crushing bastards


stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening

It’d be difficult to stargaze with you,
Because out of all the stars
You shine the brightest.
It’d be difficult to go to an art gallery with you,
Because out of all the paintings
You are a masterpiece.
It’d be difficult to go to a library with you,
Because of all the books
You are the one I’d keep and never return.

Is this why it is so difficult for you to see me the way I see you?
Is this why it is so difficult for you to fall for me the way I have fallen for you?
This unrequited love is so difficult.

—  || difficult

So Let’s Talk About Vampires Who:

  • Use their supernatural strength and abilities to help and aid those in need.
  • Stalk the dark streets, watching over women (and children) who are alone, on their way home or some other place.
  • Attack rapists and only feed on such.
  • Have battled and fought against patriarchal systems for centuries
  • Crush racist bastard’s noses in.
  • Work in groups where they have created a system where they track down abusers, rapists and pedophiles.
  • Defend those in serious trouble.
  • Are female and is in an all female vampire coven where they fight against the patriarchy(and appreciate and look back on how far they have come but realise there is still so much more to do).
  • Encourage other women to be strong and to fight.
  • Have fought against homophobia for centuries.
  • Watch over from the shadows over anyone who might be attacked and a victim from a hate crime.
  • Use their charisma and charm to educate people on such causes.

Honestly vampires who are socially aware and are angry with it is my kinda aesthetic. This is what I’d be like as a vampire. 

Please add more if you have any!

Fic - Treasure Planet - “I Want You Close (I Want You)”

so this was just supposed to be something quick inspired by a series of comments between myself, wuffen, and goodnightbeastie.  then wuf’s country had a rotten election cycle and I wanted to do something to cheer him up.  so, well, I basically ended up playing wuf!kink bingo with this fic.  heh.  please enjoy.

Title: I Want You Close (I Want You)
Characters/Pairings: Jim Hawkins/John Silver
Tags:  Shaving, Head Shaving, Crushes, Intimacy, Drinking, Underage Drinking, Nervousness, Cybernetics, Size Difference, Dirty Thoughts, Unresolved Romantic Tension
Summary: They’ve been out in space for weeks, maybe months, and Jim’s undercut is starting to grow out.  Silver notices and offers to take care of it.

Read it on AO3.

anonymous asked:

Quick question but effectively how does one recontain a rampant 682? Suggestions would be appreciated as time is a factor...

Acid, massive damage. Just because it is immortal doesn’t mean we can’t crush the bastard. - Roth