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BoruMitsu Fanfic Idea

Imagine that Boruto is the type of person who eats buns with no problem. Yet when it comes to pizza he doesn’t eat the crust at all. So Sarada constantly snaps at him, “You eat the crust all the time! Buns are all crust!” Boruto thinks she’s just being naggy and taunts, “Well you eat it for me then.” Sarada never does because it’s a indirect kiss, yet Mitsuki always volunteers. As result Boruto and Mitsuki start a system of sharing their left over food with each other. Boruto feeds Mitsuki his leftover pizza crust and if Mitsuki doesn’t finish his hamburger he gives it to Boruto.

Bonus 1: Sarada thinks it’s cute and secretly enjoys watching Boruto and Mitsuki feed each other. So she playfully taunts them about how they’re indirectly kissing each other.

Bonus 2: Boruto sometimes gets cheese filled crust to surprise Mitsuki because he knows that’s his favorite type. It makes Mitsuki eager and suprised each time Boruto hands him pizza crust because he never knows what kind of flavor it’s gonna be.


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Short fic request for @stuffedart! – fluffy, brotherly belly rubs and stuffed US!Paps! 

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to write something with SwapPaps stuffing, seriously. So I had a lot of fun with this. X3 I decided to use “orange” magic with him simply because it’s an AU and it doesn’t really matter. I don’t mind US!Paps with orange magic, though I prefer canon Papyrus to have blue. 

Further requests are currently closed.

Here ya go!: 

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The Teen Titans Go! episode “Real Boy Adventures” brings forth our next creation, a supposed combination of the world’s four best foods (taco, burger, hot dog, pizza) that in the episode instantly gives a character diarrhea.

The show doesn’t provide much in the way of details, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the average El Burdigato consumer isn’t insisting it be made from scratch from the finest ingredients. So, mine would be assembled from two Mama Celeste frozen pizzas, a burger from last night’s dinner, an unfolded taco from Taco Bell and hot dogs left over from the Twinkie experiment.

The result looks like something you would absolutely expect to be available from Carl’s Jr. within the next year or so.

Yes, there’s a grossly obvious design flaw in their refusal to simply turn the top pizza over so that the two crusts form a serviceable bun you can hold without gloves, but obviously the animators knew that wouldn’t have looked ridiculous enough. Yet another subtle clue that perhaps none of these were intended to ever actually be eaten.

6 Awful Sounding Sandwiches From TV (Built And Tested)

anonymous asked:

if you were to give each of the members of 1d a specific, food-related nickname, what would they each be? (i feel like this is very very important information)

okay i’ve had a good long think on this because it is indeed of critical importance and i must not fuck it up, for food nicknames are my specialty [cracks knuckles]

  • liam - Sugar-Dusted Beefsteak. hearty and meaty with an undeniable layer of sweetness. the kind of tastes that you’re not sure are supposed to go together, but that you inevitably can’t stop eating anyway.
  • niall - Mild Cheddar Fondue. not too bold or fancy, but an easy favorite that everyone enjoys, and goes well with everything you can think of.
  • zayn - Chocolate-Dipped Soft Serve Swirl. immaculate, enticing outer shell encompassing a flavor you can’t be sure of until you bite in, which turns out to be sweeter than you’d expect.
  • louis - Golden-Crusted Garlic Bun. toasted to perfection, warm and soft but with a very strong and distinct lingering flavor. simultaneously satisfying and addicting.
  • harry - Organic Fruit Punch Juice Box (With Bendy Straw). enjoyed by all ages (whether you’ll admit it or not), super sweet and wholesome enough that you can’t be bothered about the obscene amounts you’re consuming. a weird mix of fruit flavors that somehow work together, and you think there may be an odd veggie thrown in, with a distinct banana aftertaste.
Signs as Bread Puns
  • Aries: Jesus Crust
  • Taurus: No bun intended
  • Gemini: But wheat! There's more!
  • Cancer: Early to bread, early to ryes
  • Leo: Bread Ryesing
  • Virgo: I knead you to knead me
  • Libra: Rye Me a River
  • Scorpio: Penny loafers
  • Sagittarius: Dough Rye Knead
  • Capricorn: Left 4 Bread
  • Aquarius: I don't know the yeast bit about bread puns
  • Pisces: Rye must I cry