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Waxahatchee - “American Weekend”

i watch these projections of us
you’re magnetic and i cannot keep up. 
  and i feel   as you move in real close
  and i feel as your head arose

  you’re a figment
  i believed it.

i depart, your dog died today.
and you drive all the way here to tell me i’m okay

and i left and i didn’t say goodbye
and i ran all the way home in the gray moonlight.
  it’s dark now but we made it that way
  with what we drink and how we think and what we say.
  we degrade ourselves
  and then expect help.

it’s morning, we’re still in the same place
we are diluted, we are the only ones awake

and you hold me like you do it everyday
i chase a graceful way to erase or to run away.
  we diverge and i collapse into my bed
  and you are shoved awkwardly into my head
  wage sleep to sleep in
  american weekend.

I know I’ve said it before, but this is the best motherfucking EP around.  This song’s lyrics are as great as any poem I’ve ever read, and I’m one of those people that reads a lot of poems written by ladies, you know?

Like I have to tell a bunch of tumblr feminist punks that the Crutchfields are perfect, but whatever.

LXXI. Aimlessly Alive at 25

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This past week I turned the magical age of 25 and now, I can finally rent a car wherever I go in these United States (wowie!) and can revel in one more year on my dad’s health insurance (Thanks Daaaaddd). I also think I have lived through several mini crises so my impending quarter life crisis is in fact cancelled out.

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WIMPS and I at the Virgil. Look at our beautiful faces!

Where did I turn 25? In a place that I had never been before: Los Angeles. A city that I have discovered that is constantly going through an identity crisis by trying to be everything all at once and it’s beautiful in its tragedy and success. I indulged in lots of stand-up comedy thanks to Hot Tub Comedy and Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Also, one of my favorite Seattle bands, WIMPS played right after Hot Tub! I bought some rare Danish punk music at Mount Analog. My back is now peeling like a lizard thanks to Hermosa Beach. I even got to sleep in. Conclusion: best birthday since I turned 21 (thanks to Laura Yurich for making all this magic and nachos possible). I even made it to Hollywood…

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See the sign?

My playlist is packed with current obsessions (P.S. Eliot!), some silly coming of age badassery, and new tracks that are now my anthems (thanks again, Laura) aka cue this Bebe Rexha song and oh my gosh can someone please help me find a sweet studded leather jacket like hers:

I love how she says “descriptions” like a Chris Cornell impression or something

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P.S. Eliot


Don Giovanni

The Crutchfield sisters have crafted a musical landscape of honest, blunt lyrics complimented with their respected projects: Waxahatchee (Katie), Swearin’(Alison), and Alison Crutchfield as a solo artist. What I didn’t know is that they were a group together called P.S. Eliot (2007-2011) prior to these projects and I am obsessed. On September 2nd, they are releasing a compilation of their work via Don Giovanni Records.

I love these lyrics and they hit me right in the sternum…


By P.S. Eliot

I’ve got affection to criticize, monogamy to abhor

a cold heart and an altered state of mind

and baby you’re just what I’m looking for

because we’ll go to sleep when we’re dead

and I’ll quit when I’m 25

but now i’m feeling indestructible

aimlessly alive

greedy minds think alike

great artists, narcissistic

it seems like you fucked up down this road before

but you know me, i’m pessimistic

the elusive or the primitive divine

I’ll go wherever it goes

butterfly guts on the windshield

cigarette smoke out the window

I’ve got a mental image of the way you used to look at me

baby, lets push our limits

I’ve got a west coast heart and an east coast mentality

baby, lets push our limits

I’ve got a racing mind and enough gas to get to Tennessee

baby, lets push our limits

I’ve got a west coast heart and an east coast mentality

baby, lets push our limits tonight