A couple more idle doodles of today between work.
Casual older Mikleo because I can. Don’t judge me >>;;;;;;
Edna’s design and colors remind me of Rin and that makes me insta-happy :’3

I’m happy I’m drawing fanart again, even if just doodles… it’s been a while ;v;

Stop checking your phone because he won’t reply,
stop thinking about him because everything he said was a lie.
But every time you sit and think,
You think about him, and your heart just sinks.
But maybe, he might want your time,
but that doesn’t mean you’re on his mind
It doesn’t mean he’ll want you to be last find.
Yet you still sit and hope,
that maybe one day he’ll say to you,
“Be mine.”
—  The voices in my head // a.a.

i just wanted to tell you all that i went on a date today with an extremely cute girl. she made me kinda forget about anxiety and tumblr and even…. gasp… sebastian stan for a little while. i had a lot of fun and i’m planning on seeing her again this weekend and if you’ll excuse me i’m just gonna go yell into a pillow about how cute she is