character: lai guanlin

genre: fluff

style: paragraph

summary: guanlin borrowed you his jacket because you forgot yours, but because of that, everyone thinks you both are dating

“Great. I forgot my jacket. Again.”

You let out a loud sigh as you got out of your apartment and the cool breeze starts to touch your skin.

If you went back inside to grab it now, you’ll definitely be late for school and you’ll receive a free ticket to detention.

“This is the third time this week,” you mumbled to yourself in disappointment while crossing your arms together.

The cool breeze wasn’t the perfect kind. It was the cool, that sent chills to your skin. You didn’t know why it was so cold. Considering that it was already summer, you expected it to be a little warm.

The wind blew your baby hair away from your face that failed to stay tied up with the ribbon of your ponytail.

“I guess it’s no jacket day, again,” you softly spoke to yourself as you walked in the direction of your school.

But, as you made your way to school, you felt something wrapped around your shoulders, covering your freezing arms.

It was the school’s basketball team varsity jacket.

“Had a feeling you might have forgotten it, again.” Guanlin let out a faint chuckle as he walked beside you.

You turned to look at Guanlin who was walking beside you, looking like he just woke up and didn’t comb his hair. But, he still looked good.

“I don’t need your jac-”

“Yes, you do. You’re freezing,” Guanlin interrupted you.

“What about you?” You asked with a frown.

“I’m not that cold,” Guanlin answered.

You sigh in defeat and just thanked him as the two of you walked to school together quietly.

Your relationship with Guanlin wasn’t complicated. You guys were good friends, but you weren’t close friends. You had your own group of close friends, and he had his.

Occasionally, your group of friends and his would hang out together because you guys were childhood friends, and one of your friends was dating his friends.

In terms of feelings, you definitely liked him more than just a friend. But, you didn’t want things to grow awkward. So, you would rather keep your love for him be a secret.

“Umm, are you going to stay back at school today?” Guanlin broke the silence.

“Yeah, I have student council meeting today,” you answered.

“Oh, then let’s go back together later,” Guanlin offered.

“Why the sudden offer?” You asked curiously.

You were surprised by Guanlin’s sudden invitation to go back together. It wasn’t something you did everyday, but you were happy.

“I don’t want to walk alone,” Guanlin answered. “But, if you don’t want to, then it’s alright.”

“I was just asking, Guanlin,” you explained. “I didn’t say I didn’t want to.”

Guanlin let out a little laugh and showcased his gummy smile perfectly.

“Anyways, what time do you finish?” Guanlin asked changing the topic.

“Not sure, depends on the president. You know how she is,” you answered with a sympathetic smile.

“If you finish before me, wait for me at the basketball court, okay?”

“Okay.” You nodded with a shy smile. “What about your jacket?”

“Keep it,” Guanlin answered. “I’ll take it when we get home.”

As you entered your classroom, you went straight to your table and rested your head on your hands, that were crossed on the table.

You were a little sleepy because you slept late last night, thanks to your good friend, Somi, who was talking about her crush all night. 

“Aye, y/n, you didn’t forget your jac-Is that Guanlin’s jacket!?” Somi, who had a really loud voice exclaimed, making everyone in the room grow quiet and turn to look at you and Somi.

You sat up, ears turning red from embarrassment by Somi’s question, but tried to play it off cool.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot my jacket,” you explained. “So, Guanlin borrowed me his.”

There was not a single word spoken after that, by anyone. Complete silence.


“Y/N AND GUANLIN ARE DATING!” One of the boys exclaimed.

The entire class began to “woo”-ing and giving teases to you, as your entire face grew red.

“What!? No! We’re not!” You denied. “He’s just borrowing me his jacket. We’re not dating!”

Some of your classmates began to “boo” at you because they think you’re lying.

“But, it’s true! Just ask Guanlin.”

“Guanlin likes you, though,” one of his good friends, Seonho, who also plays basketball, informed - which made the class “woo” even louder and your face turn redder.

Because of how loud they were, you basically gave up and let them do whatever they want. You knew that whatever you said now wouldn’t even work.

However, your mind couldn’t help but replay Seonho’s words. “Guanlin likes you, though.”

Was he lying to hype up the class, or was he telling the truth? It would be nice if he was telling the truth, but who were you kidding? There were so many girls that liked Guanlin - especially the seniors. The chances of Guanlin liking you was 1/1000.

When school ended, you went straight to the student council room. 

You made sure not to wear Guanlin’s jacket this time. Not wanting the same thing to happen. Instead, you just held his jacket in your arm.

However, you forgot about it after the meeting ended. Making everyone in the student council tease you.

“Ooh~ Y/n, are you dating Guanlin now?” Sejeong asked with a smirk plastered on her face.

“What? No, of course not,” you answered with a sigh, knowing exactly why she asked that. “It’s because of the jacket, isn’t it.”

“You look cute in his jacket,” Euiwoong complimented.

“It’s just the school’s basketball team jacket, what even, Euiwoong?”

“Why aren’t you guys dating?” Chaeyeon asked. “You guys should be dating.

“Chaeyeon-noona, it’s because they’re both shy and in denial of their love for each other,” Daehwi answered Chaeyeon’s question. “Am I right, y/n?”

You were completely speechless by their words.

“This is bullying. I want my lawyer,” you joked.

“Honey, you need a lawyer. You need Guanlin,” Daehwi corrected you, making you roll your eyes and walked out the room quickly while the others were still packing and talking about you and Guanlin.

You sometimes wonder why almost everyone in your school, acted like little kids.

Guanlin just borrowed you his jacket. It’s nothing much, right?

If that didn’t make you feel embarrassed enough, some of the boys, that were in your grade but different class, teased you a little as you made your way to the basketball court.

“Stay sweet with Guanlin, y/n~”

“Go to hell, Justin!”

“Nice jacket, y/n!”

“You too, Jungjung!”

Not wanting to get anymore teasing, you quickly made your way to the basketball court and quietly took a seat at the bleachers, praying that you didn’t attract any attention. 

You watched the boys play and spotted Guanlin. He looked so good playing basketball, it made your heart beat fast. 

When he had the ball and managed to shoot it into the goal before the coach blew the whistle, making some of the boys cheered in victory.

“Alright, great job boys!” The coach complimented. “Especially you, Guanlin. You’ve improved a lot.”

“Thanks, coach.” Guanlin took his bottle and began drinking as he listens to the coach’s talk with the rest of his teammates.

"If you all can keep it up like this, we’ll definitely win this season. We would give the rest of the team a run for the money. Alright, you’re all dismissed,” the coach said as he grabbed his things and walked out of the hall.

However, before he left the court completely, he turned to look at you, making you jump a little in surprise. “Hello, Ms y/l/n. Don’t think I didn’t see you sneaking in.”

You let out a forced laugh and bowed at him. “Hello, coach.”

“Next time, try not to wear Guanlin’s jacket if you want to sneak into his basketball practices.”

“Yes, coach.”

With the coach leaving the basketball court, the boys all teased Guanlin and you because of the jacket.

"Our boy’s becoming a man!” Dongho said proudly.

“You’re already dating Y/N? Since when?” Daniel asked.

“Woah, you never told us anything about it,” Jihoon added.

“She’s been wearing the jacket since morning,” Seonho added. “Didn’t you, y/n?”

“Um, I…”

You were so speechless that you just stood there with no words coming out.

Guanlin immediately walked to you, ignored the boys’ questions but bid them goodbye, and held onto your hand as he leads the way out of the basketball court.

The walk back to your apartment was awkward. Well, not awkward, but, for you, it was. Especially with everything that’s going on, you couldn’t help but look at your feet, not having the courage to look at Guanlin or talk to him.

“I’m sorry about that, just ignore whatever they said,” Guanlin apologised as he finally broke the silence between the two of you.

“It’s alright.” You gave a gentle smile to Guanlin. “It’s been happening since morning,” you explained with a forced chuckle coming out.

“Really?” Guanlin asked in shock. “Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make such things happen to you.”

“Guanlin, it’s alright. Really.”

“I mean, I don’t mind them saying that because I do like you a lot, but you don’t like me so…”

The two of you suddenly stopped walking as a sudden silence flew in as you both realised what Guanlin just said.

Guanlin liked you? Did you hear it correctly?

“Um, I’m sorry,” Guanlin apologised again. “I didn’t mean to confess to you or anything. I mean, I did but not right now-not like this-I-I-”

“But, I do like you. That’s why it’s embarrassing,” you interrupted him, acting a little coy.

Guanlin looked at you with wide eyes. “Really? Y-you, like me?”

“Yeah,” you answered with a giggle and nodded your head. “I like you. A lot.”

Guanlin’s gummy smile then appears as his hearts feels like it can just fly to the moon.

“Does this mean you would be my girlfriend?” Guanlin asked in excitement.

“Yeah, I guess,” you answered with a giggle.

“Then, I’ll walk to school again with you tomorrow,” Guanlin said as you guys approached your apartment. “I’ll walk to school with you everyday. And I’ll walk you back everyday too!”

You giggled at his excitement and nodded. “Sure, Guanlin. Anything you want.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then, bye, y/n. I love you.” Guanlin gave a quick peck on your cheek before running off to his own apartment, leaving you there, with your fingers touching your cheeks - trying to process the fact that you just got kissed on the cheek by Guanlin.

You smiled widely as you entered the apartment, went to your house floor and went straight into your room.

Taking out the jacket and placing your bag near your study table, you collapsed onto your bed and took out your phone.

A wide smile appeared on your face when you saw a text message from Guanlin:

Please don’t forget my jacket tomorrow~ 

And don’t forget yours, either ❤️

“Oh! Guanlin’s jacket!” You exclaimed and face palmed yourself for being so forgetful. 

How could you have forgotten that as well?

Carrot and Stick

“I appreciate what you gave to me Coach, but I can’t do this anymore,”

“You’re joking, Leon. This is a piece of shit for you, you know you can do better than this,”

“But Coach, I can’t. Look, I’m sweating as fuck and the growth really make me spurt in my pants. I mean, I’m cycling but my jizz keep shooting, isn’t that impossible?”

“Well, you can stop. But don’t whine to me when you lose all those muscle,”

He stared at me with that look of anger and said

“Fuck you. If you’re not my Coach, you’ll be crushed into pieces!”

“Ay ay ay, watch what you said boy,” I said to him, flicking my finger and poof, gone his tree trunk legs


I flick my finger again and said

“If you dare to act out like that to me again, you know the consequences,” I said, whispering to his ear while rubbing his sweaty abs

“Okay Coach,” he nodded obediently

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A Sprinkle of Rain with a Dash of Love

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You were convinced you controlled the weather. Since spring started everything had been fine and dandy. The sun shone bright, flowers bloomed and even birds chirped by your bedroom window. And then Sunday striked, the epitome of a bad day and the entirety of D.C had decided to mourn with you.

Rain storm after rainstorm and even when there was a sliver of sunlight there was at least a bit shower.

Just like now.

You stood under the feeble asbestos sheet that covered the roof, the smell of dead rotting flesh filling the air. The smell should have bothered you but 6 years of working at NCIS had strengthened your tolerance. It however had not had the same effect on McGee who was puking in the bushes behind the house. You’d taken this time to wallow in self pity, ponder upon your impending infertility and whether there was such thing as a dog lady because you weren’t exactly the biggest fan of cats.

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Stay- A Killian Jones One-Shot

Title: Stay
Request: Could I have a Killian x reader where maybe he and the reader were together in the enchanted forest and right before the curse happened they had a really terrible fight, (Killians at fault) and when Killian comes to Storybrooke reader is happy and angry to see him but in the end, he wins her over again?? (I’m terrible at requesting sorry)
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader

Y/N below deck down to her shared cabin with her boyfriend, Killian Jones.
He was the captain of the ship, and had docked it in port for about a week now.
“Hey.” Y/N smiled, walking in the cabin.
Killian was passed out on the bed, an empty bottle of rum beside him.
“Seriously? Again?” Y/an exclaimed.
She shook him awake, “Killian what the hell?”
“Oh hi love.” he said, clearly drunk as he could be.
“This is the third time you’ve been this drunk this week. You can’t be doing this! We’ve got to leave port, we have places to be.” Y/N told him.
“Stop being so whiney love…” he responded, trying to stand up but falling back into the bed.
“I’m being whiney? I’m just trying to stop you from doing this shit all the time! You’re the captain of this ship. Act like it.” Y/N said.
“You’re being an ass.” Killian told her.
“No you are!” Y/N yelled, “I’m done with this.”
She stormed out the cabin, and off the ship.
Killian didn’t even care, he passed out again on the bed.

When he woke up, there was still no sign of Y/N.
“Love?” he called, walking around the ship.
She was gone, and as he looked into the small village the ship was docked at, he noticed there were not any people there either.
“What happened?” Killian asked Smee, his first mate.
“There was a curse overnight. It took over all the land, but since we were in the ship on the sea we were spared.” Smee explained.
“Y/N was on land.” Killian said, feeling his heart crush.
“Aye she was.” Smee responded.
“She’s gone.” Killian sighed, tears starting to fill his eyes.
“I’m so sorry.” he thought to himself.
Killian was in love with her, and by saying just a few stupid things to her he had lost her.
He was beyond devastated.

After months and eventually years of searching for what happened to Y/N, he finally figured out where she was.
The curse had taken her and everyone else in the Enchanted Forest to a new town called Storybrooke.
They had each gotten new identities, but now that curse was broken and they were themselves again.
Yet they are were still stuck in Storybrooke.
Killian found a magic bean, determined to get to Y/N and have her back in his arms after so long.
He created the portal, taking the Jolly Roger into it and to the strange new town where Y/N was.

“What is this bloody place?” Killian asked himself when the ship finally came out the portal.
There were strange cars on the street, lights and all types of new sounds.
“I’ve got to find Y/N.” Killian said.
He got off the ship, and began to walk around Storybrooke.

Killian had been walking down the street for a while, no sign of Y/N still.
“I thought she had to have been here.” he sighed.
Yet, a woman that had just left an ice cream shop caught his eye.
His bright blue eyes lit up, and he knew it was in fact Y/N.
“Y/N!” he called, beginning to run towards her.
She turned to him, recognizing his voice.
“Killian.” she smiled.
They hugged, but then Y/N pulled away.
“What’s wrong love?” Killian asked, “Aren’t you happy to see me?”
“It’s just…” Y/N sighed, “I mean I’m happy to see you but still part of me is so mad at you. I really never thought I’d see you again.”
“Oh my love…” he said, grabbing her hand, “I’m so sorry for what I did. That entire fight was my fault, I was stupid. You winding up here was my fault. I never thought I’d see you again, but here you are. I still love you so much. Let me love you again.”
“You have no idea how stupid what you did was. Part of me wants to punch you, but the other half wants to kiss you so badly. I still love you too. With all of my heart.” Y/N said.
“You can punch me and get over being mad at me, then let me kiss you.” Killian smirked.
“Ok.” Y/N laughed.
She punched him in the arm, Killian pretending that it hurt.
“Now are you gonna kiss me?” Killian asked.
“Mhmm.” Y/N smiled, leaning in to kiss his lips gently.
All their love from the past starting to flow again, the kiss becoming deeper and deeper.
“I love you.” Y/N said, breaking the kiss, “If you really love me too, stay here in Storybrooke with me. I have a little place right outside of town, kinda close to the docks.”
“I’d love to stay here with you. I don’t want to let you go every again.” Killian said, “I will love you for the rest of our lives.”

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#Confesiones Una vez fui a una peda pero yo había dicho que no me iba a embriagar (por qué siempre hago el ridículo y pues no) pero en la fiesta estaba mi crush, el estaba tomando y dije que más da, comencé a tomar. Al final terminamos en una reta de quien tomaba más y el vomitó primero (así que yo gané) de lo feliz que estaba salté y le vomité enzima☹️ la peor vergüenza de toda mi vida. Soy Géminis y ahora le caigo de la verga a mi crush :''(

Ay we muero😂😂😂
Moraleja: Jamás hagas una competencia de quién toma más con tu crush, te terminará odiando (?

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i know we can credit this blessed hug to the amazing god Oh Sehun, however i fully believe that this all happened because you were at the concert, the ChanBaek queen. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GETTING TO SEE IT LIVE <3

Hello there darling~ <3 (to the anon who asked this pls read till the end if you can ^^) First of all, 





BASICALLY, I COULDN’T TAKE ANY VIDS BC I WAS SO SURPRISED AND I WAS JUST GAPING AND MY EYES WERE JUST WIDE AF AND I WASN’T EVEN ABLE TO SCREAM CHANBAEK/BAEKYEOL (unlike the fanboy behind me yes fanboy, who was screaming “ChanBaek” like there was no tomorrow)

But I srsly wasn’t able to say anything. I was just staring and thinking: “Did I just fcking witness one of the most glorious BaekYeol moment ever live?”

And upon realizing that I was:

Just kidding! (no not really I felt like crying and worshiping Oh Sehun right then and there but I can’t coz there’s still a bunch of songs left for the concert and I can’t be a crying mess just yet)

AND YASS THEN HERE’S COME THE DELULU ME. No BaekYeol text post created by me is delulu free so…keke

You know it’s weird bc Cy was resistant af and he’s smiling as if he’s super shy AND WHEN WAS CY EVER SHY TOWARDS INITIATING SKINSHIP WITH OTHER MEMBERS. His reaction srsly screams “What what what omg omg omg omg omg.”

And isn’t Bh and Cy rly close? They’re obv comfortable around each other and it was obv in their vroom vroom broadcast and they also said so themselves. SO there ain’t rly any reason to get embarrassed abt a simple hug when they’ve done similar stuff.

These also happened on cam so why weren’t they embarrassed to do skinship here? Did time change it? How so? They felt awkward after finding out that they’re being shipped with each other and that there r ppl like me who honestly considers that Bh and Cy might be something more than friends? Nuh-uh I think that’s not the case.

Bc hello? Would Bh and Cy keep being in the Vapp together and having interactions if they rly did feel awks when they know that can spark shippers’ delusions?

coz they did this during exo’luxion in manila too. The “forced and awkward hug” as anti BaekYeol ppl would call it wasn’t the only BaekYeol moment okiiee? Just, no. I don’t think Bh and Cy is that bothered abt being shipped with each other. If you wanna know why I think that’s the case read this.

And y’know Cy’s able to do skinship with Kai, Ksoo, Sehun, all the other members without an ounce of shame. But why in the world is Cy acting like he’s gonna do skinship with a fellow member for the first time when Sehun is bringing him and Bh to do a fake kiss which I think is a part of their exo’luxion perf but they usually do the fake kiss bet. Jongdae and Junmyeon (I think. correct me if I’m wrong)

But here comes the almighty Oh Sehun. It seems like he took notice of the big ass ChanBaek banner that the BaekYeol shippers in the PH created (God bless CBFUPH) and made an effort to display in their area. So maybe the Oh so generous Sehun thought “why not give them the pleasure to experience some fanservice?”

And y’know, if Bh and Cy just outright did the fake kiss without any hesitation then I would’ve fangirled so hard but I’d know that it was fanservice and it ain’t that special. Coz it may not be obv but I am still somehow rational. (a lil bit I think haha)

But anw~

they were supposed to do a fake kiss. Just ONE FAKE KISS which the other members could do with no worries but WHY WAS BH AND CY (esp Cy) BEING SO DAMN RESISTANT AND EMBARRASSED ABT IT. Bh and Cy’s reaction says a lot for me tbh.

Bc who tf gets shy for hugging a friend. Srsly who? And they’re the same gender what’s there to be so shy about? Bc they’re guys? Duh Bh and Cy hugs other members with no shame. And that’s srsly what irked me the most. WHY DID BH AND CY LOOK SO EMBARRASSED (in very diff ways)

In general, Cy isn’t rly shy. He CAN do fanservice with no worries seeing as how he acts like Kai’s fan and how he usually clings around Ksoo. And Bh is just plain fond of skinship bc it’s quite obv with how he does it with other members. 

But they were just so awkward (yes it was awkward I know) and shy when they were being dragged by Sehun to do a fake kiss or hug! And tbh the fact that they were awkward only made it more special for me. Bc being plain platonic friends would mean that they can hug easily and with no hint of awkwardness.

Coz we all know feeling awkward while hugging your friend would either mean u ain’t close with them, u had a fight with them, OR there is tension bet. u two that can only occur when one has feelings for the other. In other words, sexual tension. I AIN’T SAYING THERE WAS ACTUAL SEXUAL TENSION DURING THE HUG OKAY I’M JUST SAYIN’ THE POSSIBILITIES. CHILL! LEL


they SRSly HuGGE D eVEN IF IT waS JUSt FOR a sEC


Not to mention Bh pulled down his hat before he and Cy hugged. For what reason? To cover something? I THINK BH WAS EXPECTING HE AND CY WERE GONNA DO THE FAKE KISS LOL HS CRUSH MATERIAL AF. HNGGGSS.

Then Cy pushing Bh away bc it’s feels awkward hugging ur crush aye? No srsly I have no idea why Cy didn’t want to hug Bh that much. Fishy fishy~

Huhu and I saw it live. If you darlings saw it live the feels would be doubled up! I swear! Their chemistry in real life is so strong! I mean on cam it is already strong, but in real life, you’ll just realize why ppl ship them so much together bc once they’re beside each other it’s just so…UGHH!


I read this theory that Bh and Cy might have gotten a lil bit of a fight. And that the fight is most likely Bh’s fault. Sehun knew abt it and as the nosy maknae that he is, decided that he should make things even MORE awkward (or maybe hoping that they’d male up) by forcing them to hug.

Which is actually a tad bit believable bc Bh is being one clingy pup. And not to mention before the hug, Cy was the one who was turning away and Bh is just standing there.

And while they were hugging, Bh was kinda trying to hold on and Cy pushed Bh and acted like nothing happened. But that is just a theory I read and we don’t know if it’s real and I’m deluded…so yeah! HAHA

And ofc, let us all take a moment to appreciate our instigator, the almighty: Oh Sehun.

They were selling a bunch of these before the concert. There were KaiSoo ver. Hunhan ver. and BaekYeol ver. Each ver. has diff pics. The one Sehun is wearing is just 1 out of the 5(?) designs I saw for BaekYeol. I think it’s obv our country’s EXO-Ls are BaekYeol and KaiSoo trash HAHA.

Just look at our BaekYeol president. Isn’t he looking majestic and beautiful just doing his thing? And Bh is just there smiling to himself as if he’s abt to get a hug from his long time crush. Oh wait, isn’t that what’s rly happening? Kidding kidding keke. no not really :P

And a short info abt my experience in exo’luxion in Manila ^^ (u can skip this if u want)

I SUGGEST YOU DARLINGS GO TO VIP SEATED OR LOWER BOX. Or just anywhere just MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SEAT. Bc if you think being in VIP floor means you get to enjoy the most, nuh-uh. I was in the VIP floor, I might be one of the closest ppl to the stage but I could barely see them! In the end, I needed to move to the back part where I won’t die of suffocation to at least see them. And see EXO live I did, but during certain times, I could only see their back.

Plus my legs hurt like hell rn bc I was standing for 3 hours straight as well as jumping around bc it was so fun like a party and even tho ur tired you’ll be hit by adrenaline and just start jumping around and screaming coz “Some awesome song which isn’t in their albums + Machine + Drop that + Run” was plain jumping and jumping courtesy of DJ!Yeol in a suit who was blond AND IS SUPER HOT AF IN REAL LIFE HIS BICEPS ARE THE REAL DEAL. Plus Cy was the most energetic amongst all the members in my opinion, he kept on encouraging fans to sing with them and to scream and he was also the one who threw in the most ad-libs.

And make sure to bring catchy stuff! When I was being suffocated at the front part of the VIP floor which is very near the stage Bh was dancing JUST IN FRONT OF US so I raised my fan with Bh’s face in it along with a lightstick and once Bh saw it he raised his eyebrows while smiling and dancing and I didn’t want to be delusional so I’ll just say that he looked at my direction and that was more than enough for me. If you guys wanna get a certain to look at your direction, know where he’s positioned and bring a catchy item so they’ll notice it! Bh is mostly at the right side btw bc I was there. Jongin picked up a chicken drumstick stuffed toy happily so just think of any good stuff! :D

And remember, it doesn’t matter if the members notice you or not (at least not for me) what matters most is that you enjoy the concert and to have fun! Don’t spend the entire concert taking pics/vids bc you always see EXO on screen! Put your gadgets down for at least one song and lose yourself for a moment bc I barely took pics/vids and I can honestly say I had the time of my life just watching EXO perform live and taking in the fact that I’m seeing the real boys I thought I can only see through screens. It was overwhelming and absolutely amazing.

But I still wished I could’ve been sitting down HAHA. And also, don’t forget to have a bottle of water with u bc u r gonna be thirsty af (literally) after screaming ur lungs out and jumping like crazy. All in all, it was fun! ^^ Although, it was kinda sad that yixing wasn’t there. Srsly I felt annoyed that he wasn’t with the other members but I needed to enjoy so I just sucked it up haha.

SILVER OCEAN! Which is wider btw I just wasn’t able to take a pic of it all.

SOOOOOO much confetti fell down during unfair and it was like snow it was sooooo beautiful and precious <3

that’s Bh. So HD I know. U can see Bh’s pores from my pic, thank me later.

That’s Bh and Cy. And again with my HD pics, u can thank me later.

Jk. So those are my low quality pics bc I didn’t take much and I was shaking haha. Okay that’s all, feel free to ask me if you have any questions! ^^

Lastly, to the anon who sent this ask. Thank you so much for sending me a message <3 and omg omg that is so nice of you to say! The hug happened bc I was there?? Nawwww although I think it was all thanks to the other Filipino CB shippers, I’ll just think that it did happen bc I was there haha.

And me? A ChanBaek queen? Dayum my ChanBaek queen is puppy store tbh (she was in the concert but I have no idea what she looks like) But thanks for thinking that darling! I’m beyond flattered by your words and I’m honestly touched that you’re happy for me, it means a lot bc I AM VERY happy that I saw the BaekYeol hug live TT___TT Thank you again, I love you~ and I hope you have a great day!

One last picture of Bh and Cy looking like two high school students who have a crush on each other so they feel extremely shy when their friend forced them to hug keke it is so cute! <3

The worst part of having a crush on someone?

it’s the progression from lil crush to full crush status.

When it’s just a lil baby crush telling you ‘Ay, that person is hella cute and sweet and funny and not an asshole’.

And your just

‘shit. Nope. Not gonna- not goonnna feeellllll-Fuck. I like them a lot.’