crushin' on you

The Crush Dictionary

Many years ago I developed a dictionary for classifying crushes into organized categories.  
These categories are represented by milkshake flavors.

Chocolate Milk:  To have a significant crush on one person in particular and not know if the crush is reciprocated. 

Blueberry - To have a small crush but consider it more of a fondness and nothing significant.

Strawberry - To have a crush on two people at the same time.


Raspberry - To have a crush on three or more people at the same time.

Dark Chocolate - To have an all-consuming crush that is potentially unhealthy. 

Banana - To be aware that your crush is unrequited but continue to have the crush regardless. 

Peach - To live in a state of denial, pretending you do not have a crush. 

Plum - To have a crush that is reciprocated but not in the form of a committed relationship.

Vanilla - To have a committed relationship with your reciprocated crush.


Organic - To have a crush which you prefer to regard as a platonic attraction rather than a romantic one.


Plain - To not have a crush on anyone.

Smoothie blend - A combination of flavors.                                                         For example: A blueberry-raspberry-banana smoothie would describe a person who has a small crush on three or more people, even though this is unreciprocated.   

This concept is very useful for confidential conversations confided through notes passed in classrooms.

It can also be effectively incorporated into entertaining smoothie-making activities at sleepovers and parties.

When you meet the one who changes the way your heart beats, dance with them to that rhythm for as long as the song lasts.
—  Kirk Diedrich

tfw ya meet the man of ur dreams and u wanna take things slow bc ur childhood trauma makes it hard 2 let people in but ur willing 2 take that risk bc u really think he’s The One. but then when things are finally starting 2 go places that crazy sexual predator who used to stalk u when u were 12 shows up and straps a bomb 2 ur Lad.

so now ur @ the swimming pool and ur like ‘fuk this is what happens when i have Feelings’ so ya try to back off a bit and play it cool by pretending 2 be an asshole while you watch your bf date other people even tho u know ur both dying inside. then this lesbian chic shows up and ur like ‘no thanks’ but then realise that it’s better 2 pretend u love her than to put ur man in the path of ur stalker.

but then shit starts Getting Real and it doesn’t matter that ur not snogging ur lad bc Asshole Jim still knows ur mad crushin so you have 2 fake ur own death and make ur way down 2 serbia 2 be gay jesus cause ur a martyr all ur life.

Status: Ariana Grande 🍭

• I’m so into you I can barely breatheand all I wanna doIs to fall in deep
(Estou tão a fim de vocêque eu mal posso respirare tudo que eu quero fazer é me jogar com tudo)

• Something bigger than us and beyond blis
(Isso é algo maior que nós dois e vai além do êxtase)

• Feel like a failure cause I know that I failed ya
(Me sinto um fracasso pois eu sei que falhei com você)

• The Sun is setting and you’re right here by my side
(O sol está se pondo e você está aqui ao meu lado)

• Every look, every touch makes me wanna give you my heart I’d be crushin’ on you, baby
(Cada olhar, cada toque me faz querer te dar meu coração eu estou apaixonada por você, querido)

• Cause every time I’m with you, I go into a zone
(Porque toda vez que estou com você, eu entro em uma zona)

• Boy, you know that you drive me crazy but it’s one of the things I like
(Garoto, você sabe que você me enlouquece mas isso é uma das coisas que eu gosto)

• Boy, you give me feelings, never felt before
(Garoto, você me faz sentir coisas que nunca senti antes)

• I only wanna die alive never by the hands of a broken heart
(Eu só quero morrer me sentindo viva nunca por causa de um coração partido)

• I’ve never been so caught up still so into us
(Nunca estive tão envolvida tão ligada na gente)

• I ain’t even think of leaving sometimes I ain’t even think of letting go not even sometimes
(Eu nem sequer penso em ir embora às vezes eu nem sequer penso em te deixar ir nem mesmo às vezes)

• I’ve been thinking ‘bout you I been missing you where the hell are you, oh
when I need you?
(Eu estive pensando em você eu estou sentindo sua falta onde está você,
quando eu preciso de você?)

• I tried to make it through the night but I can’t control my mind
(Tentei passar a noite sozinha mas não consigo controlar minha mente)

• “I got love for thee so deep inside of me I don’t know where to start.”
(Eu te amo tão profundamente que não sei por onde começar)

• I love you more than anything but the words can’t even touch what’s in my heart
(Eu te amo mais do que qualquer coisa mas as palavras não podem sequer tocar o que está em meu coração)

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