crushin' on you


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Surprise date

Flirty friends

➸ He takes care of you

➸ Bruises

➸ Affection {smut}

➸ Nervous

➸ You’re something special

➸ Just the way you are 

➸ Your first time {smut}

➸ Dinner date {smut}

➸ You’re insecure

➸ You only live once

➸ Unexpected

➸ More than friends {smut}

➸ Sex with Grayson (would include)

➸ Not about angels

A special note

Traveling around the world (would include)

➸ It’s my pleasure {smut}

Earned it {smut}

➸ Daddy kink with Grayson (would include)

Crushin’ on you

Need some help? {smut}


➼ You find out you’re pregnant


He saves you

Flirty friends

He takes care of you

No matter what

Without a doubt

➸ Sex with Ethan (would include)

Our little secret {smut}

➸ Haunted


Dating in high school (would include)


➸ Daddy kink with Ethan (would include)

Up to no good

➼ Right there {smut}

➼ Your first time {smut}

Wedding night {smut}

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we went from “i love you” to “i hate you”
we went from “i wanna kiss you” to “i won’t miss you”
we went from “give me a hug” to “give me some space”
we went from “i wanna be alone with you” to “leave me alone”
we went from “i can’t wait to see you” to “i can’t wait for you to be out of my life”
we went from “let’s go work out together” to “this isnt working out”
we went from “so how’s your day?” to “so how’s life been?”
—  spoiler alert, people change (mb)

not a good thing: knowing a cute boy, crushin on him from preschool and ever since, never telling anyone.

even lesser good thing: moving away in seventh grade, not seeing the boy for four years.

worst fuckin’ thing: moving back when you’re both seventeen, meeting up with him, and you’re the best of friends again. he’s single. you’re single. but you’re friends. and you’re so fuckin’ dead.


You were sitting on the couch surrounded by four of your closest girlfriends enjoying some wine and cheesy chick flicks when you heard the front door open and close. You looked at the clock on the cable box and rolled your eyes when you saw it wasn’t even half past eleven.

“Oh am I interrupting somethin?” You heard his voice before you saw him enter the kitchen that was connected to the living room. You gave him a playful glare as he reached into his back pockets grabbing his phone and his wallet before placing them on the counter.

“Oi! Don’t come in here bangin about while we are trying to watch some good ole romantic comedy Harry!” You laughed as Harry acted offended by your best friend Kelsey’s words.

“What rom com are we watchin?” You laughed as he walked into the living room and plopped down between you and Kelsey causing her to roll her eyes. “Ya know I love Nicky Spee!” He added as he stretched an arm over your shoulder.

“Nicholas Sparks doesn’t make romantic comedies Harry.” You watched his eyes go wide as you took a sip of your wine, you knew this was going to become a rather entertaining discussion so you just sat back and got comfortable.

“What did you just say B?” Harry’s voice was serious but had a hint of playfulness in it as well. Bailey just shrugged as she took a sip of her wine, Harry ran his free hand through his hair as you took another sip of your nearly empty glass of wine.

“She’s right H,” he snapped his head in your direction as you leaned over and placed your glass on the coffee table. “The Notebook isn’t a romantic comedy.” He was giving you a playful glare but you just shot him a smile.

“How can you be the love of my life yet say such hurtful things ta me?” You just rolled your eyes as the girls giggled at Harry’s statement. “The Notebook is one of the best movies out there.” You just nodded your head in agreement as Bailey took this opportunity to refill your glass of wine for you.

“I agree love,” you stated as you gave Bailey a big smile while you reached over for your now full glass of wine. “But it isn’t a romantic comedy, it’s a love story but it’s not funny.” You added before taking a sip, you saw Harry reach for your glass and you reluctantly let him have it.

“I love you but you’re so wrong.” You shot him a playful glare as he took a sip of your wine. “It’s funny, the scene where Noah goes on the Ferris wheel is golden!” You heard Kelsey laugh making Harry shoot her a glare.

“It’s a sad ass love story Harry, it’s a good love story yes but it’s not a rom com it’s a tear jerker and that’s what your beloved Nicky Spee is good at.” You had to control your giggling so Harry wouldn’t glare at you as Cynthia spoke. She was sitting on the floor by the T.V and was looking at Harry like he was crazy. “I mean come on, ya have to know the difference between a rom com and just a good tear jerking love story.” She added with a huff as she leaned back against the sofa Bailey and Caroline were sitting on.

“Oi! You lot just love crushin my dreams!” You chuckled as you took the wine glass from his hand. “Jus go on about ya business than cos I don’t want ta hang with a bunch of girls anyway.” He tried to get up off the couch in a dramatic way but you reached up and grabbed his arm making him stay seated.

“Oh don’t leave in a huff H, we are about to watch the Runaway Bride! You love Julia!” You pleaded and when he stopped fighting against your grip you knew he was going to stay. You snuggled closer to him as he grabbed your wine glass once more.

“If you were a rom com actress Harry you’d be Julia.” You almost snorted from laughing so hard at Kelsey’s statement. Harry just shook his head but had a smile on his face.

“Why am I always Julia in everyone’s rom com?” You just chuckled as Harry snuggled into you and rested his head on your shoulder. You took your wine glass back before taking a sip and placing a sweet kiss to the top of Harry’s head.

You loved that Harry was so comfortable with you and your girlfriends, they loved poking fun at him and you knew he loved being included in jokes and stories. He loved coming home and seeing you and your friends having a girls night in and enjoying some wine in the living room while watching sappy movies. He also loved that they didn’t yell at him when he would invite himself along to brunches and dinners. Harry had a way of making your friends feel comfortable around him and that was just one of the many things you loved about him.

When you meet the one who changes the way your heart beats, dance with them to that rhythm for as long as the song lasts.
—  Kirk Diedrich