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Figure skating anime 'Yuri on Ice' is one of the best shows of 2016

The Daily Dot wrote an article about Yuri!!! On Ice. Check it out y'all

“Haven’t decided yet… I think what intrigues me more is what you see in him.”
お誕生日おめでとう (Happy birthday to) Yûko Miyamura (born December 4th, 1972), she is the Japanese voice actress for Larxene in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories and in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days! She turns 44 today! #BDayKH

so today at my favorite coffee shop I walk in with a friend and there is a GUY behind the counter instead of the nice lady who knows my name and he was CUTE and MY TYPE and I found that Distressing

so anyway I order my coffee and ask the other girl working WHERE IS JESS which was code for WHY BOY and get my coffee go about my friendship date, tralalala. we stayed for a couple of hours just chatting and catching up, and after a while we decide to go get another drink

so we go back and CUTE GUY is still there but lo and behold so is my fave barista!!!! which was a relief bc I’m Awkward and she knows my name and thinks I’m adorable. I ordered this fruity berry tea which takes five minutes to brew so I’m like, okay I’ll be back, and I went back to my table with my friends

chatting continues, lost track of time, cue CUTE GUY coming back with my tea. but he’s overfilled the cup and it’s spilling a little so I get up to take it from him and our hands brushed which is cute in fic but Awkward As Fuck irl and he comes back and brings me napkins

and because I’m???? friendly and stupid???? I said are you new here? and he said yes and he introduced himself (which was so surprising I didn’t catch his name) and then he SHOOK MY HAND AND ASKED FOR MY NAME and then left without talking to my friends

who were just staring at me and the minute he turned his back they were like NOICE and anyway my fave coffee shop has been compromised by this Encounter