crustie girl

bitch fjdjdkf idk why but i been thinking for 20 minutes about those 1d interviews from 2012-2015 about their craziest fan experience and every MF time they answered that stupid ass question that talked about that crusty stinky girl who hid in a trash bin like bih djskfksg that wasnt even that crazy like quirky Tiffany hiding in a bin my kid? That’s all u guys got? goodbye djakfk

you tcc freaks are crusty white girls who don’t appreciate most of what you have and instead make cringey memes and posts about being obsessed with people who brutally murdered innocent people. you try to defend yourselves by saying “i don’t condone” or “i don’t idolize them” but you fucking do when you’re literally having them as headers or profile pics or creating memes/edits and feeling for them.

and when someone legitimately calls you out on your shit you back it up with “oh leave us alone and mind your own business” imagine if the pedophile community said the same thing? i know they’re not on the same level but you all deserve to be shamed for idolizing murderers because it’s not an innocent thing, you’re actively neglecting those effected by those murders. you’re actively ignoring those who will get triggered by it.

my school gets legitimate bomb threats where actual bomb squads and state police have to come in and shut everything down and that’s not even half of what happens to my school, and it’s not “fun” no one should be hoping for it except you guys i guess.

Virgin No More!

Dear Tumblr,

So I’ve been spending a lot of time reading at the library researching this hooky dooky witchy stuff! I haven’t found a lot, just some weird stuff about this coven in Russia during the 20s. LOL SO BORING! But as I was sitting at this table reading, Daniel walked by.

I’ve never really noticed him because he just blends in to the crowd, but when he’s alone, he’s kind of cute. ☺️☺️ He asks me what I’m reading, and when I tell him he gets really interested. Apparently he knows a bit about this coven. Kind of a turn on if you ask me. As I get ready to leave he asks me if I want to come over and watch Harry Potter. lol SERIOUSLY?!!! What a move. Haha. He said his parents weren’t home and I was like oh hell yeah! This is it. IM GOING TO HAVE SEX.

We go back to his house and start watching Prisoner of Azkaban. He grabs me pretty quickly and we start kissing. Out of nowhere he starts crying? WTH?!!! He pulls away and tells me how him and his GF broke up the day before. Real bummer. I comfort him and tell him it’s going to be ok. He sniffles a bit and starts pulling off my shirt. This guy is so confusing! By the time Harry flies off on his firebolt, we’ve finished. Even though it was my first time I’m sure I was amazing. He was super impressed. It was really crazy and fun.

Afterwards he was like “Hey don’t tell anybody about this, it’s between us. We’re not dating.” WHATEVER! It’s totally fine with me because I’m a modern girl. I’m totally cool with not having a boyfriend. But yeah maybe I don’t need this Trickster person? Or maybe I do? I don’t know. I’ll write you updates later!

Peace.Love.Sex Cora

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