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Moonlight (reader X Jughaed)

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Jughead X reader

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A/N : I’M SO SORRY IF THIS SUCKS!!! I swear writer’s block sucks, and the fact that this is such a romantic song is UGHHH!! Being Aromantic is difficult during these situations.hahah. But hopefully it isn’t as bad as i think it is!  AND i’m sorry for any spelling  and grammar errors that you’ll see, i tend to be blind when it comes to proofreading… feel me??? The BOLD is the song .

Today was another day that Jughead has invited me to watch a movie with him at the drive-in. He would usually invite all of the group to watch the movie together, but Jughead and I would leave the group and climb up his rooftop and sit there and watch. Yet today was different, he only asked me. the whole day at school I noticed B and V smiling at me like mad women, of course I ignored them and just smiled back acting as if I knew what was going on.

School is over and Juggie is walking me home like always, when we arrive to my home Juggie decided that we should eat here, and then I get ready and we go to the drive-in together.

I make some quick pasta and we eat, once I’m done I run up the stairs to get ready.

I quickly just throw on some black skinny jeans with a baggy Pink Floyd band shirt which once belonged to Jughead, since he was too lazy to get me a birthday gift.

Anyway,I confirm to Jughead that I’m ready to go, we both get up and leave my house and walk to the Twilight drive-in.

When we arrive to the drive-in Jughead walks to the movie roller to prepares the movie for the day.while he’s busy I order us some candy, coke and popcorn. Half an hour later people start to fill in the drive-in with their trucks and cars. By the time I walk back to where Jughead’s place/home is at, he’s done preparing the movie for the night. I add the snacks that I got us  into the bucket that’s attached to the roof by a rope and then we both climb up to the roof and pull the rope with the bucket to the top.

Like every theater we have a moment before the movie starts, but the drive-in decided to be different and plays music instead. As songs go on and on, a song that I know starts to play. When I look to where I know the controller of the music is, I notice Betty and Veronica looking directly at me with the biggest smile.

(The Sun is setting in your eye, here by my side)

And the movie’s playing, but we won’t be watching tonight

Every look, every touch makes me wanna give you my heart

I be crushin’ on you, baby

Stay the way you are…

I internally laugh at how my best friends would go to this extent to add to the mood, and ironically the sun was setting. I feel Jughead’s gaze and of course I turn to look at him and do that awkward shifting of my eyes. I hear him laugh at how awkward I am, he lightly pushes me to the side and while still looking at me.

“What a coincidence.” he tells me with a smile.

Cause I never knew, I never knew

You could have moonlight in your hands

‘Til the night I held you

You’re my moonlight


With Jughead still looking at me he moves closer to me and lifts his arm and puts it around my shoulders. He pulls me slightly towards him, still me being the awkward self that i am, all i can do is look down at my lap. But still not wanting my awkward friend Jughead to feel awkward too, I lift my hand and hold his that’s hanging from my shoulder.

I kiss his fingertips

As I’m wishing he’s all mine

He’s giving me Elvis

With some James Dean in his eyes

Puts his lips on my neck

Makes me want to give him my body

I be fallin’ for you, baby

And I just can’t stop

He smiles and lifts my hand and kisses it and continues to hold it, i laugh and lift up his hand too and peck it lightly. I blush and look to the side and notice that both Veronica and Betty have Binoculars aiming to where Jughead and I sit, I notice them smiling and giving me thumbs ups. I laugh at them and turn around and notice that Jughead is still looking at me with his green and bluish eyes giving me the most loving look that I’ve ever seen him give me. My heart flutters because I’ve fallen for him so much that i know that i can’t stop my heart.

Cause I never knew, I never knew

You could have moonlight in your hands

‘Til the night I held you

You’re my moonlight


Baby I be fallin’

You’re my moonlight


I notice that Jughead moves his hand towards his hearing aid, that he keeps hidden under his beanie, and switches it off. Slowly he leans in and kisses me, I feel my heart explodes like fireworks. I move my right hand toward his cheek and pull him towards me deepening the kiss. I feel him smile into the kiss but doesn’t break it, and i don’t think i want to either. Soon enough we both need some air and we pull away. I remember what part is coming up in the song , and  quickly I switch his hearing aid on so that he’ll listen to the part.

Meet me under shining lights, I’ve been waiting for you all my life

Feelings we can’t deny but you’re living open up your eyes


He’s so bossy…

He makes me dance

Tryna sit in the back of his whip

And just cancel my plans

Sweet like candy

But he’s such a man

He knows just what it does

When he’s holding me tight

And he calls me “Moonlight” too…

When the song is done this time i pull his face towards me.

“ Juggie you’re so bossy at times yet you’re sweet like candy, but you’re such a man.” I whisper those words and kiss him. In my head i thank my two lucky stars for being there and making this possible.

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you crushin on someone??? bc boiiii i bet someone's crushin on you

I’m not crush-worthy. People usually just shoot me. :’)

When you meet the one who changes the way your heart beats, dance with them to that rhythm for as long as the song lasts.
—  Kirk Diedrich

Omg people think that fae creatures follow a human gender binary? That’s hilarious. Gender is fake, harold. Fae don’t give a shit about how you identify harold. You crushin on a fae? Surprise your gay asf.

The Crush Dictionary

Many years ago I developed a dictionary for classifying crushes into organized categories.  
These categories are represented by milkshake flavors.

Chocolate Milk:  To have a significant crush on one person in particular and not know if the crush is reciprocated. 

Blueberry - To have a small crush but consider it more of a fondness and nothing significant.

Strawberry - To have a crush on two people at the same time.


Raspberry - To have a crush on three or more people at the same time.

Dark Chocolate - To have an all-consuming crush that is potentially unhealthy. 

Banana - To be aware that your crush is unrequited but continue to have the crush regardless. 

Peach - To live in a state of denial, pretending you do not have a crush. 

Plum - To have a crush that is reciprocated but not in the form of a committed relationship.

Vanilla - To have a committed relationship with your reciprocated crush.


Organic - To have a crush which you prefer to regard as a platonic attraction rather than a romantic one.


Plain - To not have a crush on anyone.

Smoothie blend - A combination of flavors.                                                         For example: A blueberry-raspberry-banana smoothie would describe a person who has a small crush on three or more people, even though this is unreciprocated.   

This concept is very useful for confidential conversations confided through notes passed in classrooms.

It can also be effectively incorporated into entertaining smoothie-making activities at sleepovers and parties.