Okay I literally just need a cute boy with big hands to grab my waist then I’ll be happy

"Bed. Now"

(C/n)’s house always consisted of loud laughter in his house. This time he chased you all up and down the halls trying to get you to kiss him. “Come on babe give me one. I want to see what it feels like!!” He yelled throughout the house while he hurried down the stairs, looking for you. He wanted to see what it felt like to get a butterfly kiss, whereas you thought it was a goofy thing to do on someone’s face. “No thanks I’m good!” You yelled back. You stood behind the kitchen island in a low squat to just peek your eyes over the counter. His feet echoed and he walked in, immediately giving you eye contact. “Bed. Now.” he says. You shook your head and gave him a stare. He bolts towards you as you run the other way, all the way up the stairs. You get all the way to the top step when your ankle gets caught by (c/n)’s hand. “NEVER!” You yanked while he just laughed at your weakness and imbalance of just holding onto the rail. He lets go while quickly grabbing your waist. He picked you up and pulled you into his chest bridal style. He took matters into his own hands as you held tightly onto his chest trying to not to fall and scared of how he was going to put you down. He plopped you on the bed and climbed on top of you, snaking his hands around your waist, securing you against his body. You placed your hands on his shoulders to hold him back a little. “Come on baby, right here on my little cheek,” he mumbles while his face close to yours. “Then can you give me a real kiss?” He gives a small nod and you snake your hands around his neck to bring him down closer to your eyelashes. You signed and placed your face against his cheek kissing the side of his jaw before opening and closing your eyes rapidly, creating a tickling sensation on his cheek. It wasn’t long before he started giggling and grasping your sides a little more. You laid back on the pillow and he laid on his side next to you. “That was so cute” he whispers with red cheeks. He sat back and touched his cheek, still feeling tingles and touching his eyelashes. “Oh shut up you’re cute now kiss me you promised.”

PROVE THEM WRONG! Yes, I was pregnant in the first picture. I gained 80 pounds in my 9 months of growing a tiny human.

For any mommies that need some extra motivation this week- it took me almost 2 years for me to change my body composition.

The picture on the left is 6 days before I had my son- he will turn 2 next Saturday 🤗 the second picture was about 2 weeks ago. Change takes time but don’t give up!

I promise you I know every way to fail- but it takes only one time to succeed to change your life. 💙💙💙


hiii!! would you be able to write an imagine where c/n plays lacrosse and his team lost so he’s really frustrated but then you calm him down when you get home and it’s all fluffy and cuddly? thanks so much!! your account is fab and your writing is soooo good! xx

When you told (c/n) to sleep on it, you didn’t mean you. This past week was really stressful for him so when he finally got a break he went straight into your arms for comfort. He’s been training for weeks and weeks everyday for this important game against your rival school.

Something (c/n) always knew could calm him down was your sweet worlds. Boys will be boys so the best thing for him was to let him know he was the best out there no matter what.

Your 200 pound baby boy fell asleep on your chest in your small dorm room with his snores being the only sound in the room. With your arms just laying on your side, you placed them on his head, slowly massaging down his shoulders. His hair was messy and shaggy. It was probably the best sleep he’s had in weeks. You soon fell asleep despite the uncomfortable position you two had.

(c/n) and you had set no alarms considering no classes were on Friday. You shuffled and felt that (c/n)’s body was no longer on yours but beside it, arms wrapped around you. His presence was always kept close, he was anxious at a time like this, and just your contact kept him sane.

Your eyes opened again a couple hours later, (c/n) was laying on his back but with a hand rubbing up and down your back. You turned around to face him, catching his attention from his phone.

“mhm what time is it?” You ask him snuggling up to his arm to look closer at his phone. “It’s nine-ish baby”. This has been one of the latest mornings you’ve slept since college. You felt happy that for once you got a morning like this, no hangovers, no tests, just a comfy bed and comfy boy.

You snuggled into his chest a little more, watching him play dumb games on his phone. Only about twenty minutes later you both decided to make some food.

On game days you both made sure he got a good meal for his energy. So you guys walked over to the cafe and grabbed some food.

Walking back, (c/n) held the to-go bags in one hand while the other had your hand beside it. Your stomach began to ache as you smelled the warm food nearly in arms reach.

You got back to your place and quickly settled to eat. He wasted no time digging in. “Slow down babe” you said still having not opened your box. He looked back up at you with a mouth full of food and smirked. He finished chewing and smiled at you. “(Y/n) maybe if I hadn’t been waiting for you to wake up, I wouldn’t be starving.”

“Touché” and you laughed and began eating your food.

(c/n) spent the rest of his day laying with you or working out. His game was at 3:00 and he had to head over to the stadium now but seemed a little hesitant to go. “C/n lets go you should have left already. If you don’t go, I won’t go.” you say getting out of bed and dragging him to the door. “Babe (y/n) I’m going I’m going please I really need you to be there.” He grabs his shoes and puts them on. He’s already dressed he just needs to change at the locker rooms.

“please promise me you’ll go babe”. He says as he keeps his hands on your hips, rubbing his thumbs back and forth on your bare skin.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world, now go please I’ll see you there while I sit front row okay?“ He nods and gives you one last kiss, before exiting out the door and to the field that’s only a short walk away.

You still had time before the game started so you decided to shower and get ready. You grabbed your favorite jersey of (c/n)’s and slipped it on along with some leggings. Of course you made sure to wear it and show all the people in the stands who was his. You soon made your way out of the dorm building and with your friends to watch boys lax.

The game was going to start soon but you walked over to the fence to talk to (c/n) like you usually did before a game. He had a smile on his face that could be seen through his helmet. He had his attacker stick in his hand all ready to go in.

“You seem ready for this game (c/n)” you say with a smirk. He takes off his helmet and sets it beside him so he can kiss you. “The guys were talking and I think we can win this.” He places his hand behind your back to bring you closer. You give him one more kiss for good luck and head over to the stands where your friends holler at your cute moment with (c/n).

They were halfway through the game and it was neck and neck. Their defense was amazing but your attack men never gave up. It became the last quarter and right after the first face off, (c/n) played a little too hard and got a penalty. He had to sit out for a few minutes which would not be good considering he was the best midfield. (C/n) kept yelling from the sidelines at his players as the other team scored two more goals.

“Come on it’s not that hard just stop them from scoring!” (C/n) only made them play worse as they had to run harder with lack of their player. Finally he was allowed back in and he sprinted straight towards the opponent with the ball, checking his stick and taking it instantly. He sprinted down the field, quickly scoring but not enough to win the game. Him sitting out now made them down by three points and now their was two minutes on the clock.

The buzzer went off, (c/n) looked at the score board. One point was all it took for them to be tied. He shook his head in defeat. He walked through the line to say “good game” and quickly walked back to the locker rooms.

You waited outside and watched as other players walked out. Some didn’t seem to care about the loss and laughed together while others were disappointed in how they played and had frowns on their faces. It seemed as everybody has left so you peeked your head inside and said, “(c/n)? Are you ready to go?”

You didn’t hear anything for a while but finally saw him walking with his shorts on and his shirt in one hand and phone in the other. His hair was dripping still and you could tell he just got out of the shower. He must have just stood under the water because his face was blushed from the steam.

He put on his shirt and shook the droplets out of his hair. You gave him a content smile and he gave a half toothed smile. The walk back to your dorm wasn’t that great. (C/n) kept a banter of everything that went wrong from his game.

“Babe did you see our defense today, they had no control of the opposing attackers.” You nodded and kicked the pebbles as he rambled some more. “I couldn’t believe how downhill that game went as soon as I went out of the game and-babe…(y/n),”. You looked up from the concrete with raised eyebrows. He stood 10 feet behind you with a questioning look. You saw (c/n) standing by the gate to the front of the building. You blushed as you walk back to the gate into the courtyard.

“My stories are just too interesting you get lost huh?” He says with a smirk but also some annoyance. You rolled your eyes, along with a quick bump on the shoulder.

You walked in to the room and (c/n) walked in, took off his shorts and shirt, leaving him in his boxers. You put your stuff on the table and walked over to your room where your comfy clothes await.

You climbed into bed, relaxing and waiting for (c/n) to finish whatever and come cuddle with you. He finally walked into your room, he seemed surprised to find you in bed.

“Babe, why are you in bed, without me?” You looked up from the television, he started removing the blankets from the top of your body and laid beside you, then rolling on top of you. You pulled the blankets back over your bodies and up to his neck.

His face hid in the blankets and yours faced the tv. “You know I’m proud of how you played today right (c/n)?” He looked up with his eyes glossy and dazed. He stifled a yawn and nodded quickly, “You know I love you, proud or not,” he says in small mumbles. “Yeah I do, couldn’t ask for a better boy.”

don’t hate me for not posting in a while. Please tell me what you think of it :)


A little bit of encouragement for those who are just starting. Growth takes time. Be patient with yourself. I started lifting when I was 18, I bought crush 60 and a container of whey. 4 years later I’ve done 2 bikini competition (placing in top 5 at both) and I’m a personal trainer. I went from 95lbs to 120lbs. If I can do it you can too!


It’s been 6 years since my major back surgery and a year since I re-injured my back. One thing I’ve learned is you have to take life day to day. I could just quit and loose all my progress or I can use it as motivation. The latter is the ONLY way to go. Pain aside, today I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. And I chose to let that feeling rule my day. You’ve got the mental power to choose how you feel. Go ahead and choose to be happy!

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If you know me, you know that I HATE shorts. Hate them. Refuse to wear them (by myself or in public) pretty much always, including sleep (with the exception of my batman boxers).

I woke up this morning and realized that ALL of my workout leggings and yoga pants were dirty. Before, I would use that as an excuse to not work out. 

Today though, I pulled on (admittedly my longest) workout shorts and did my workout anyway. 

I don’t care that I was home alone when I did this. This was a HUGE victory for me.