One Shot for short pleasure.

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“I wasn’t that drunk,” Sebastian tried to convince Blaine.

But Blaine just started laughing at the webcam where his boyfriend was watching him. “Are you really gonna try to pull that off?”

“I’m not saying I wasn’t hammered,” Sebastian continued, “but it was just a couple of drinks with the guys.”

Blaine shook his head, wearing a knowing smile on his face. “Then I guess you can explain the video you sent me?”

Sebastian stared incredulously at the picture of Blaine, but said nothing because he was speechless. A vague memory of him excusing himself from the living room where the guys were and into the bedroom came to his mind… but he remembered nothing else.

Blaine grinned because Sebastian knew that he’d won. “Do I help in recalling the night if I’d say… I don’t know… Moves Like Jagger?

Blaine thought that the expression on Sebastian’s face then - as he remembered more - was hilarious, and he couldn’t help but crack up. He looked so dumbstruck.

“Show it,” Sebastian demanded.

“Are you sure that-”

“Just do it,” he went on. “It can’t be that bad, can it?”

Without further ado, Blaine searched through the files on his laptop - of course he’d kept the video, it was priceless - until he found the right clip. He sent it over to Sebastian and watched him take a deep breath as he pressed play.

Blaine watched the boy on the other side of the screen intensely for a few seconds, waiting impatiently for a reaction.

Oh my God!” Sebastian finally gasped and covered his face with his hands. He separated his fingers so he could glimpse the video of himself, forcing himself to keep watching.

Blaine couldn’t take it anymore, and laughed out loud as Sebastian kept going “oh my God” every other second.

The video was still playing when Sebastian spoke. “I can’t believe that’s actually me! Christ…”

Blaine finally composed himself enough to stop laughing. “It’s not that bad though,” he tried to assure, however it was unsuccessfully. “You were adorable!”

It was only a few seconds left of the video, Sebastian had stopped dancing and the song was playing faintly in the background. He thought that it was finally over. But he was wrong. He watched himself as the video!Sebastian leaned into the webcam. Blaine watched Sebastian’s face intently; he knew what happened next in the video.

I just wanna tell you Blaine,” the voice cracked from the video, “that I really miss you. I wanna see you, and be with you, and kiss you, and touch you… in various places…” The voice then said something inaudible due to all the slurring in Sebastian’s voice. Then, Sebastian in the video leaned in closer, making it almost impossible to see anything other than his face. “Blaine… Blaaaighn…” You could tell that Sebastian in the video was grabbing the computer screen, and leaning in even closer. “I love you, Blaine bear.

Then the video went black. Sebastian closed the window and focused his eyes on Blaine in the webcam, who in turn was watching him seriously under silence.

A long moment passed when the two boys were just watching each other, when not a single word was spoken between them. But Sebastian couldn’t take it much longer.

“Wow…” he breathed.

“Did you mean it?” Blaine asked seriously.

Sebastian watched as Blaine’s eyebrows made that little twitch just at the corner when he was trying to remain steady, and as his lips parted ever so slightly and let out a puff of air.

“Yes,” Sebastian answered then. “I meant it.”

“In that case,” Blaine said and his lips twitched into a smile, “I might tell you that I love you too.”

After just sitting and smiling at each other, Sebastian said, “so does that mean you’ll delete the video?”

“Now way!” Blaine said seriously, yet jokingly. “I will use it against you as soon as I get the chance!”

Then they both started laughing. The distance was nothing now.

remember when danielle reyes, janelle, nakomis, diane, britney haynes, rachel reilly, and jun were the type of strong, amazing players we were used to getting and now we get nicole, crustine, aaryn, gina marie, and the list could go on. 

Bad Girls

Justin was still a bit peeved from his chat with Alex earlier, so a night of watching sleazy reality television and having a few drinks with Cris seemed like the only cure. He stopped at the store on the way there, grabbing a few beers and something non alcoholic for Cris to enjoy before making his way to her apartment. He didn’t rush, not caring if he missed the first few minutes. The drive was calming, he managed to clear his head. He couldn’t believe Alex would think that he would cheat on her, her accusations seemed all too familiar. Samii was the same way, and the last thing he wanted to be reminded of was his psycho ex girlfriend, but he was afraid that Alex was going down that path. When Justin finally made it to Cris’ house, he realized he had missed a good portion of the episode, but hopefully she was Tivoing it for him. He gave the door a few knocks, waiting for her to answer it for him. 

Only 90′s kids remember early bbcan4
  • Paige went from speculated first HOH to confirmed first boot.
  • Sharry was pushed.
  • Loveita and Sharry were gonna be final 2.
  • Crustine was universally hated.
  • Tim said all the right things.
  • Phil saw Nikki as the love of his life.
  • Everyone was team Ramsey.
  • Nick and Maddy were in a showmance that lasted 5 minutes.
  • We were against Joel because he was a Stove type.
  • The tag was LIT because of Loveita.

Meg is 100% gonna be the next Crustine. Remember how we thought crusty was so cool at the beginning? And then by the end she thought she and her guy friends were sooooo popular and everyone hated Donny and Zach.

It’s gonna be like that with Meg I’m sure. Cause she already thinks she’s so liked by America and she’s already mean to anyone not in her little group.