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Too much of a bitch to say this off anon but you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, crushin super hard.

more lil things i loved on my 3rd viewing of suicide squad!
  • literally nobody in that entire film could be classified as “good” everyone is a different kind of “bad” i.e will smith is almost lawful evil, harley is chaotic evil etc. But no one is “good” and its an interesting dynamic to play with because our “heroes” are terrible human beings, but we’ve seen they’re the best of the worst
  • none of the government men in the film mock amanda waller for being a woman, nor do they mock dr moon. Both women are given equal respect and criticism as anyone else in the film.
  • killer croc and el diablo bein bros
  • amanda waller NEVER refers to Harley as the joker’s girlfriend and even goes so far as to say that she’s more dangerous and fearless than him. 
  • also, harley’s story is explained in relation to the joker, but she is not at any point defined by it. She defines herself
  • captain boomerang crushin hard on katana 
  • i really couldn’t stop laughing at harley’s flashback because a) she jumps into vat of CHEMICALS that is too deep for her to swim and b) when the joker jumps in after her, he lifts her above the water like he’s standing on solid ground???? and neither of them seemed to be harmed by the CHEMICALS
  • killer croc’s VELVET HOODIE and pretty much all of them had lit branded bomber jackets
  • harley’s lil groan of utter inconvinience when deadshot orders her to save flag’s life cos otherwise they will all die
  • the world is pretty much saved by a black man and a mentally ill abused woman
  • guys, i just love this film okay? is it perfect? no, but neither is a godamn sunset
Happy Lunar New Year // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff // A little comedy

Summary//Request: You’re GOT7′s manager, and Jaebum invites you to spend Lunar New Year with him and his parents because he doesn’t want you to be all alone and he’s lowkey crushin’ on you c:

A/N: I’m so happy to be writing some fluffy Jaebum fluff today because I was an emotional wreck over the Fly In Seoul Final shows. I hope you enjoy it <3

“Doing anything exciting tonight for the Lunar New Year?” Jaebum asked you as you packed up the last of your things from your desk after a long day of getting deadlines finished for GOT7. Being the manager of 7 boys wasn’t an easy task, but it was more fun than it was tedious – as there was never a dull moment around any of them.

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