Trying to get both Jack and Crutchie out of there.” He opened it slowly, “From Crutchie I assume?”

Race laughed bitterly, raising a cigar to his lips, “Like ‘ey gonna give Jack a pen an’ papea.”

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“You’s alright, miss?”

Crutchie (Morris) x Reader

Prompt: Imagine Crutchie helping you after you slip on ice

WC: 1,177

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“Earthquake rocks Santa Monica!” Crutchie yells, holding a pape high above his head with one hand and balancing precariously on his crutch with the other. “Hundreds killed!”

The marketplace is rather empty for a Saturday, but that’s mostly because of the bitter cold and the blizzard that blew through New York the night before. Only the bravest vendors and customers are still there, while the rich folk stays at home in front of the fireplace, nice and warm. All Crutchie has to protect him from the biting wind is his trademark backward cap, a small, thin brown sweater Jack found for him, and some fingerless gloves.

While a man is handing him a dime for a paper, Crutchie looks over the man’s shoulder to see a pretty woman about his age in a (f/c) skirt and cloak hurrying past the vendors and wagons towards one of the apartment buildings. She puts one foot on the first concrete stair, and immediately slips, falling on her side as the books she was holding go flying into the snow. Quickly shoving the paper into the protesting man’s hands, Crutchie pockets the dime and does his best to hobble quickly over to where the young woman fell.

“You's alright, miss?” He asks, extending a hand out to the beautiful (h/c). “That looked like a nasty fall.”

“Yes, I’m fine,” she replies sitting up. Her cheeks are red from the cold and embarrassment, and she gladly takes his extended hand. He pulls her up. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Crutchie smiles, walking over to pick up one of her books from the snow. “I’m Crutchie.”

“(y/n).” She replies, still busy brushing snow off of herself.

“(y/n),” Crutchie mutters to himself, picking up the fourth and last book from the snow and brushing the cold, white powder off. “I like that.” There’s a small silence as the two just look at each other. The young newsboy’s the first to look away, blushing and scratching the back of his neck. There’s something about this girl he can’t quite comprehend. “If ya want, I could help ya carry your books inside for ya. Make sure ya don’t fall again?”

She smiles. “I’d like that.” The (h/c) turns away from the newsboy so as to hide her growing smile. “Follow me.”

(y/n) leads him inside the building, and they start to walk up the rickety wooden stairs. Crutchie swallows nervously, willing his leg to cooperate just this once. He takes the first couple of steps, maneuvering quite well for a man with one arm full of books and the other holding a crutch steady. But, when he looks up, the lady’s already at the next landing.

She smiles down at him. “Here, how about this: You carry the books, and I help you up the stairs?”

Crutchie smiles up at her from where he stopped in the middle of the staircase. “Sounds like a plan.”

She walks back down the stairs and gently takes his trusted crutch out from under his arm. Then she takes ahold of his left arm, holding his crutch in one hand and helping him up the stairs with the other. They walk up the stairs together, and quite quickly; more quickly than Crutchie’s been able to walk up stairs for years. Even with Jack or one of the other newsie’s help.

Crutchie lets his eyes flicker over to the beautiful girl. “Ya know, you ain’t like most goils.”

“What do you mean?” She asks, glancing over at him curiously.

The pair steps onto the second-floor landing and start up the staircase to the third floor. “Well, most girls wouldn’t even thank a crippled newsie who helped them up from the ice, let alone invite them inside.”

“Well, not too many men would help a girl up from the ice, and offer to carry her books. Even if he is a crippled newsie,” (y/n) responds softly. The two stop at the top of the stairs, just looking at each other, until (y/n) blushes and looks away, continuing down the hall. “I’m right down this way.”

Crutchie shakes off his goofy grin before following her down the hall. “This is me,” (y/n) announces, stopping in front of a door with a gold number seven painted on the front. She unlocks the door and opens it for Crutchie to enter.

He looks at her for permission and she smiles, motioning him inside. The apartment is dainty, with a small living space that involves a plump couch, a coffee table, and one end table with a lamp on it. To the right of the couch is a doorway leading to what seems to be the kitchen, and to the left is a bedroom. Behind the couch is a set of windows looking down into the marketplace.


The boy looks back at (y/n), who is now standing in the doorway to the kitchen, smiling at his awed face. Her apartment isn’t much, but it’s unlike anything Crutchie’s ever seen. “Huh?” He asks.

She giggles. “I was wondering if you would like to stay for a cup of hot chocolate? As a thank you?”

He sighs sadly, looking down before letting his eyes travel through the window and back down to the marketplace. “I’d love ta, miss, but I gots ta get backs ta selling. My boys and me haven’t been doin’ so good wit’ this weatha.” (y/n) nods and Crutchie swears he sees a flicker of sadness in her eyes. “Where should I set your books?”

“Oh, just on the coffee table is fine,” she replies.

“Are all of these yours?”

The (e/c)-eyed beauty nods. “Yes, I’m enrolled in the university down the street.”

Crutchie grins, remembering something Jack told him about Katherine once. “Beautiful, smart, and independent, huh?”

(Y/n) blushes and looks down, making Crutchie smile. He likes making her smile. She really is beautiful.

“Well, I best be goin’,” Crutchie announces, stepping towards (y/n). “But here,” he says, reaching into his bag and pulling out a paper. “Have a free pape for your trouble.”

Laughing, she puts a gloved hand in her cloak pocket, and after a couple seconds of digging around, pulls out a quarter. His eyes widen, and she rolls her eyes, a lock of hair falling onto her cheek. “No way am I letting you give me a free newspaper just for slipping on ice.”

Crutchie looks at her with complete gratefulness and awe for a second before he tentatively takes the cold quarter. “Thanks.”

“No, thank you,” she replies, hugging the paper close to her chest. “For helping me.”

Crutchie grins widely and takes a step back from her, nodding his head. “Until next time, miss (y/n).”

“Bye,” she whispers, watching as he steps out of her apartment, closing the door softly behind him. She listens to his crutch thumping away before she lets a wide smile spread across her features.

Crutchie’s smiling as he makes his way down the stairs and back outside, too. The cold doesn’t bother him one bit for the rest of the day.

I am posting Newsies imagines now, so if you’d like to request them, feel free!
- K

Protect One Another

For Tina <3

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(peep my boys Mush and Finch in the background heck yeah i love them)

  • Title: Protect One Another
  • Fandom: Newsies
  • Pairing: Crutchie Morris x badass fem!reader
  • Request: I told my friend Tina that I ship her with Crutchie and as I listed reasons why she said something along the lines of “would you write a fanfic of this for me if I asked?” and I said “Bet” and now here it is. Tina I love you
  • Warnings: language, mentions of weapons, the Delancey’s being douchebags, offensive language (again, Delanceys), the boys teasing Crutchie, a smidge of violence, an overuse of commas as always
  • Description: While getting ready to sell papes one day, Crutchie lets slip that he has a girlfriend. He can handle the boys’ teasing as long as she isn’t there to hear it, but what happens when she decides to surprise this human ray of sunshine by showing up to be his selling partner for the day?

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Shaking Arms||Newsies Imagine

Anon:  Hi, I hate to ask this, but I’ve been having some pretty shit relapses in my eating disorder and self harming, do you think you could get the Newsies to support me a bit? Just to get me through the next week or so?

@fangirlforever5322:  Could you do “Don’t lie to me” with the boys confronting the reader when they figure out she has severe depression (she doesn’t tell them herself because she’s terrified of bothering them [I was thinking maybe the reader’s parent or guardian let it slip because they thought the boys knew or the boys individually notice things that are off about her and they all talk about it together and figure it out])? Totally not self projecting (pssh)

this was so late but godspell has been my life for these past few weeks (opening night is tomorrow, eek!) but i hope this makes up for it! i worked really hard on this!

MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING- panic attacks, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, self harm, depression.

| fluff | smut | angst

“Is something off with Y/N?”

Jack looked up from his art to see Race, Albert, and Crutchie standing. The 17 year old wasn’t in the mood to give up what he was working on, as this piece was due to Medda soon but after seeing these boys’ faces, he was anxious.

Race was fidgeting with his unlit cigar, Albert picked at his skin on his arm and Crutchie just stood, leaning against his crutch. But the look of worry was on each of their faces. Jack set down his brush and stood quickly.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, I mean, she’s not been herself…” Race’s sentence dropped and Albert picked it up.

“She’s wearin’ long sleeves and it’s July!”

Race and Crutchie, both gaining more confidence, began to blurt out more things they’ve noticed.

“She’s not eatin’ either. I know we live on the streets but she refused to eat what the nun gave her! That stuff’s free!”

“She doesn’t want to play poker anymore! That’s her favorite!”

Finally, the noise reached a crescendo until Jack cut them off with a wave of his hand.

“Boys! Alright. I’ve noticed this too. Y’know anyone else who’s noticed it as well?” He questioned. He didn’t want people interrogating you about your feelings. He knew it would do no good

They all shook their heads. A sigh of relief left the 17 year old. Nobody was going to stress out trying to “help” you. He knew you didn’t like people doing stuff like that.

“This is what we’se gotta do. Try and keep an eye on her at all times. Don’t follow her everywhere but make sure she’s not…” His stomach churned at what could be wrong with you. It could be depression…

No, it can’t be.

All of these newsies have seen the effects of mental illness. The boys that were in the refuge saw others looking gaunt, the light faded from their eyes. Many of the older ones were found at the ground below the window. Police men were often seen at the bottom, putting them on stretchers, their bodies covered with blankets

Jack had mental illness and suicide attack someone very close to him. His own father. After his bosses had broke him, he has no other option to turn to, in his mind. It didn’t help that his wife, Jack’s mother, had died years before.

Jack didn’t want that for you. Not at all.

“We can’t lose her. Follow the plan.”

And that’s what they did. It started as soon as the morning bell rang.

You were standing around, bag slung across your shoulder. You were burning in your long sleeve shirt and your stomach was growling but you forced a smile.

Race ran over to you, papers in hand and goofy grin on his face.

“Hey Y/N! You wanna sell together?” He took a small drag of his cigar and blew it out in a stream.

You cocked your head, confusion written across your face. This wasn’t in Race’s character at all.

“But you always sell with Romeo…What’s this about?” You asked.

The blonde boy shoved his nerves down, not about to reveal their attempt to help you.

“Thought I’d do something new today.”, He shrugged, “Let’s go, I wanna fuck with Spot before the day is up.”

Lunchtime. One of the worst times of the day. Because of your lack of money, the newsies all like to go to the small bakery the nuns run for extra cash.

As soon as you and Race walked in, you noticed two things. One was Crutchie, Romeo and Albert all sitting around the small table and the other was the scent of warm bread. It was like it was speaking to your hunger and tempting it. If only you could…

No, no, you’ve worked so hard.

Both of you walked over and sat, Romeo giving you a small hug before diving back into his bread. One of the nuns set down a plate of sliced bread with a smile but you merely ignored it.

Crutchie saw the uneaten bread and tried to think of a way to make you eat but no ideas came to his head. He decided to follow you and see where you took the food after lunch.

After you all said goodbye, Crutchie walked far behind you and saw you sharply turn a corner. He kept following until he saw you toss your bread to two children sitting against the wall in the alley.

Crutchie’s stomach just felt like it was in knots. He knew this wasn’t going to lead anywhere good.

But he still kept his mouth shut.

Albert and Jack had both decided to watch from the sidelines for the week. Both of them had family members who went through the same thing. They knew what to do.

It was another one of those late nights. Boys were messing around and you tried to sneak past all of them to sit on your bunk. One of them shoved you and you landed on your back. The feeling in the whole room didn’t change when you ran out the back but it did change when Jack slapped the top of the boy’s head moments after. He ran out along with Albert, not wanting you to be alone.

Night had already fallen. You were sitting against a brick wall with your head in between your knees. The two boys saw you fidgeting with something before you lifted it up, the moonlight illuminating it.

It was a blade.

Both of them knew what was about to happen. Jack immediately rushed forward, smacking the blade out of your hand. You tried to fight back.

“No-Jack! Give it back!” You sobbed.

Albert ran over and wrapped his arms around you, effectively stopping your thrashing. More of the newsies peered out, two of them being Crutchie and Race.

“Why are you doin’ this to yourself? Why!” Jack was nearly yelled in anger. Your eyes welled up in tears.

“It’s nothing!” You tried to escape from Al’s arms but to no avail.

“Don’t you lie to me! This ain’t ‘nothing’!”

“Jack, you don’t get it! You just would never understand!” You finally broke free of Al’s grasp but you stumbled unto the ground.

“You don’t think I had someone hurt like this before?”, His was on the verge of tears himself,”My papa jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge! How could you say that!”

Crutchie hobbled over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, grounding him. It was like he realized that yelling wasn’t going to help. He took a breath and kneeled down to be level with you, grabbing your shaking arms.

“You’s gettin’ help. No more blades, you eat something at every meal, and you sell with me.”

“No! I’m fine!”

“You’s not. You’s gonna sell with me, Crutchie, Race or Al, at least for now.” He firmly laid down the ultimatum. Both of you locked eyes for a moment. Your lib quivered before you collapsed into his arms, the sobs racking your body. Everything just came to a head.

“I’m so sorry, I-“ He cut you off with soft shushing, like what a mother does to her child. He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. The others sat down by you. They didn’t hug you but them just being there made you feel better.

“We’ll get through this.” his whispered in your ear.

He was right, though, it didn’t happen overnight. There were days of screaming, crying, relapses, and more. But…there were happy memories you had. The day you all won the strike, the day Les came back with an A on the spelling test you helped him study hard for, the time when Jack proposed to Katharine. Through it all, you knew that they would always be there for you.




REQUEST(S):  “Any Race imagine but if it could be funny that would be amazing because I love Race and I’m in the mood for funny. Thank you for doing this!”

“If you wrote race x reader I would love you forever”

SUMMARY: Y/N is breaking one of the most important and enforced newsie rules. And, worse than that, she’s got a crush on her way too attractive selling partner that simply won’t go away.

A/N: okay so apparently i’m incapable of writing short imagines because this’ll have a part two coming soon. there’s not too much race x reader in this one because it’s more of a buildup, but next part will have more of that. i tried my best to make it funny, i guess? and by that i mean i just let the narrator (reader) go with barely any filter on their thoughts so, enjoy!


When it came to being a newsie, there were rules in place that really should be followed. I had never been one to really favor breaking the rules without necessary, so I followed as many as possible:

1. Pay for your papes
2. Do whatever it takes to sell them
3. Don’t steal anybody’s anything
4. Do not come back with papes left unless you want to be eating them for dinner

There are some rules, however, that just have to be broken. Such as lucky rule number five:

5. No girls allowed

This rule in particular was bullshit in my opinion, and really it was there for no reason. Why would The World deny having more papers sold just because a girl was selling them? Honestly, it’s like these guys know nothing. But, you know, it wasn’t too much of a setback. It just meant getting up earlier than all the other boys to make sure all my hair stayed tucked in my cap, wrap up my chest a little bit (since boys aren’t exactly supposed to have breasts) - oh, and no talking. Ever.

Me attempting to imitate a boy’s voice was just too pathetic, and this way I would never slip up. Sure, it takes a lot of restraint to not scream at some of the boys sometimes, but it pays for the food. Plus, the minute the boys found out I was “mute” they rejoiced - according to them I was a gold mine. All I needed was a selling partner, and we’d make easy money.

Race had jumped at the opportunity. Sometimes I wish he hadn’t. It’s much harder to pretend to be a straight boy when your partner’s smile is so cute you’re pretty sure it’s not even legal. And, God, that damn smirk of his. How’s a girl supposed to stay in control when he’s making some dumb joke, sporting that smirk with his hair all messed up from a day of selling papes? It’s just unfair.

And of course I had wished for someone to confide in. I hadn’t talked at all in months, and I could barely remember what my voice sounded like. When I got time alone, sometimes I would whisper to myself under my breath just for relief purposes. There’s just so much to talk about, and I haven’t gotten to say any of it all because of some stupid rule that says I can’t be a girl if I want to sell papes. From the very beginning I had been dying to find someone who I trusted enough to tell without them blabbing to everyone, but I just hadn’t worked up the courage yet. I certainly hadn’t planned to have Katherine find out because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

She was walking with me on the way back to the lodge and she was working on an article, thinking out loud at she wrote. “Ugh, I need a good synonym for amazing. I’ve used that word like five times already.” She ran a hand over her face, obviously in distress, and it just kind of slipped out.

“Phenomenal.” Her eyes widened and she looked up from her paper at me slowly, shock overtaking her face. I slapped a hand over my mouth as I felt the panic start to take hold of me.

“You - you can talk? Oh my god, oh my god. Were you just pretending to sell more papers? That’s some damn good commitment you got there…”

“Please don’t tell anyone!” I squeaked, which was very much the wrong thing to do, because up until this point she had only heard me say one word - and gender is kind of hard to determine from four syllables. However, when you’ve said an entire sentence in your much-higher-than-a-boy’s voice, that kind of gives it away. For a second time, she freaked.

“You’re a girl! That’s why you don’t talk! That’s hilarious!” She broke out laughing as I stood there, still scared out of my mind but a little bit calmed by her lack of anger. “I won’t tell any of the boys, promise,” she breathed, smiling. “Oh, but this is so great! Finally, another girl I can talk to about these damn boys!” I laughed at that, and soon we were both giggling like idiots.

Suddenly, her face lit up. “How long has it been since you got to, you know, lose the getup?”

“Don’t know, lost count.” I shrugged and she squealed. Grabbing my arm and dragging me in the opposite direction of the lodge. “Kath, we’re going the wrong way.”

“Nope, you’re not going to the lodge.”

“I’m not?”

“No, you’re staying at my place and you’re going to get to be a girl again for tonight.”


“Hey! Anybody seen Mute?”

A chorus of ‘no’s came as a response, and Race sighed. He’d left his partner with Katherine, but they had yet to make it to the lodge and it was already dark. Jack was worried as well, both of them concerned that something had happened. Mute was a great selling partner with all the sympathy he ignited, but he was a scrawny guy and if someone had attacked them, Race wasn’t sure Mute would’ve been able to fight them off. Eventually, it got too late, and both he and Jack fell asleep.


An hour before the boys woke up for the morning, I came sneaking through the lodge door, already prepped and ready for the day (hair clipped in place thanks to Katherine, and breasts securely flat). I’d spent the night with Katherine sharing stories and finally talking about all the things I’d been dying to say. Saying Kath was excited when I went on a rant about how annoyingly attractive Race was was an understatement - the reporter was ecstatic. I tried to calm her down - “it’s never gonna happen, Kath, to him I am and always will be a boy. And even if he’s gay, I can’t even speak” - but it was no use.

We hadn’t actually ended up sleeping. Instead, we’d spent the early hours making me look like a boy again, with some added improvements. Before I’d left, Kath had given me a book, so when I arrived back at the lodge and there was a little while before the morning bell would ring, I sat on my bunk and read.

The minute the morning bell rang, the lodge filled with noise. All the boys were waking up and fighting for space. In order to avoid the chaos, I walked outside, leaving the book on my bunk. I was enjoying the small noises of a New York morning when suddenly someone was standing next to me.

“You and Kath get back alright last night? Didn’t see you before I fell asleep.” The mere sound of Race’s voice made my face heat up and I hated it. The fact that he had noticed my absence made my heart skip a beat, even though I was sure it was more of a brotherly type of “this kid can’t even talk he needs to be protected” kind of way. I nodded as a response and he gave a little nod of his own.

After the previous night I wanted more than ever to tell Race everything. Maybe if he knew I was a girl things would be different. Maybe if I could actually talk to him, this whole thing would be easier.

“Mornin’ boys!” Jack came up behind us with Crutchie beside him. “Hey Mute, Kath get home okay?” Before I could respond with a nod, Race was talking.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” He pointed down the street a little where Katherine appeared to be sprinting toward us at full speed. When she reached us she was panting heavily, attempting to relay what must’ve been important news.

“The Delanceys… they’re coming here… heard something about a girl Newsie,” she said in between breaths. I felt my heart stop in my chest. Being discovered as a girl by the boys or Katherine was one thing, being discovered by the Delanceys was another. They wouldn’t hesitate to take me away for breaking the rules, and I don’t think the fact that I’m a girl would stop them from roughing me up a bit.

“I think we would’ve noticed if one of was a girl,” Romeo said, causing all the boys to laugh. By now everyone was up and gathered. Katherine kept glancing around and I could tell she was panicking. I made brief eye contact with her and I’m sure she could see the fear in my eyes. She was doing a better job at hiding it. I was about to start shaking uncontrollably. In the distance, The Delancey brothers could be seen walking in our direction.

“You smell that boys?” Race called out, smiling as the Delancey brothers scowled. “It smells like we got the bad kind o’ company!”

“I’d shut your mouth if I were you,” Morris growled.

“We got reason to believe one of you maggots has been breaking the rules. Youse hiding a girl in that lodge of yours.” Jack stepped up to Oscar confidently, no hesitation  in his stance.

“What - you sayin’ we wouldn’t be able to tell if we’s had a girl selling papes with us? We ain’t hiding no girls.” I wondered what would happen if Jack knew that he was lying. More importantly, what would happen if the Delanceys started poking around? They so much as knock my cap off my head an I’m a goner. It was too late to pull it down to hide my face more, it would be too suspicious. Plus, it was already blocking my face some, as usual.

I tensed as the brothers started walking through the crowd of boys. They were met with plenty of laughs and jeers, and quite a few jokes made. The world stopped.

And then started again as the Delancey boys begrudgingly left, not having found what they were looking for. The newsies taunted them as they walked away and I let out a sigh of relief.

“That was a close one,” Katherine gave a little laugh.

“Whaddya mean?” Jack asked, and I froze again. “Why was it a close one?” I watched as Katherine tensed up, trying to form some sort of explanation the wouldn’t give me away.

“Well, you know, I - uh…. I thought that, maybe, he was gonna… hit you? Yeah! I thought he was gonna hit you, but he didn’t…. So it was a close one?” Jesus Christ, Kath, really?

Murmurs were starting to get louder throughout the crowd as everyone began to search for the supposed girl among them. Race wasn’t looking at me at all, and I really don’t know whether I was relieved or offended. Maybe he trusted me too much to think I would lie. Not that I ever actually said I wasn’t a girl. Or, you know, said anything at all. If I was any of these boys, I would honestly choose myself as suspect number one. Who trusts someone you know nothing about because they can’t tell you? Ridiculous.

“It’s only a close one if one of us is actually a girl,” Crutchie spoke up. I could tell he was trying to save Katherine, God bless his pure little soul, but Kath and I were in deep shit now.

“Well, I mean…” She shot an almost unnoticeable glance my way, as if asking if it was okay. I almost nodded yes. Almost. Except then Morris Delancey was back and standing behind Katherine, and I was ready to just drop dead because this entire situation was one big piece of shit that I was not planning on when I didn’t sleep at all.

“You got information you’d like to share?” Morris asked Katherine. Her face contorted with anger as she spun on him.

“If I did I certainly wouldn’t tell you!

“I think we left a little too soon earlier, didn’t get a chance to really check.” Oscar Delancey was standing directly behind me and his voice sent chills down my spine. How the hell did he even get there? It’s not even noon and this has got to be the worst day of my life.

And then Katherine did exactly what she shouldn’t have done. She glanced at me. And Morris saw it. In seconds, he was walking towards me. As I prepared to exposed, or maybe even hit, Race stepped in front of me quickly. He stood defiantly, staring Morris down.

“Move out my way.”

“Leave ‘im alone, he ain’t done nothin’ wrong. He can’t even speak.” Okay, maybe not the worst day. Some good things have happened. For instance, Race has showed that he cares about me twice already. Plus, if I looked down just slightly I’d have a great view of his ass (not that I’m thinking about that at all).

“Aw, have we got ourselves a poor little mute?” Oscar taunted from behind me. He was closer to me now, making it much harder to stay calm.

“I said leave ‘im alone,” Race spoke, his voice much more demanding (which was damn attractive but now’s not really the time for that).

“Whatchya gonna do 'bout it?” Oscar Delancey’s hand came down on my shoulder and my entire body tensed up. And then I was off. I sprinted past Race, Morris, and Katherine. I heard the Delanceys shouting and running after me, and I was sure the boys were in absolute chaos because by now they would’ve realized that I’m the girl who broke the rules and became a newsie.

As I reached a familiar alleyway I took a sharp right and tucked myself against the wall, watching as Morris and Oscar ran past my hiding spot. I headed further down the alley, coming to what appeared to be a dead end, but really it wasn’t. Race had shown me this place our first week as partners. After a little bit of squeezing, I was through the other side and strolling leisurely down the street, headed in the direction of the lodge. I wasn’t sure what would happen when I returned, but I really had nowhere else to go.

As I got closer I could sense the commotion. I was positive at least some of the newsies had gone out to sell papes, but Race and Jack would’ve stayed behind to question Katherine. Davey would be there by now, and I wondered if he’d been filled in yet. As I walked into the lodge I got five pairs of eyes all suddenly on me. Race, Katherine, Jack, Davey, and Crutchie were all sitting and talking.

“Mute! Thank god you’re okay, we were so worried!” Crutchie was smiling at me and I couldn’t help but be confused. It was Crutchie after all, but even he seemed a bit happy considering he should’ve just found out that I’d basically been lying to him. No doubt Kath had explained that I wasn’t actually mute, and I had a real name that definitely wasn’t Mute.

“Oscar sure scared ya, but you’re safe with us,” Race smiled at me (and my heart melted).

“Sorry I missed it, Mute,” Davey gave me an apologetic smile. “I can’t believe the Delanceys really thought one of us was a girl,” he laughed.

Wait, what?

I caught Kath’s eye and she winked at me. No way. Absolutely no way. I sprint away while they’re talking about a girl secretly being a newsie and they still don’t figure it out?



side note: I don’t mean to offend anyone with the picture of what a girl is painted in this imagine, I’m basing it more off standards/expectations of girls during the time period

Being a Deaf Girlsie Headcanons

Request: I was wondering if you were interested in a deaf girlsie x any newsie boy ? It doesn’t have to be romantic but I would love to see her interact with the newsies

I hope this is something close to what you wanted sweetie! Also, if anything in this is offensive of insensitive, let me know and I’ll fix it! I don’t want to offend anyone.

Also, this ended up being about 5 pages long hehe

Warnnings: Cussing, name-calling

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Being a Deaf Girlsie Headcanons:

- You’re a Newsie (obviously)

- So, you haven’t been deaf all your life

- And you lost your hearing under circumstances you’d rather never mention again

- Jack met you in the refuge

- And when he escapes, he brings you with him

- By this time you’ve become accustomed to reading lips

- Being poor, you can’t afford to learn ASL

- But that’s okay

- Because even if you did, no one else in the lodging house knew it

- They just become accustomed to looking at you and speaking clearly

- Okay, so

- You get very insecure about being deaf

- Because you can still speak

- But you don’t know what you sound like anymore, after all these years

- But Buttons and Finch assure you repeatedly that you have a lovely voice

- Also, even though you escaped the refuge with Jack, you’re best friends with Crutchie

- Because he understands what it’s like to not be “100% there” as he sometimes puts it

- Also, Crutchie’s not much of a crier.

- But there was one thing you said that made him shed a tear

- “I wish I could hear your voice.”

- You just sounded so sad

- So he held you for the longest time, humming

- You like being held while people hum

- Because you can feel the vibrations in their chest

- Anyways

- The boys get very protective when someone tries to flirt with you

- Boys out there on the street have no idea you’re deaf

- And you’ll often get hit on without knowing it

- Then suddenly you see Romeo standing over some bum, who’s holding his broken nose

- Specs adored you btw

- He doesn’t know why

- It’s just something about your kind and gentle nature

- Also the fact that when your clueless it is adorable

- Like, every once in awhile (it doesn’t happen too often) one of the boys will tell a joke

- But you’re not paying attention

- Then everyone around you is busting out laughing

- And you jump back, surprised

- Why is everyone throwing themselves around

- They look like they’re in pain

- Are they laughing?

- And all you say is “What?”

- When Davey meets you, he has no idea you’re deaf

- So he introduces himself rather quickly

- This boy talks FAST

- Not only that, but you’re also not looking at him

- All you see is a hand suddenly thrusting out towards you for a shake

- So when you look up you do that little “What?”

- And he’s really confused

- Like “she didn’t hear me?”

- “Uh. Hi, I’m new. I’m Davey.”

- He says it just as fast, so you catch nothing he says

- “Sorry, I’s… Didn’t quite get that. Can you’s say that again, a bit slower?”

- “…what do you mean?”

- “Sorry, sorry. I’s is deaf. And I need you’s ta talk a bit slower. So I’s can read yah lips.”

- “You don’t sound deaf!”

- You can’t hear Les, but Davey smacks his brother with his hat nonetheless

- “Sorry. I’m, Davey.’

- “Okay, not that slow.”

- You two become fast friends.

- SO

- You have a small crush on the Spot Conlon

- He visits every once in a while, since the strike ended

- You avoid him like the plague

- Because every time he tries to talk to you, your face goes red

- Because his lips look so soft

- And you’re so busy thinking about kissing him that you don’t pay attention to what he’s saying

- The only one who’s picked up on this is Elmer

- “Be careful with ‘im, (F/N).”

- “What you mean?”

- “That Spot Conlon’s a handful. I just don’t want you’s gettin’ hurt. Might start a terf war.’

- “I’s ‘ll be fine, Elmer. Sides, not like he likes me back.”

- “Why you’s say that?”

- “He’s Spot Conlon.”

- You once saw Baby flirting with him

- And that hurt you the most

- You couldn’t see his responses, since his back was turned to you

- But you could see everything she was saying to him

- And you end up crying that night

- Little did you know that he was blowing her off

- #BabyGotRejected

- Anyway

- Pulitzer was having a party one time

- And Katherine invited some of you

- And you didn’t plan on going

- Until Spot turned up and asked if you were going

- Because he was “hoping to see you there.”

- This is when the rest of the newsies pick up on your crush

- And they warn you

- And you’re just like “I’s already got this lecture from Elmer, shuddup.”

- Katherine, the sweetheart, let you borrow one of her old party dresses

- It was a little big

- But Tipper fixed it up so it fit you

- You, Race, and Jojo, and Tipper walked there together

- When you arrive, you feel so out of place

- Most people there are wealthy

- Or they have enough money to get by, then some

- Meanwhile you and your friends are basically dirt poor

- And you start to regret coming

- Because everyone looked like they were having a nice time listening to music, and listening to each other

- And the one person you’d come for, you couldn’t find

- So you tell Race that you’re heading back to the lodging house

- And he tells you that he’ll walk you

- And you shake your head

- “You’s have a good time. I’ll be fine.”

- “It’s dark outside, and- Oh, look who it is.”

- He turns you around, and your heart stops

- Spot has just arrived, fashionably late

- And he’s wearing his nicest pants, and a blue button up you’ve never seen on him before

- And he’s walking in your direction.

- “(F/N), you look great.”

- “S-so do you!” You blush, because some people turn to you

- You’d spoken rather loud.

- Race says something from behind you

- Spot just shrugs

- “I ain’t late. Party just started early.”

- Then he starts leading you towards the dancefloor

- “Spot, what are yah doin’?”

- He stops and turns to you, saying once three words

- “Dance with me.”

- “I can’t hear the music.”

- “Just follow my lead.”

- It isn’t that easy

- You trip over him multiple times

- So he brings you closer to the band

- “Vibrations, right?”

- Your heart fucking melts

- It’s all you can talk about for the next couple days

- And the other girlsies think it’s adorable

- The boys?

- Not so much

- Not to say they aren’t happy for you

- But you and Crutchie are their little rays of sunshine

- And if Spot ended up hurting you

- Elmer was not joking when he said there would be a terf war

- The next time Spot visits, Crutchie pulls him off to the side

- And gives him a warning

- “If you’s hurt ma sistah-”

- “(F/N)’s your sistah?”

- It takes a moment for Crutchie to realize what he’s said

- “N-no… But still-!”

- “Hey, hey, calm down. I ain’t gonna hurt no one.”

- He places a hand gently on Crutchie’s shoulder

- “You’s promise?”

- “I’s swear on tha life’a Brooklyn.”

- You two have Crutchie’s blessing

- Back to the “Sistah” thing

- Most of the boys see you as a sister

- Especially Specs, Jack, and Crutchie

- Crutchie is the first one to refer to you as his sister though

- And you see them as your brothers

- You’re all one big, (mostly) happy family

- This part

- This gets a bit angsty

- The Delancey Brothers

- Those bastards think they’re funny

- Because they think you don’t know what they’re saying

- So they call you names

- Their favorite so far is “Poor Deaf Bitch”

- But they make sure none of the others are around when they use them

- And you couldn’t bring yourself to tell anyone for the longest time

- Because you didn’t want to start a fight

- But then they picked up on your crush

- And they start calling you “Brooklyn’s little slut”

- And you’d had enough

- You ran away from them, and back to the lodging house

- And You break down, and tell Crutchie immediately

- You’d never seen Crutchie so mad

- And you can’t bring yourself to tell him how long it’s been happening

- “How long, (F/N)?

- “… A while.”

- “Goddamn them!”

- “Crutchie!”

- You just want to be held

- So he holds you while you cry

- And you eventually fall asleep

- When Jack gets back, Crutchie tells him immediately.

- He doesn’t even say hello

- And Jack is beyond pissed

- He marches straight out of the lodging house, grabbing the two closest newsies (Mush and Tipper)

- And the three aren’t seen for hours

- You’re awake by the time they get back

- Tipper’s lip is busted and a bloody nose

- Her clothes are torn

- Mush has cuts and bruises

- His clothes are fine though

- Jack has a black eye forming, his nose is bleeding, and he’s limping just a little

- They went to go soak up the Delancey’s

- But they had a couple friends with them

- Regardless, it was obvious who had won

- You started to cry again

- The next time Spot is over, you beg the guys not to tell him

- But Race does anyway

- And Spot gets so mad

- He turns to leave the lodging house

- You have to run after him to stop him from trying to take on the Delancey’s by himself

- “Spot! Spot stop!”

- “They don’t ‘ave the right ta call yah that!”

- “Jack, Mush, and Tipper already took care’a ‘em.”

- “I don’t care. No one messes with my goirl!”

- He’s talking so fast, you almost don’t catch what he says. And your heart just stops.

- “What did you’s say?”

- Your voice is so quiet

- And he stares at you

- And you can see him calming down

- He pulls you into the tightest hug you’ve ever been in

- And you two just stand there for a while, hugging

- These boys will do anything for you

- Though you remind them constantly that, despite your disability, you can hold your own

- But boys will be boys

- You’ll just have to show them

- Won’t you?

Me alone at 3 am:

Dem streets down DER

THEY SUcked da Liyfe righ’ OUTTA MA ol’ man well DEY AIN’ DOIN THA TA MAY.

they Says folks is DYINTA GET ‘ere


To alittle town ou’ west thats

S P A N K I N’ new.

Right Leg (Crutchie)

Originally posted by newsies-stop-theworld

Summary: It’s 2018, and Charlie “Crutchie” Morris has a shiny new metal leg after a bad bout with an illness. His PT trainer is cute, but unbeknownst to her, she’s been dealing with his “poisonality” and antics since his 1899 bout with the Refuge.

Series: Modern Newsies Soulmate AU- Each Newsie has a soulmate that has followed with them through their lifetimes, similar to reincarnation, and their only proof is an old photograph from their favorite memory of their soulmate in their last lifetime.

thank @fairylightsandsilverkites for this mess

“You sure you don’t want a friend to go with you, Crutchie? You’re still a little wobbly on that thing, you know.” The boy had just gotten out of a minivan, and he was tucking a metal crutch under his right arm as he smiled back to the driver. “No thanks, Davey. If I’s gonna learn how to walk on this thing, I needs ta do it right.” Davey shot him a smile, almost sympathetic, as Jack shut the sliding door. “You call if you needs anythin’, we’s right down the road.” He nodded, smiling at his friends as they pulled off the curb. Once he knew the boys couldn’t see him, he let his smile drop and slowly walked into the clinic.

“Hello, welcome to Manhattan Physical Therapy. How can I help you?” He gave a fake smile to the bright girl at the reception desk. “I have an appointment with Dr…Pulitzer…about my new leg? I’m s'posed to start the PT to get back ta walkin’ again today.” He mentally cursed himself for slipping on the accent. He knew that people thought he sounded uneducated with a thick accent, but the remnants from his Newsie days hadn’t quite slipped all the way out yet. Fortunately, the girl didn’t miss a beat, clacking away at her computer as if she didn’t hear a thing. “I see…here it is! Dr. Pulitzer-” he involuntarily shuddered, the name dredging back memories of the strike, “-is currently with a run-over appointment, but I can get you started on some basic things with our intern, Dr. Y/N, if that’s okay?” He nodded, trying to shove down the bubbles of nervousness. What if this intern was more judgmental than the doctor he had met in the hospital? What if they were really cute and he embarrassed himself?

He let his thoughts carry him as the receptionist led him to a small room. It seemed less bare than he expected, with bright paintings on the walls and small decorative items on counters to balance out the medical equipment around the floorspace. He noticed a figure crouched under a countertop, fishing for something in the back of a cabinet. “Do-doctor Y/N?” The girl quickly tried to maneuver out of the cabinet, yet didn’t quite make it out before rising, and the dull thud of her skull meeting the wood countertop rung throughout the room. “Ah, fu-” the voice, so familiar, so warm to him, cut off before finishing the word. “Yes, Kat?” You turned to him, and he felt himself flooding with memories, losing track of the conversation between you and the girl by his side.

Suddenly, he was back in 1899, thrown into the Refuge, and a teenage girl was approaching him. “You-you’s not lookin’ too good. How’s ya doin?” He looked up, meeting a friendly gaze. She was in front of him now, one hand holding his crutch, and the other outstretched to help him off the dirty floor. He gladly accepted, finding his balance with the wooden stick before replying. “I-I ain’t too sure. I’s gotta bum leg, but evrythin’ else hurts now too.” She gave him a thin-lipped smile, noting his trouble walking, even with the crutch. “Don’t ya worry, I’ll keep ya safe while you’s restin’ up.”

A warm hand fell into place around his torso, and suddenly she was leading him over to a bed in the boy’s section of the Refuge. She poked a child, explaining with a quiet “move, he’s bad off” that made his heart sink. The small boy quickly scrambled to the side, giving Crutchie plenty of room to lay down, and he complied with a grateful smile. “They’s gonna getcha if they sees ya here again, Y/N.” She turned to the guy that addressed her, giving him a playful smirk. “They’s gonna have ta outrun me, and we’s all seen that it ain’t happenin’ with the Delaney dorks outside.” Crutchie laughed at the girl’s spunk, though the pain in his chest quickly curbed his happiness. “Y/N, did ya say?” She nodded and quickly silenced the rest of the children, sending them out of the room to “distract the guards” while she gave him a torn scrap of a pape and some charcoal Jack had apparently left behind on his last visit. “I’s gonna leave now, but if ya ever need me, I’s right down the hall.” She stood and began to saunter out, but she turned back at the door. “What’s ya name, buddy?” He gave her a light smile, then responded with the most unpredictable thing he could have said. “Charlie, miss.”

“Hel-lo?” He blinked rapidly, noticing that you were waving a hand in his face. “Are you okay, sir?” He nodded, embarrassed that your first impression of him, your soulmate, was him staring into space while you were obviously trying to converse with him. “Oh, oh, yeah, sorry. I got ta daydreamin’ and lost my head. You must be Dr. Y/N?” You nodded, smiling with that wide grin he loved on you. “Yeah, that’s me. Do you prefer another name, or is Charlie okay?” He shook his head at you, and you nodded in return. He noticed that you had led him into a chair, and that the secretary was gone. You started back to the cabinet that you were in when he arrived, grabbing a stack of files and shuffling to his, pulling it out into your hands before returning to your chair opposite his. “Charlie Morris, 18 years old, requiring PT for a new prosthetic leg after an amputation, blood type AB+, reincarnation soulmate-” You looked up, embarrassed, and apologized.  "I’m really sorry, that’s probably really private, I shouldn-“ He cut you off. "It’s fine. Actually, you’d deserve ta know before all else.” You started to question him, and that’s when he pulled out the Polaroid from the last lifetime. It was one of his favorites pictures that he had, and definitely his favorite memory in a long while; the pure peace and contentment of that particular night still warmed his heart to this day. In it, your hair was tied back in a messy bun atop your head, and you were donning a brightly colored sweater and tall socks. A mug of some warm drink was in your hands, and your head was thrown back in laughter, He remembered that particular Christmas well, and as your eyes watered in recognition, he found himself in that particular moment.

“So you, Charlie Morris, my Crutchie, are trying to tell me that we were actually involved in the 1899 newsboy strike? And that you, upon receiving a pardon from a literal prison from Theodore Roosevelt himself, decided that your big celebration would be to kiss me?” He nodded, looking down at her from where she were laying with her head in his lap. She sat up and shook her head, reaching for a coffee mug on the table. “So, you’s think that I’d lie?” Her eyes went wide, and she slowly shook her head in a way that betrayed her feelings. “No, never.” He quickly thought up a not-entirely-true detail that he knew would make you smile. “I remember every detail, ya know, even what ya said back. ‘Oh, Cha'lie, wait for me, won’t ya?’” She laughed loudly, and he found his heart warmed by the sound. “I would NEVER be that desperate, even for a cute guy like you.” He feigned shock and hurt, grabbing his crutch and standing up as quick as he could. “Fine, I’s just gonna spend Christmas with Davey and his goil, they wouldn’t hurt me like you’s doin’.” She set her drink on the table, standing in front of him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. She started to lean in-

His memory was interrupted when you gently took the picture from his hand, treating it as carefully as a glass feather. “That’s-that’s me!” You looked at him, then back at the picture. “Are we-we-are we soulmates?” He nodded, smiling at you. “We is, Y/N.” You smiled at him, then started to lean towards him. Your lips were about to touch together when there was a knock on the door. “Mr. Morris? I’ll wait outside, but I’m ready when you are.” He cursed internally at Dr. Pulitzer’s interruption. “Listen, I know you’s always hated the whole "I love you” thing straight after meeting a soulmate, you think it’s tacky and all, but can I at least buy you a coffee later?“ You nodded almost giddily at his offer, pulling out your phone for him to put his phone number into. "I’s gonna call you later, if that’s okay.” You smiled at him, nodding back to him. “Of course, that’s why I’m giving it to you, after all.” He laughed, standing and walking to the door. He opened it, and started to step out to meet Dr. Pulitzer, when-

“Charlie, your picture!”

He looked back at you, still holding the photo as if it would crumble into dust if you barely touched it. “Keep it, it’s a picture of you, after all.” Dr. Pulitzer smiled as they rounded the corner away from the room. “Mr. Morris, I’m sure you’ve heard this every time that you’ve met her, but treat her well. She let the pressure of her past get to her, and she wasn’t convinced that she even had a soulmate until now.” He looked at the doctor, love in his eyes. “Sir, I’ve known her since 1899, and I would never dream of being anything except perfect to her.”

Can I have everyone’s attention please?

Five years ago Iain Young said in an interview…

Well I would like to bring to everyone’s attention that it’s been five years, and this (amazing) actor is only playing a male swing???

Someone get this god damn boy a lead role already. Or at least a character who isn’t forgotten. (*cough* Finch *cough*) or who has a name.

As you can see I love Iain Young he’s not appreciated enough and I can’t wait to see him in mean girls. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Have a nice rest of your day.

Newsies React to Your Period (Heavy Flow) Headcanons

I WILL BE MAKING TWO OF THESE, one for those with heavy flow, and one for those with a light flow. This is HEAVY, expect LIGHT either later tonight, or tomorrow!

Newsies React to Your Period (Heavy flow) Headcanon:

- You’re a newsie (obviously)

- So, you horrid at determining when you’re going to start

- Like some girls are just ‘Oh, I feel like I’m gonna start soon, let me grab a rag’

- Nope

- No

- Not you

- There are, of course, the signs

- The aches and pains

- The cramps

- But you are clueless

- You think it’s all hunger pains and exhaustion




- You wake up just drowning in a pool of your own blood

- Okay

- Not really

- But that’s what it feels like.

- You’ve had to wash your sheets a number of times for this very reason

- And the boys know

- They just KNOW

- Romeo always seems to be the first to notice

- Followed by Race, and Jack, and Mush and Blink, and Davey, ext.

- But you know who always notices last?

- Buttons, your best friend and selling partner

- The poor kid

- He greets you every morning with a grin and a loud “Morning!”

- And you usually reply back with equal enthusiasm

- But when you’re on your period?

- Silence

- A glare

- Poor kid was terrified

- Anyway

- All the boys are such sweethearts to you

-  Romeo lets you wear his shirts, since you love how soft and warm they are

- Blink will brush and braid your hair to help you calm down

- Mush always makes sure, when you guys go out to lunch, that Jacobi puts extra ice in your water

- Crutchie will do silly stuff to make you laugh

- Buttons (after figuring it out) will come up with the most obscene headlines that usually sell 4-7 papes at a time (people like up for ‘em, he’s so creative!) so you can sell quickly and go back home

- If it’s a good selling week Race, Davey, and Crutchie all chip in to get you a candy bar

- With your heavy flow comes HORRIBLE cramps

- You’ve had to take the day off more than once before due to how bad they get

- And if you’re comfortable with it, one of the boys will cuddle with you

- Usually it’s either Specs, Race, or Albert

- Specs is there for when you want to be held loosely

- Race is there for when you want to be spooned (whether you’re the big or the small spoon)

- Albert is there for when you want to be held tightly, flush against someone else

- And if it gets super bad, Jack will take you up to his penthouse

- And he’ll have you lay down on your stomach

- He lifts up the back of your shirt (not in a dirty way, don’t worry)

- And he’ll paint any number of things on your back

- You find that it helps you sleep

- The feeling of the paint on your back helps to distract you from the pains in your stomach

- It doesn’t make them go away

- But it makes them tolerable

- (side note, I have a headcanon that Jack has a rocking chair in his ‘pent house’)

- But if you’re in so much pain that you can’t stretch out

- Jack will sit in his rocking chair with you in his lap

- And he’ll hum a tune that you’ve only ever heard him hum

- And he rocks you till you can fall asleep

- Along with cramps you also have horrible back pains

- And when it comes to this, Crutchie is an absolute sweetie

- He’ll have you lay on your stomach on his bunk

- And he will massage your back

- His fingers work wonders as they dig into your aching muscles

- And after words he just gives you the best hug in the world

- These boys are a god-sent to you.

newsies  as things my casts have said

Race: *walks into the green room and sees Katherine sadly trying to eat Panera*

Kath: listen I was eating mac n’ chese but I’m not allowed to eat in costume so I had to eat really fast, and my spoon broke

Race: ok, well I’m just gonna let you work that out


Race: damn I’m like a five course meal

Albert: well I’m a luxury meal prepared by Gordon Ramsey

Jack: *walks in* I look like a hot pocket 


Katherine: *walks into the girls dressing room* Jack! I though you were a woman!

Jack: well jokes on you I’m actually a man

Kath: why are you in here?

Jack: they’re making my wig look nicer it looks like a mop right now

Kath: that’s fair it does look quite bad


Race: *eating food before a show*

Crutchie: *puts his glasses and phone down next to Race*

Race: Crutchie I really hope you know you have the phone of an actual eighty year old man

Crutchie: *looks down shamefully* yeah I know…


Finch, Race, and Albert: *on the ground in full costume doing a push up contest*

Jack and Crutchie: *look directly at each other, in unison* what the hell?????

Kath: I declare Finch the winner of the traditional push up contest, but I also demand you all leave and go drink some OJ we have a show


Jack: *in the empty green room yelling to himself, but everyone can hear him* Where is the throat coat, because imma need that if I can actually be Marius tonight

Davey: *yelling from the leads dressing room* Jesus it’s in the cabinet where it always is you bumbling idiot, you’ve been here for years you should know where it is. I have no idea how you survive without any of us 


Race: *come out of the bathroom, and pushes through the costume rack while making a strange noise*

Albert: I didn’t even look and I knew exactly who that is


JoJo: *backstage during teach week* guys your chakras are a little too loud, you’re going to have to quiet down


Race: *finds a chicken nugget in the fridge* you want the nugg? *does not wait for a response just immediately throws it at a random person*


Albert: *lifting les* IT’S THEATRE WEIGHTS

Les: *just smiling and going along with it*

Race: *runs backstage to record I bc he is a proud dad*

Davey: really can you not to this to my brother, thanks so much

thunder | crutchie

crutchie morris x reader


request: “could you write a Crutchie imagine where they both have a crush on each other and they get stuck out in the rain while selling? (you can take from there)”

summary: Crutchie and Y/N have liked each other for forever, and literally everybody knows it except them. A little rain and thunder might just change that.

a/n: guess who actually managed to write an imagine that’s only one part? (hint: it’s me) these is really cheesy and stuff but it’s cute so it’s cool. hope you enjoy !!


The newsboys of New York may not have gotten too much of an education (excluding Davey, of course), but they weren’t entirely incompetent. They weren’t complete idiots - at least not all the time. And even when they were being so idiotic it was intolerable, even they weren’t stupid enough to miss the fact that Crutchie Morris was harboring an immensely large crush on Y/N L/N.

Y/N, who was much smarter than any of the boys (except Davey again, because that boy’s intelligence seemed to have no boundaries), had absolutely no clue. The fact that Crutchie had a crush on her was something no one thought they had to tell her, since it was so obvious. It wasn’t until the day that Elmer had asked when she thought Crutchie would find the guts to ask her on a proper date after said boy had left their dinner gathering early to get some sleep that the boys realized Y/N was unfamiliar with Crutchie’s feelings.

After many denials from Y/N that Crutchie would ever like her, it was also brought to the boys’ attention that she was just as smitten as Crutchie was. And he was none the wiser. This, of course, had made the boys go wild. Their friends were head over heels for each other and didn’t even realize it. Many jokes were made, and it was innuendo-galore whenever the two were seen together, but it did no good. Both parties were set on the idea that the other didn’t like them like that, and never would. And so, after a little while, the boys gave up. They were exasperated, so they just stopped trying. If they ever figured it out, good for them, but it was no longer their job to get them together.

This proved to be surprisingly helpful, as now that they could comfortably be around each other without being teased and taunted, Crutchie and Y/N sold papers together almost every day. This was never much of an issue, and both of them were learning to live with their hidden feelings without acting on them in fear of jeopardizing their existing friendship. Except, that proved much harder for both of them on one day in particular. It had started out as a mild day, and Crutchie had predicted only a slight drizzle, but, with only one paper left to sell, it had started to suddenly downpour and the pair was forced to seek shelter. And that was how they ended up in an alleyway against a wall, under a small covering that extended from the diner they were standing beside.

“Well, that’s the last time I trust one of your forecasts,” Y/N joked, laughing softly. Her voice was quieter in the sound of the pouring rain, and the alley made it echo slightly. Crutchie gave a laugh too, smiling at her.

“Sorry, I promise next time I’ll do better.” She grinned widely at him, eyes alight with a mischievous glint. “What?” He asked self consciously. She only kept smiling before sprinting into the street. He followed after her as quick as possible with his crutch on the wet pavement.

She was in the middle of the street, spinning around and around. Her head was tilted back so the rain was falling right on her face, her mouth open to catch some of the water. She was soaked almost immediately, but she let out a yelp and continued jumping and dancing around. He watched her, laughing. Part of him wished she’d stop, because when she did things like this and looked so purely happy it was so much harder to resist just kissing her. The other part wished she’d never stop. And all of him wished he could join her without the burden of his crutch and his leg.

She came back to him slowly, giving a breathless laugh. They were both drenched, but he laughed along with her. He studied her, standing in front of him. Her hair was hanging down, her eyes and smile bright. The rain was framing her face, but then something strange happened.

The rain seemed to stop falling where she was standing. It was like she had her own personal ray of sunshine, making her look brighter than the rest of the world. Crutchie had never really admitted that his feelings for her were more than just a crush, but staring at her in the rain, he wanted nothing more than to tell her that he was inescapably in love with her.

She moved to walk away, but he grabbed her hand and held her in place.

“We left the paper in the alley,” she explained. He shook his head quickly.

“Let someone else have it.” The words came out rushed, and immediately her head was tilted in confusion.

“But, Crutchie - ”

“Do ya think,” he cut her off, “… Do ya think you might wanna - um, maybe… Well, I was just wondering - cause, ya know - if you would, well, er - I mean ya can say no, but maybe ya’d like to, um…” She gave him a weird look, completely lost in his rambling with not a single clue of what he was trying to say.

“Crutchie, you okay?” She asked gently, taking a small step towards him. It was a small distance, but she seemed much closer now, and it gave him a sudden boost of confidence.

“Y/N, ya think you’d like to go on a date? With me? We could go to the park or somethin’, I know I ain’t got much money, but - ”

“Yes,” she breathed, smiling growing by the second. He stopped talking, dumbfounded.


“I would love to go on a date with you. We don’t have to go nowhere. We can do whatever ya want. I don’t care. No money required. Just… you and me.” She was practically glowing now, and he couldn’t quite comprehend that it was because of him. He was the one who was making her smile like that, who was making her that happy. On instinct, he took a step forward, closing the distance between them. Her breath hitched - and he was pretty sure that was a good thing - so he leaned in.

The minute their lips met a clap of thunder shook the city. Crutchie wasn’t sure if he’d imagined it or if it was really just that perfect. Because he might not have known what a perfect kiss was supposed to feel like, but he was pretty sure this one was real damn close. Her lips were soft against his, gentle in a way. He wanted desperately to hold her close, but he was afraid to push boundaries by putting his hands on her. When they pulled away, her eyes were still closed. He watched as a grin spread across her face and eyes fluttered open.

“Whaddya say ‘bout being my goil?” He spoke suddenly, and almost regretted it until she started nodding and laughing happily. He smiled back at her, grabbing his hand in hers. Together they made the trek back to the lodge, listening to the claps of thunder and counting the seconds in between them. The rain was still coming down steadily, but they barely noticed it.

Needless to say, when they walked into the lodge completely drenched they were met with laughs and a few exclamations of relief. But then the boys noticed the smiles on the pair’s faces, and - more importantly - the fact that their hands were entwined. Instantly everyone was crowding them and asking questions. The couple blushed and stuttered while being interrogated, embarrassed to be receiving so much attention. In the middle of all the chaos, they caught each other’s eye.

She smiled. He smiled. And another clap of thunder drowned the noises around them.

And, yeah, maybe they were idiots who couldn’t see it before - but now they were looking at each other and despite the rain they were absolutely shining.

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Hello!!! Headcanon request Crutchie x pastel loving reader, maybe with cute nicknames? I need more crutchie love, and pastel readers. Yeah that’s it for me, I love you! Byyee! 💜💜💜

  • okay, so he knows how much you love pastels. not because of anything you’ve said, but because you wear them so much
  • so for your birthday, he wants to get something pastel, obviously, but wants something one of a kind. not just something you could walk into a store and buy
  • so what does he do? he buys some super pastel paints and a canvas and gives them to jack.
  • “work your magic, brother”
  • and he does.
  • he goes all out and creates the most beautiful pastel sunrise
  • crutchie is so nervous that you won’t like it, so when he gives it to you, he’s just kinda staring at the ground, but he looks up when he hears the small gasp you let out
  • you’re holding it out in front of you, staring at it in awe, your eyes gleaming
  • and you rush to him, throwing your arms around him and hugging him tightly
  • let’s just say the hug lasts a little longer than a normal one and you’re both blushing
  • and he just whispers “happy birthday, bunny”
  • (why bunny? well, i mean, they’re soft and pastel colors are soft and it seems absolutely fitting to him)

if newsies had instagram: Jack Kelly

•mostly pictures of the other boys and katherine

•it’s so cute

•so much photography

•pictures of his art, sometimes

•rarely posts pictures of himself

•follows so many art accounts

•he loves art videos and always sends them to davey

•has had an instagram account for two years, hasnt posted anything on his story

•so many pictures of crutchie

•in charge of naming the boys’ group chat

•posts once in a lifetime