kaitjoy78  asked:

I'm in love with this girl named Ace (she's not ace surprisingly, she's pan) and she knows I am. She's gorgeous and she has a great personality. We hold hands and she lets me borrow her jackets, but she said she likes me as a friend. Yesterday, she said she wants it to rain and said she loves getting wet. I asked what kind of wet and said "I think you should decide the answer to that". I'm not sure if she ment it in the dirty way or not and all my friends thinks she likes me back. What do I do?

I would confront her about try to talk to her about your feelings. If she decides to date you that’s wonderful. But if you get rejected that’s okay, rejection is part of life. But either way your friendship shouldn’t be ruined by your feelings. So let’s hope it goes well.

Have you ever had a crush on someone even when you know it would never happen but you’re constantly drawn to them? Everything from their smile to the sound of their laughter that brings light to the darkest places, or the way words roll of their tongue as if it’s a spoken lullaby. Yet, it’s more than that, it’s the similarities that keep you thinking that maybe in another time or world, just maybe there would be a chance. Just maybe.

i saw you today for the first time in three months. you looked so gorgeous, i didn’t realize how badly i’ve fallen for you until today. you sat there, glancing at me once in awhile. i made sure our eyes didn’t make contact as i took glimpses at you secretly. our eyes met. my heart was beating out its chest. i forgot to exhale. i haven’t felt this way towards anyone in a long time, i kind of missed this feeling. but not in this way, knowing that you don’t want me in the way i want you. and that makes me cry, it kills me every single day and night.
—  diary entry 1.