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My local free paper has a 'rush hour crush' section and its stuff like 'girl in the pink hat I see on the no.8 - your so cute, let's go out ? The other day there was one 'sex red head train guard - you smiled at me menacingly then we touched as I got off at my stop. Drink ?' Cherik or what ? Couldn't believe it !

You Smiled At Me Menacingly 

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charles: I’m Gonna Fuck That

wow i really can’t believe everything we’ve gotten from harry this year i mean sign of the times, halbum, dunkirk, dunkirk promo, stevie, ultralight beam, tour, just a little bit of your heart, sarah jones and clare uchima, the chain, wild thoughts (which ?? there’s still something coming??) more floral gucci suits, girl crush, rainbows everywhere, literally everywhere, rainbow boas and cowboy hats, loving 1d, and the year isn’t even over folks we’ve still got a bbc special and who knows what else in the next few months like thank you harry you’ve truly out done yourself now go get some rest

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Can you do a short cute BBRae Christmas fic? Like with miseltoe or something cute?! ❤️💚

Ahhh, I totally suck at holiday fics. Cold Front was, ahem, my attempt at something mildly festive.

But, you ask so nicely, anon. I cannot refuse.

I’m sorry if this sucks, I’m just bad at this. Hopefully you like it?

Raven found him on the rock outside the Tower. The wind that blew through her cloak was bitingly frigid and it made her shudder, causing her to grip the blue fabric tighter about her throat.

He had cleared off a mound of snow and planted himself just on the edge, staring bleakly into the ice cold, dark waters that surrounded their home. If the cold bothered the changeling at all, he would not let it show. Instead, he appeared to be impervious to the winter night’s frosty temperatures, perhaps too far into his own miserable thoughts to pay attention to his freezing digits. The wind blew Raven’s deep violet hair askew about her face when it hit her, whipping it so that a few strands stuck to her mouth and made her skin prickle, like from a hard slap. Annoyed, she blew the hair out of her way, and took in a deep breath before levitating towards where the changeling was currently situated.

He never bothered to glance up at her, even as she used her powers to move aside the layer of snow before sitting beside him. Cold, she pulled her knees to her chest and tried to stay warm beneath her cloak.

The moon hung full and heavy in the clear, midnight sky, a shining beacon of yellow light amidst all the darkness. Stars twinkled overhead, trying to outshine one another, all the while the gusty wind blew about small snowflakes towards the frozen ground.

“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked him at last, being mindful of his emotions the entire time.

Beast Boy shook his head. “Nothing to talk about.”

The youngest Titan appeared sullen, and it had aged his youthful features enough to be unsettling to the empath. She was never used to seeing him look so beat down, no matter how often it happened.

“Are you sure?” She persisted once more.

Beast Boy let out a long, drawn out sigh, closing his eyes as the whistling wind rustled his already unruly fringe of green hair.

“What do you think happened? That, for once in my pathetic, miserable life, someone might have returned my feelings? She rejected me, Rae. You know it, they know it, everyone knows it.” He looked back bitterly at the T shaped tower, it’s bright lights glowing against the dark backdrop of the bustling city beyond.

Remorse. Anger. Hurt. They spiked and spiraled within him, causing the empath to wince and recoil from it’s somber touch.

She knew all too well how rejection felt, how painful a heartbreak could be. Thankfully, she’d only ever experienced it once before, whereas Beast Boy…

Beast Boy experienced it rather frequently. Raven didn’t know how he did it, how he could stay so aloof amidst so much emotional bruising.

She spared him a sympathetic glance, knowing just how much he put himself out there to no avail. Beast Boy wore his heart on his sleeve and, more often than not, he was taken advantage of, tossed out into the cold, only to be forgotten once he’d worn off his charm.

Raven knew better than anyone what it was like to be cast out for being different; to feel unloved and used.

Strange, how alike the pair of them could be at times, despite their more glaring differences.

Her frozen fingers dug the red Santa hat out of the snow next to him, and she shook off the remaining white powder until she could see every detail again.

In dark green felt, he’d cut out and glued letters that read, “Kiss me, it’s Christmas!” while a mistletoe decorated the white hem of the hat.

Unlike many folk, he’d gotten the white berries with the pine green leaves, as mistletoe actually was. Initially confused by the images he’d researched, Beast Boy had gone to the trouble of clarifying it with Raven herself. Many would have assumed that it was the red berries, but she had seen that Beast Boy had been desperate to get all the details right for the special occasion, so she had decided to offer a helping hand.

Not that it had mattered in the end; the girl had crushed him regardless, and he’d tossed the hat aside like it had been garbage, despite all the work and effort he’d put into sewing and making it himself. 

Beast Boy, determined to leave a lasting impression on his crush, had looked up the sewing pattern, bought the fabric and thread he needed, and made Cyborg show him how to use a sewing machine. Just for a stupid hat and an excuse to kiss a girl he liked.

That he had foolishly assumed had liked him back.

But, like all the others before her, she had merely used him.

All for her five minutes of fame, for a chance to get closer to other, more physically appealing, popular heroes. Raven may have agreed that the changeling had a rather unique look about him, but it certainly didn’t make him unattractive. It only made him…different.

“You aren’t going to throw it out, are you?” She queried, indicating the limp, festive hat still held in between her fingertips.

Beast Boy didn’t blink. He stared out into the water, his warm breath coming out in visible puffs of grey steam. “Why wouldn’t I? It’s no good, anyways. The stitching is half-assed and sloppy, the felt is coming off, and the hot glue keeping the mistletoe attached is falling apart. It’s hideous, nobody wants anything like that.”

The bitterness in his words were not lost on the empath; it wasn’t just the hat Beast Boy was expressing his distaste for.

Raven then did something unexpected and entirely uncharacteristic; she put on the goofy looking article of clothing.

It was the first time that Beast Boy had looked at her the whole night, and the first time his permanent scowl seemed to have dissipated since she’d wandered outside.

Her purple hair stuck out at odd angles underneath the Santa Claus hat, the bell attached to the end instead of a pom-pom jingling as she gave Beast Boy an unimpressed, deadpan expression.

She looked positively miserable and hilarious at the same time, nearly as cute as she had been when Mumbo Jumbo had turned her into a bunny.

“Raven…,” Beast Boy breathed, wide-eyed and flustered.

She adjusted it over her ears so that at least her head was somewhat warm. “How’s it sit?”

“Uhm…,” Beast Boy cleared his throat uncomfortably, not knowing what to say.

“At least it isn’t itchy, like Starfire’s ugly Christmas sweaters,” she added with a shrug of her shoulders.

By Azar, she was starting to get used it.

Beast Boy snickered then, unable to hold it back any longer. “You don’t exactly want to be kissed, Raven, so give me the hat back and I promise I won’t toss it.”

She jutted out her bottom lip in protest and folded her arms over her chest defiantly. “Too late; you already said you didn’t want it. Finders keepers, Beast Boy,” she chided, mimicking his own rules.

A scowl crossing his features, the changeling made to grab at the hat, yanking it off the empath’s head so that the static made her hair stand on end.

“Hey!” She cried, grabbing back at the fabric just as he tried snatching it away.

“Come on, Rae! It’s my hat!” He whined childishly.

“Only if you admit that it isn’t trash!”

Raven didn’t relinquish her hold on her end of the hat, and the two Titans played a brief match of tug of war.

Fine! It isn’t trash! Happy now?” He conceded through gritted teeth.

Just like that, she let go, and the green skinned boy nearly went flying off the edge of the rock and into the ice-cold waters. She caught him with a shield of black magic before he went tumbling in.

Once he’d regained his balance and calmed his frazzled nerves, he appeared humbled, and sheepishly mumbled a small, relieved thank you to his teammate. Raven nodded once before working her fingers through her hair to settle it back down from the static.

Beast Boy, after staring at the hat in defeat for a few moments, put the silly thing on his head.

“It looks dumb, doesn’t it?” He asked her halfheartedly, trying to make the bent leaves of the mistletoe stick back on with his fingertips to no avail.

“Yes, it does,” Raven agreed, but a small smile was playing among her lips.

Beast Boy, taking her good mood as permission to press forward, leaned in and wiggled his brows suggestively at the empath. “So, Rae, are you gonna obey the dumb hat and give old Beastie a smooch under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve?”

He then closed his eyes and puckered up his lips in mockery, causing Raven to move back a couple of inches to help create some distance between them.

Then, much to his surprise, Beast Boy felt a set of warm lips press against his, and the faint taste of pear and honey from Raven’s herbal tea. His eyes shot open as he witnessed the older Titan kissing him, the lavender and vanilla scent of her shampoo invading his nostrils like an intoxicating perfume.

Her nose and cheeks were dusted red, and he couldn’t be sure if it was from the cold or if she was actually blushing. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and her mouth was shy and unsure on his. In their little bubble, the cold couldn’t find them. It was warm where their breath mingled, where her soft lips grazed against his own, unmoving but tender. The moment felt like it had lasted forever, and Beast Boy would have been perfectly content if it had. Just as he’d embraced the chaste kiss, and longed to deepen it, Raven pulled away, leaving him at the mercy of the cold night air, instead. The moisture of her breath was quick to dry on his pliant mouth, much to Beast Boy’s disappointment, but he didn’t dare say anything out loud.

Raven’s fingers brushed against her parted lips, as if in disbelief, while she was forced to glance away from his inquisitive stare.

Woah…,” Beast Boy breathed, licking his lips for another taste of her. He needed proof that he hadn’t just imagined it, that Raven had really kissed him.

His heart hammered wildly against his ribcage, ready to burst at any given moment. His face and neck were flushed with heat, despite the brisk, outdoor weather.

“You actually kissed me,” he noted in bewilderment, somewhat breathlessly.

Raven took it as her cue to stand up, coughing to clear her throat before folding her arms over her chest and making to head back into the tower. “Yeah, well, the stupid hat has the stupid mistletoe on it, and Cyborg swears that you have bad luck in love for years if you ignore it’s stupid rules, so…” She rolled her eyes, talking fast even though her teeth chattered from the cold.

“Anyways, I’m going to bed,” she pronounced sternly.

With that, she floated towards the main doors of the tower as quickly as she could, not daring to look back for fear that her emotions would once again get the better of her, and she’d run back, only to kiss him until her lips were sore and she could no longer feel her fingertips…


I needed to do this just real bad.

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