I am having such a self love, body-appreciating day! I did HIIT and I realized that people weren’t facing the mirrors at the gym so I was like perfect, I’ll take some mirror selfies. Well lemme tell you, I was staring at myself (not in a vain way). My booty without flexing looks a lot more plump to me than usual (yes, my butt is still quite flat and not perky, but it’s a work in progress!) I am so ecstatic with the definition I’m seeing in my biceps, tris, and I felt I needed allllllll the photos in this set on my blog. Feeling myself today and honestly, couldn’t be happier!

Somepony Special
Continued from “Crush”…

bigbluaceg4 said: You’re blushing like a beetroot in summer. Anonymous said: Aww Blazing has a crush! quickslash said: ay yo, im sure your time will come with the princess.

fracturedloyalty asked: It’s the hips, isn’t it? Everyone knows Celestia has some bomb-ass child-birthin’ hips. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. quickslash asked: It’s the neck, isnt it. velvet-melody said: Yoooo whatever you say homegirl. Although we all know the sun ain’t called a “heavenly body” for nothin ya dig? passionquill asked: Not that I’m interested or anything, but does a mare as #Fresh as you have somepony special in your life? *Shifty eyes*

The worst part of having a crush on someone?

it’s the progression from lil crush to full crush status.

When it’s just a lil baby crush telling you ‘Ay, that person is hella cute and sweet and funny and not an asshole’.

And your just

‘shit. Nope. Not gonna- not goonnna feeellllll-Fuck. I like them a lot.’