crushes quote


I can’t wait for us to be together. So then I could express my love for you. Tell you how much you mean to me. Give you all my attention and devotion. But for now, I’ll just lock eyes with you from across the room, in hopes you’d want the same too.

He’s Charismatic, Magnetic, Electric- and everyone knew it. And I remember when I met him…
When he walked in a room, every girl’s head turned like a magnet attracted to metal. This mix of a boy flashed his charismatic smirk as he entered. A smirk that would make a girl melt in his gaze.
God knows who he liked- his emotions were hidden by his electric eyes and charming grin. He was always masked, as if he were afraid to show who he really was-
And in that way, I understood him.
And I still like him-
I love him.
—  A crush of mine inspired this original🙂


Don’t stare at me because it gives me hope.
Don’t give me hope because it makes me happy.
Don’t make me happy because it makes me fall.
Don’t make me fall because it hurts.
Don’t hurt me because I can’t hate you for it.
Don’t make me not hate you because I should.

Don’t stare because it make me think you feel the same, even the smallest things give me hope.

—  Pathetic girl in love