crushed velvet skirt

we all have different taakos, and that’s beautiful, and my taako is an ugly looking yet charismatic-ish almost attractive scumbag who wears a shirt that says “put the high in high elf” except he turned it into a croptop so it just reads “put the high”, and is also wearing a crushed velvet skirt that flares up very nicely whenever he spins and underneath he’s wearing neon blue sequin booty shorts, and it turns out they aren’t booty shorts, it’s just all his underwear is covered in sequins, and since the temporal chalice revealed to him that he wasn’t the one who poisoned all those people, he honestly needs to be reminded that it happened because hey my good man that’s not on me, taako is off the hook on that one, and all in all it’s like if some kind of horrific deep sea fish made a wish to his fairy godmother to be human (“but like better than human, you feel me? hmu with that immortality”) and born anew not from the sea foam but from the dumpster behind a forever 21