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Im Sorry But I Love You~ Park Jimin Series/ Pt. 2

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Type: I don’t really know
Words: 1546
Story Description:
Y/n is a first-year college student. She was chosen to be part of an exchange program at a University in South Korean, but things just don’t turn out they way she expected them to be. Follow her on this crazy journey.
A/N: I’m sorry this chapter isn’t the best but it’ll get better I promise
If Bolded then they are speaking in Korean


I was calming down but not calm enough; I need to get out of this area, the noise just makes my situation worse. “Can you take me to a quieter place? Please” I asked Jimin he nodding his head “Come on let’s go back to my place” H-his what now?! I nodded in agreement. Is this right? This isn’t against the law right? “The taxi is here,” Jimin said. I got inside the taxi as he grabbed my luggage and then we were off. My anxiety calmed down by now but I felt really weak. The ride to the dorms wasn’t awkward but it wasn’t comfortable either, it was just ok. We got to dorms minutes later, it wasn’t that far. I least that’s what I think. I grabbed all of my luggage out of the trunk; while Jimin paid the taxi driver. “Here let me help you” he offered “No its okay you’ve helped enough thank you,” I said “Come on you just had a panic attack let me help” I nodded. We entered the dorm it was surprisingly clean. I sat down on the couch before I fall to the ground. “Are you feeling better Peachy?” Jimin asked “Peachy? and yeah I’m just feeling a little drowsy and weak” “JIMIN WHERE IS MY COFFEE?” Taehyung yelled. I flinched god he came out of nowhere like a damn roach, but you gotta love this one. “Yah! stop yelling can’t you see we have a guest who is not in good condition?” scolded Jimin “Uhh Hi” I waved I looked at Jimin “Wheres the restroom?” I asked “Down the hall to your right” “Thanks” I went to the restroom and fell to the ground crying yet again, but this time I don’t know why.
Jimin P.O.V
When Peachy walked to the restroom all the guys came out of their rooms. “ Jimin brought a stranger that happens to be a foreigner to the dorms and he didn’t bring the coffee,” said Taehyung. “What?!” they all said or yelled. “Let me explain, while I was walking back to the dorms I accidentally bumped into her and spilled all the drinks on her after that she broke down crying while having a panic attack. She told to bring her to a quiet place and my first instinct was to bring her here. She looked so scared, I just wanted to help her out.” I explained and I couldn’t tell what they were thinking. “You did the right thing by helping her but I didn’t know if coming here was a good choice you should have taken her home. ” Jin said “That’s the thing; I don’t think she has a house here. She has all her luggage with her, she is a foreigner, so I think she just got here.” they all nodded. We continued to talk but then I realized Peachy was still in the restroom. “Peachy has been in the restroom for a while now I should probably go check on her” I went to the restroom and found her lying on the ground asleep. Her face was red and wet. “She must have cried and then fallen to sleep” I sighed. I picked her up trying not to wake her. “Is she okay?” Jungkook asked “Yeah I found her asleep and it looks like she was crying” I sighed “ I wonder just had bad her day was” “Is someone developing a little crush?” J-Hope teased “No, now imma take her upstairs to my room so she can sleep” I went to my room and I lay her on my bed. Not gonna lie she is pretty.
I woke up and I don’t know where I am. I slowly started to remember everything and oh my lord cheeses crust. I got up quickly and headed down stairs. This is so embarrassing. What should I do? Should I sneak out and act like this never happened? No, that’s rude. Then? “Just face reality,” someone said and that someone just happens to be Namjoon. “I said that out loud didn’t I?” “Yes, now come on,” Namjoon said, “You have some explaining to do.”
I followed him downstairs and I saw everyone sitting on the couch talking. “Good morning,” I said, “How are you feeling?” Jimin asked
“I’m fine, thank you for everything you’ve done but I have to leave soon,” I said. I need to check the time, it was 1 pm. “Oh my god! I slept in. Why didn’t you wake me up? Wait no that’s not your responsibility.” “Do you have somewhere to be?” Jin asked “Yes, look I need to go to the university near here and see if they fixed my issue. Do you happen to know the fastest there from here? Because I honestly don’t know where am at and I need to go there now” I said in rush “I can take you” offered Namjoon. I sighed with relief “Thank you, just let me change” I grabbed my suitcase and ran went to the restroom and changed my clothes. Once I was finished I grabbed my phone and phone charger and headed to the university. “Can I ask you something?” Namjoon asked “Sure, what is it?” “What made you have a panic attack. No, how bad was your day yesterday that you broke down?” Well, that caught me off guard. “It started when I was at the airport trying to come to Korean. They took my anxiety medication which I happen to need. When I got to Korea and I went straight to the university to do my final registration, but it turned out that I wasn’t registered and it made no sense because I did everything that was needed and I even got a confirmation letter in the mail. The lady told me to come around this time and I’m hoping everything is fixed and that they messed up. After I left the building I grabbed my phone and it just happened and me being the person I am I thought ’ How could this get any worse?’ then a dog peed on my shoe, but the girl was nice and helped me out; which reminds me, I made plans to meet here today, but that’s not important. Then as I was walking to the hotel your friend happened to bump into me and spilled all the darn drinks on me” I ranted while he listened “Wow” that was all he could manage to say “We are here. I’ll wait for you here” I nodded and got off the car. I entered the office and I was greeted with the coordinator. “Ms. Y/L/N I have great news. We found your paper work and you are part of the program, but we could not get you a dorm and we are sorry about that,” she said, “but we have some choices of apartments that will give you a discount for being in this program.” “Let me get this straight I’m registered now and I can attend the school, but will have nowhere to stay?” “That’s correct” I’m trying so hard to scream right now “Okay thank you. Is there anything I need to do before the semester starts?” I said “No, class starts next week” “Okay, I’ll get going then have a good day!” I said with a fake smile plastered on my face and walked out. Where the heck will find a place to live? I got in the car and let out a big sigh “ What happened? Any good news?” Namjoon asked “So I’m registered now but I won’t have a place to stay” I looked out the window “This is going to be an interesting week”  
We got to the boy’s dorm and sat there in quiet. “we never got your name Peachy?” said Yoongi “It’s Y/n and I’m from Y/C/N. I’m a 19-year-old college student” I introduced myself “And don’t worry I know who you guys are, I happen to be a fan of you guys but don’t worry I don’t want anything out of you guys and I’ll leave once this conversation is over”  they all looked at me in shock “Thank you for your help and don’t worry I’ll forget this ever happened” with that I got up grabbed my things . I was about to open the door “Wait, stay with us a couple of days. ”Namjoon said “ I don’t think that’s a good idea, I mean you probably think that I’m using you,” I said as much as it would be nice to stay with them but I can’t. It just wouldn’t be right. They don’t know me. “Thank you for the offer though.  I should get going. It was nice meeting you guys” I’m sorry I just don’t want to get attached knowing that I won’t be here for long. I’m just scared to lose something we didn’t have.

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Cas decorating the bunker for Halloween and insisting they dress up and asking dean trick or treat and dean says treat so cas kisses him

Trick Or Treat

“I don’t want to wear it, Cas.” Dean complained as the angel tossed him pleading eyes, “I told you, we don’t really celebrate Halloween.”

“But Dean,” Castiel insisted, attempting to hand him the cowboy costume again, “Now that Mary and Sam are back, you can try. There is no longer a weight on either of your shoulders. Let’s take this time to relax and have a good time.”

Dean rolled his eyes and groaned into himself, knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to get out of this one. Cas seems really into spending time together since they got Sam back. Learning how to navigate Sam and Mary under the same roof without his brother being swaddled in a blanket was quite the experience. Maybe Cas is onto something here. Mary would know Halloween.

“Fine, fine, okay,” Dean conceded. That lit Cas’ face right up into a smile that made Dean think of why he would have refused this in the first place.

“Thank you, Dean.” And then Castiel handed him the cheapo costume before walking out of Dean’s room with a fucking skip in his step. Dean groaned.

The material of the costume was that fake stuff that bunches on the arms and leaves an itchy rash after a while. Oh the things he does. But Dean had to admit that once the costume was on, he felt kind of cool. Tipping the hat made him feel giddy and happy. Something about cowboys always stuck with him. Guess the season was starting to set in.

With a deep breath and feeling only a little ridiculous, Dean walked out of his room to find his brother and - it’s going to take a while for him to get used to saying this - his mother. He walks in to find Sam with a giant stuffed moose antler headband across his head, his hands drowning in the innards of a fat, bumpy pumpkin. And his mother laughed as she was cutting apples next to what looked like a pie crust. Oh good lord, Dean hoped that she was making what he thought she was making.

“Is that..?” Dean started, and his mother turned to him, looking over her shoulder.

“Of course.” She said with a smile. Oh dear god, yes.

Sam, wiping his hands over his three-day-old jeans, said, “So, Cas got you, too?” He says it with a smile that reaches his eyes.

Chuckles rumbled through Dean’s chest. “Yeah. He insisted.”

Mary smirked. “He did make a convincing case.”

“That he did.” Dean grinned.

Speak of the devil. Cas was finally joining the party.



Cas looked good. Like really good. His hair was messy and he was wearing a doctor’s coat. Just like the one that Dr Sexy wears. And Dear lord did he work it.

“Hello, Dean.” Cas greeted with a blinding smile.

“Hey…” Dean swallowed, his eyes raking him up and down, “Cas.”

Cas walked around him towards the everyone else, like he didn’t even know how good he looked, like he didn’t know that Dean just had one of the biggest brain malfunctions ever. And the view was not too bad from behind either. Cas swayed his hips and the coat caught them just right. How can a person be this attractive covered in so many layers. Oh, but there was the trench coat. Not the one he has now, but the old one. Sometimes Dean misses that coat.

He sighed wantonly and looked up with see Sam giving him a strange look. He just shrugged in response.

Sam shook his head at him and before he turned to Cas. “Did you get any candy, Cas?”

“Oh, yes.” Cas nodded, “I got one of the biggest packages that I could find. It’s in the bag in my room.”

“I’ll get it,” Dean volunteers. Cas frowns at him.

“That’s not really necessary.”

“Nah, but you decorated this place and got us all costumes. I can get the candy.” Dean waves him off and begins walking towards Cas’ room. What the fuck is he doing? Sam and mom must be totally bugged by him now. He’s being ridiculous. There is no reason so him to have volunteered to do this. God, Cas wears one Doctor Sexy outfit and he becomes a bumbling idiot. He can already feel his cheeks heating as he rushes down the hall.

“Dean!” He hears just as he turns the corner into Cas’ room. This keeps getting worse. He should have thought before he opened his stupid big mouth.

He dashes in, sees the candy bag on the bed, grabs it and just as he turns around to rush back out the door he runs straight into the white of Cas’ fake doctor’s coat.

“Sorry, sorry,” Dean fumbled, his cheeks firing up even more.

“Are you okay, Dean?” He heard Cas’ words but didn’t really register them.

Looking for some way to get out of this situation, Dean let his mouth open again. “…Trick or Treat?”

Cas furrowed his brow. “What?”

“Trick or Treat.” Dean coughed, “It’s…It’s a game kids play with the candy. You, uh, they dress up and, uh, go to houses and uh, say ‘Trick or Treat’, and they get” He lifts the bag, “…candy.”

“Oh, I see.” Cas said nodding. “Treat.”

This time it was Dean’s turn to blank. “Huh?”

“You asked me,” Cas said, “Trick or Treat. I think that I would like a treat.”

“Oh.” Suddenly, Dean was aware of how close they were standing. They were nearly chest to chest. Dean could feel Cas’ breath on his face, the heat coming off of his body even through that damn coat. He couldn’t think, or maybe he chose not to, either way, it ends up with Dean leaning in and pressing his lips to Castiel’s.

There came an undignified squeak that he felt underneath his mouth, and he almost pulled back but then it formed into a small moan of approval. Then suddenly there was hands fisting in his hair and lips smashing against his like a hurricane. Dean smiled and pulled Cas closer by those damn white lapels, candy falling to the ground, and pressing their bodies flush together.

When they separated, heavy breaths mingled with each other.

Cas cleared his throat. “I’m certain that is not an appropriate treat for children.”

“Nah.” Another peck to Cas’ lips and a grin from Dean. “Just you.”

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