Let It Snow

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Prompt #25 – “I didn’t mean to, it was an accident I swear!”

A/N – with the holiday around the corner, I can’t help but to have it start to bleed in my writing. So here is some cute, fluffy Ben for you – hope you enjoy @padfootagain!

You hated snow. You hated how low the temperature had to drop in order for the mini frozen rain drops to fall haphazardly from the sky. You hated the way it crusted your car every morning, making it impossible for you to leave for anything on time if you hadn’t budgeted it for it prior. Which you never do because you hated morning. You hated the way it made people afraid to drive on the road, causing a simple 20 minute drive to transform into a longer, tedious 50 minute excursion. Hated how wet you got and the fact that no matter how many layers you threw on, you were always chilled to your bones. Even deeper.

Your soul.

Your boyfriend Ben on the other hand, he loved the snow. Loved when the temperature dropped, draping on a jacket just to inhale the distinctive snow smell that peppered the sky (so he claims) before the first white layers hit the earth. Liked to build snowmen and make snow angels. Loved that you could cozy up to a warm fireplace in order to stay warm, or anything that projected body heat translation you. Which was, of course, his excuse to warm you up, pressing your body close to his as you shivered in his arms between sweet kisses.

This winter was no different than the other.

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Christmas time HC/Scenarios 7

Snowball fight w/ Reborn

The snow drifted softly, falling from the low hanging clouds.

It had been snowing since last night, and the landscape showed, with ice crust pressed into car windows, wind blowing and wearing down on the snow to create sleek curves and peaks; snow banks and drifts tracked with boot prints, and what seemed to be a figure peeking out from behind a tree while surveying the land with gloved hands carefully patting a handful of snow.

Your fogged breath puffed out from your lips, leaving a streak as you quickly huddled back into cover, wondering where he could be. Your ears strained at every sound, from the whispering running of children further outwards filled with shrieks and laughter, to the panting of dogs that jumped with yips and barks, snow crunching against paws, even the revving of engines that passed by causing you to tense and keep wary.

Who knew where he could be. He was a master of disguise after all, and even more, perhaps the greatest hitman in the world.

“There is no perhaps about it. I am” A voice smirked from above before a blanket of snow was pushed off from the branches and buried you. You didn’t even have time to scream for mercy, nor even turn your head up to look at him before you were buried. One of your arms shoved through the cold mush, flailing angrily in the air and hoping that if Reborn jumped down you would hit him.

You heard through the muffling the crackling sound of shoes hitting the snow, and then the laughter, but not once did you touch him.

“I’m going to start making my new base. Let’s see if the fallen warrior can hit me in this round,” Then his voice took an amused lilt, “or perhaps not.”

With that Reborn disappeared.

You broke through the snow with a war cry, the clean ozone-like smell of fresh snow lingering against your nose. “Damn that man.” You muttered, digging your way out from the small mountain of snow. “I knew I should have called for backup.” But would that have helped you any? Lord only knew Reborn would smugly exclaim that no number of helpers would stop him, and then would proceed to trounce everyone and preen when he won. Again.

You breathed in deeply, the action causing pain in your chest, breaths sawing at your throat from the cold air. You glanced around slowly, before forcing snow filled boots to slog through the deep drifts, hoping that the scattered trees could bring in cover, or at the very least be a possible location that Reborn had settled inwards for his base. Knowing him though, it was probably some ridiculous place.

And he even said he’d go easy on me.

Easy enough to not pulverize you straight to the ground, sure. But he didn’t once let up on tracking you down, no matter what you did (circling back on the same tracks, hiding in small holes in the trees, burying yourself into self-made snow caverns, disappeared into crowds further away from the battleground only to drag you back in before shoving snow into your face) he always found you.

Your cheeks were windburned, your limbs were shaking, muscles spasming and trembling, and the sweat on your skin was cold and freezing. Now you were wet, snow in places they shouldn’t be, and the gloves were not helping in keeping your now numb, stiff fingers warm.

But you were determined to hit him at least once. It wasn’t a matter of winning now, it was a matter of pride. And revenge. But mostly pride, and you would see that stupid smug look on his face covered with snow! Then you would march back home, make a nice warm cup, and tuck yourself under the covers with a nice pat on the back.

The first thing to do… was find him. If only he wasn’t such a good hider/disguise master/notice-me-not spell cast all over him.

A sudden weight slammed into the back of your head and you turned abruptly, mouth agape as you found Reborn quickly disappearing into a man-made den, his laughter bouncing in the air. You raced towards it, looking inside only to find that the inside of it had collapsed.

“… How.” You breathed in disbelief. “HOW.”

You wondered if it would be a long day before you ever caught up to Reborn.