When Each Zodiac Sign Likes You...

Every person has a tell when they crush on someone. while others prefer to tell you immediately and give you obvious signs like the passionate Aries and secret romantic Sagittarius, other signs like Taurus and Virgo like to prove their affection for you by consecutively doing small things, such as helping you finish an assignment or sharing some of their food. Read below to find out what each sign does when they have a crush on you.

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to everyone who’s ever claimed to love me

without knowing anything about what’s important to me
without ever wondering what was important to me
who ignored my boundaries
who got bored or annoyed when I talked about myself
who mocked me for things I told you I was sensitive about
who only talked to me when bored and needing something to do
who never wondered what I wanted
who made a declaration of love when you barely knew me:

That’s not what the fuck it is.