Volcarona Variants/Fusions

I asked tdrdesign what his favorite pokemon are (although really I should know by now) and I thought Volcarona would be fun because bug pokemon are really interesting to draw.

You guys don’t know how excited I was to draw xCrustle, because I love Crustle. And ugh, UGH dat xShedinja. <3 Also xGliscor! I love Gliscor, my flying Earthquake bb. This egg group is a lot of fun to do variations for. And I’m not really even into Bug type.

Mega Crustle

It seems to be more interested in searching for fossils than battling. It never lets go of the skulls attached to its claws.

Its home becomes more susceptible to erosion when it Mega Evolves. Apparently this weakness can be carried over when it reverts to its base form.

Type: Bug/Rock
Ability: Sand Rush
HP 70
ATK 135 (+30)
DEF 135  (+10)
SPA 75  (+10)
SPD 95  (+20)
SPE 75  (+30)
BST 585