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“Know Who You Are” Spell Jar

For a broken heart from a bad relationship and break up. Inspired by the song from Disney’s Moana.

What You’ll Need

  • A red and pink candle
  • Sage
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla (extract or plant)
  • Sea salt and/or Himalayan pink salt 
  • Salt water or waning crescent moon water
  • Olive shell
  • Beach or river sand
  • Something to crush the shell and muddle your herbs
  • A small container
  • A small bowl
  • The song “Know Who You Are”

What To Do

  • Light the candles.
  • Crush your olive shell into pieces.
  • Muddle your herbs into one big mixture.
  • Take the sand and put it in your bowl and after put the crushed fragments on top.
  • Then take the herbs and put them on top of the sand and crushed shell and sprinkle the herbs with the salt you have chosen.
  • Pour the water over the sand, shell, herbs, and salt.
  • Start the song.
  • Drip the red wax over the bowl into the water and sing “ I know your name. They may have stolen the heart from inside you…”
  • Drip the pink wax over the bowl now and sing “But this does not define you. This is not who you are. You know who you are.”
  • (If for you) Release any tears you may have, breathe, let your heart break flow out.
  • Take the contents of the bowl and put them into the container and seal it after the song.
  • (optional) Kiss the container. Kisses contain love.
  • Carry it around in case you ever feel that heart break pop again or give it to the person as a gift.

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Kacchako is a disgusting ship I can't believe you ship it, guess you love abusive ships

First of all my dude, if you’ve been following me for more than a hot minute and actually paid attention to the things I post you’d know that that is Not Correct. 

Now, moving on to Kacchako. 

- just cus I ship it doesn’t mean you have to! Look at all these beautiful characters, pick two you think have good chemistry and BAM you got yourself a ship. Congrats on just figuring out what 12 year olds already know when they watch tv and whisper ‘kiss’ when their faves stand next to each other.

- Just cus you hate it doesn’t mean I have to! While I agree on being wary about power dynamics and not romanticizing abuse, I highly doubt that’s the angle you’re coming in from, in which case I have a place for you to shove your unnecessary adjectives. 

- My dude if you think that this ship is abusive then you need to go outside. Meet people. Have relationships with them (and no that doesn’t mean romantic don’t be a doorknob). Is Bakugou a massive prickly dick? Hell yeah! Does the child have a shit ton of issues to work through? HELL YEAH! As the character is RIGHT NOW he is in no state to do anything more than have rocky friendships, and not to mention how OOC it’d be for him to be seeking a relationship. 

- If your reasoning for the ‘abusive’ nature of kacchako is that they fought at the showcase then my dude. Buddy. Wet canoe. It was a fighting tournament. They were supposed to fight, and fight their hardest at that. Also there’s like 20 metas to show how their battle actually helped grow their relationship so…

- If your reasoning that kacchako is abusive is bcus you Bakugou being a giant asshole with anger issues guess what! You can’t ship him with ANYONE EVER. Bcus the dude does Not change around people, and if it’s okay that he acts the way he does with Kirishima or Deku or Todoroki but not Uraraka then my dude that’s your own bias coming through

The fandom fully acknowledges that Bakugou needs to grow up? Like legit everything I’ve ever read has been set YEARS in the future so both characters could develop and grow their friendship first, which, you know, happens in healthy relationships. 

If the ships squicks you out then let me know and I’ll tag so you can black list! That’s perfectly fine, some things just rub people the wrong way! But don’t come into my inbox with this accusatory tone and soap box when you’re obviously just a troll looking for attention and trying to shove your opinion (which I didn’t ask for btws) down someone else's throat.

BTWS didn’t mention Uraraka in the reasoning for not shipping it bcus she is the embodiment of sunshine and I can’t fathom of a way in which she would be the abuser or source of abusive in this ship, if there were any the way it’s done. 

“Broken and Rotting” Curse Jar

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A powerful curse to bring ruin and turmoil to your enemy.


What You’ll Need:

  • A Jack of Spades playing card (this represents the target as a sort of poppet, and for the sake of the curse, the jack is gender-neutral)
  • A Peat Pot Planter (The peat pot is eco-friendly and more powerful for this particular curse, but a jar can also work)
  • Old Parsley, to represent financial ruin
  • 1 Big, Rotting Strawberry, to represent romantic ruin
  • Rotting Banana or Carrot, to represent sexual ruin, if target has a penis, OR Rotting Peach or Red Apple, if target has a vulva (If you don’t know what genitalia the target has, use one of each)
  • Crushed Egg Shell Powder
  • 1 Black candle
  • 1 other candle: pink if target ids as female/transfemale/transfeminine, yellow if target ids as male/transmale/transmasculine, purple if target ids as agender/genderfluid/bigender/etc.
  • Black Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Legally obtained animal bone(s) (I recommend chicken bones, you can get them out of pieces of fried chicken, so they’re easily available and more importantly, LEGAL!)
  • Storm/Rain Water
  • (Optional) Cursing sigils
  • (Optional) A slice/half/whole rotting onion, to represent their health deteriorating


What to do:


STEP 1: Place the peat pot down on your working space. Place the black candle above it and the other candle below it. Light both of the candles. (Be sure to practice fire safety!)

STEP 2: Take the Jack of Spades and write the targets name over the card, as big as you can. (It can be any name you knew them by, their full name, a nickname, their “witch name” if you’re cursing another witch, etc.)

STEP 3: Place the animal bone(s), egg shell powder, and old parsley in the peat pot. Next place the Jack of Spades in. (If you have any cursing sigils, add them here.) Then put in the rotting strawberry and the rotting banana/carrot/peach/red apple. (If you add the onion, do it here.) Sprinkle the black and cayenne pepper over all of it, saying:

  • I call upon the forces of dark,
  • fulfill the curse, I’ve done my part.
  • My reasoning sound, my logic tight,
  • bring [TARGET’S NAME] suffering on this night

STEP 4: Cover the peat pot with another peat pot or a piece of another cut to fit as a lid. (You can draw cursing sigils all over the pot if you so choose to.) Bury it somewhere close, like your garden or backyard. Pour the storm/rain water over the burial site.



STEP 1: Dig up the spot where you planted the peat pot. Try to find what you can of the jar. If it’s been a while, parts of it will ave started to decay. Try to find the Jack of Spades. Take it out and rebury the rest.

STEP 2: Cross out the eyes and the hand(s) on the card with a dark colored marker. DO NOT MARK OUT THE NAME OF YOUR TARGET!

STEP 3: Place the card into a fire-safe bowl, and sprinkle a little salt and a little sugar over it.

STEP 4: Light the card on fire and let it burn until it’s nothing but ash. While it’s burning, say the chant:

  • The curse is lifted, thus I have said,
  • my curse is lifted from off your head.
  • But be ye warned, should the need arise,
  • I’ll recast the curse, and ruin your life.

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the five senses

sights: blue skies dotted with cartoon-perfect clouds, hands raised in mock defence, someone winking at you, fields of green in the spring, walking backwards, eyes being lit up, flannel shirts, grinning so wide it hurts, cocking your head to one side, a rose in a cola bottle
sound: the wind rustling through the trees, lightning strikes, fingers snapping, rapping knuckles against a desk, unrestrained laughter, easy, simple (like everything else)
smells: freshly mown grass, morning breath, toast burning, rain on concrete
tastes: strawberries, mint, toothpaste, water when you are parched, when you need it more than you need it to breathe, running down your lips
touch: tracing the line of a jaw, knowing what someone else is going to say before they say it, finishing someone else’s sentences for them, your heart skipping a beat, wind running through your hair, flying

sights: heaving chests, running both hands through your hair, dark eyelashes, catching someone looking at you, like they can’t help it, like they can’t not look at you, the lights going down in a cinema, the mottled blue and purple of a bruise, a black so dark it is almost bright, dried blood crusted around your lips
sounds: thunder rumbling, cracking knuckles, the growl of an engine, profanity and the way it twists your lips, the way it makes you whole
smells: cigarette smoke, hazelnuts, gasoline, sharp peppermint that sticks in the lungs, gasoline, ink, dark and black and bloody
tastes: roasted hazelnuts, black coffee at 3am, bitterness
touch: sandpaper tongues, fingers on the hot, sharp glint of steel, sweat on skin, blood running through your veins so fast you can barely breathe, throwing a punch, driving with the windows down, hands against a brick wall, like you have hit the wall, like you can’t get past it

sights: autumn leaves dead on the ground like carrion, circulation being cut off in your fingers, the colour of wine, deep and burgundy and looking a little too much like blood—
sounds: waves crashing, a mixtures of torrential and calm all at once, a guttural growl in the back of the throat, the crunch of gravel, twigs snapping, heavy sighs, the crackle of vinyl, something tearing, something being ripped
smells: woodsmoke, wrapping paper, fresh linen, old parchment
tastes: blood in the mouth, milk chocolate, tea leaves
touch: picking away at a scab, biting your nails, ripping up handfuls of grass, teeth sinking into your lower lip, a barking laugh of surprise escaping your lips, like you didn’t know it was there, like you didn’t know you were capable of it 

sights: a fairground in full swing, empty chairs at empty tables, a million pairs of shoes piled at the front door, turned backs, palms upturned, to catch, to hold, the one chipped union-jack mug in the cupboard, the empty stretch of tarmac at the airport and the feeling that sticks in your throat like glass, like you don’t know where you’re going, like you don’t know where you’ve been
sounds: walnut shells crushing underfoot, the wind buffeting along the beach, the crackling of foiled candy wrappers, a phone that rings, and rings, and rings (but no-one answers)
smells: wet earth, roasted chestnuts, the smell of baking, musty, like something is dying, like something is already dead
tastes: sorrow, chocolate bars, bubblegum, chewing something that just won’t swallow
touch: feet on carpet, carpet burn, grinding your teeth, laughing so hard it hurts your sides, starting a sentence you forget to finish

sights: daffodils in the spring, shelves bursting with books, like there is so much life and knowledge there it cannot be contained, mothers holding their children, pastel ice cream flavours, bunches of flowers outside a florist’s, your drink being placed in front of you in a coffee shop
sounds: the roar of a motorcycle in the distance, heavy metal rock, laughter, bells chiming, a page being turned, walking on cobblestones, clinking china
smells: cinnamon, grass, lillies, tea tree, the way perfume lingers on your clothes, fresh night air
tastes: copper, metallic and sharp on the tongue, not quite bloody but just enough, vanilla, a sadness so heavy it is almost sweet
touch: the material of your skirt swirling around you as you spin, like you cannot stop spinning, you won’t stop spinning, breathing unsteadily, porcelain, the roughness and heaviness of denim, someone else’s hand in yours, the way love has a pulse and you can feel it under his skin

A Sea Witch’s “Portable Ocean” Spell Jar

A spell jar to hold the energies and essence of the ocean for use when one is away from the ocean. Good for charging, meditation, sea grounding, spell strengthening, and general ocean witchcraft.

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You Will Need:

🌊 A Jar with a tight sealing lid or cork (preferably one that won’t rust)
🌊 Beach Sand
🌊 Sea Salt
🌊 Sea Water (or storm water if you can’t get sea water, tap works if really needed)
🌊 Dried Kelp or Kelp Powder (small amount)
🌊 Sea Shells or crushed shells of choice
🌊 Driftwood (small)
🌊 Sea glass
🌊 Twine or Rope or Blue Ribbon


🌊 Make sure your jar is cleansed and yourself before beginning spell. Have all items prepped and your area cleansed and prepared as you see fit.

🌊 In your jar add the sand covering the bottom. On top of the sand add your shells, driftwood, and sea glass

🌊 In a separate bowl or cup add your water and in it mix in your kelp and your salt, stirring clockwise focusing on the smell it emits (which will be salty and kelpy like the sea) and how the waves and currents of the ocean churn and move. If you desired you may play sounds of waves on a device to add to the visualization. As you stir focus on this visualization and putting those images into the water as you stir it.

🌊 Once thoroughly mixed pour it carefully into your jar, visualizing how the waves rush onto the beach during high-tide, covering the sand and shells on it. 

🌊 “Water of salt and brine, upon the sand and bits of shell, the ocean I capture into this jar, so I may draw from its energy like a well.” While saying this focus on your intent to capture the energy of the ocean and have it with you when you need it, and keep visualizing the ocean and beach.

🌊 Once you have all of your water in the jar seal it tight with the cork or lid.

🌊 Take your rope/twine/ribbon and tie it around the jar just below the lip of the jar. “I seal the power of the sea inside, I capture the beach at high-tide.”

🌊 Keep refrigerated to prevent from getting gross though contents may have to be regularly replaced (excluding the shells and glass that should be reusable). 

Black Salt, and its Usages in Both Black and White Witchcraft

Image Credit: Juniper Wildwalk ,(post author) ** BY-SA-NC

So, as a continuation of my new little chain of posts on black magick, I’m going to be talking about the substance known as black salt. This is a common element of many curses and charms, but is also protective and can be used for white magickal purposes with ease.

What is Black Salt?

Black salt is, well, salt with things that are black added. It is not the same as culinary black salt which is rock salt with activated charcoal added to it: in witchcraft, black salt usually has black pepper, crushed charcoal and sometimes dyes or other black things added. Crushed shells or rocks are also pretty popular. 

My own black salt uses a mixture of crushed charcoal and pepper, but the wood I get the charcoal from varies depending on the usage. Just for general usages, however, I tend to use oak or eucalyptus because it makes good charcoal for small-scale production. 

If you want your salt to be especially good for curses and black magick, add a few crushed chili seeds or a little sulphur. 

If you want your salt to be especially good for protection and white magick, add some iron scrapings or a little cinnamon.

Witchy Uses for Black Salt

  • Black salt is protective. It’s not just black magick that can benefit from the inclusion of black salt! It’s a powerful protective charm that absorbs negative energies and curses into itself and will rid you of their harmful influence. Sprinkle it around the doors and windows of your house, and no negative powers will be able to get inside. Replace it often, every fortnight or so. Carry a phial of it around with you to protect you on the go, and rub some into your skin if you are under the influence of black magick. 

  • Black salt is reflective. If you wish to not simply nullify or absorb negative energy but to actively reflect it back upon those who cast it, rub the salt into your door and window frames and on the four point of your bed, whilst reciting a spell that energy shall return upon those who sent it. Make the spell up yourself for the greatest power!

  • Black salt is potent. Black salt can of course be used for cursing, and in doing so it add an element of darkness to any spell. It is also good for increasing the potency of curses, especially curses involved in repulsion, repelling, or driving people out of places. Sprinkle it over somewhere that they regularly visit or live in to make them want to leave that place, or use it in any spell designed to banish a person or thing from your life or to keep a thing or person away from you. It also makes a good addition to hot foot powder, and often forms a basic ingredient of goofer dust from hoodoo.

  • Black salt is symbolic. It symbolises dark or new moons, eclipses, and waning moons. It also symbolises the Crone of Wicca, and the Morrígna of Celtic lore. It is used to represent many things, including war, strife and conflict, and Order turning to Chaos (which is not, in and of itself, necessarily a bad or “evil” thing). 

  • Black salt is spiritual. It can be used to greatly increase the strength of trances, and is also a very useful method preventing those same trances from summoning negative spirits that may harm your absent body. It can also be sprinkled over ground that you wish to purify before you perform rituals or sabbat work, especially when they are related to Samhain, Mabon, Yule or Imbolc (the “dark” sabbats because they form the Winter and Autumn set). 


Black salt is excellent to use in conjunction with sage smoke-cleansing, as the sage will purify and drive away negativity and the black salt will absorb what is left.

I hope that helps someone! 

– Juniper

How sharp would a sward have to be to cut through an egg without crushing the shell? Like obviously the shell has to have the sward wound but other than that, just one straight cut leaving two otherwise intact eggshell halves. Is such a sward possible, that can slice through an egg without compromising the structural integrity of the shell?

Cancers are attracted to their creature comforts, like having
fluffy blankets wrapped around them, strawberry icing candles burning in sweet delight, mint milkshakes and
the lullaby of a heartbeat thumping against their ear. In the winter she is at home, because she can hold her loved ones close, her eyes which she
emphasizes reflect like the glassy moon
and her mascara never runs in the winter, only in the summer, because she is
just so sensitive to everything, like her body never fills a space, it is connected
to every child and baby
It is connected to her photographs and memories, crosses and Capricorn watches, diaries, and Rumi poetry. She is emptied into every emotion and every circulating desire, she is the longings of a million dreams, broken promises, and
imaginative reverie. Sometimes the Cancer wonders if life is real, and what kind of dream she is wandering through, how she can exist and experience so much when the anguish and euphoria seems to be relentless.
The Cancer water is mysterious, controlled by the lunar tides, so at times they become swept away, withdrawing, unable to place their feet on the bank. The shells crush their feet and they can hear the whales sing. Because it’s exile. Beautiful alone.
Everyone but invisible and nothing at all.

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Fic titlefor zoop bc im trash: "Fairest and Fallen" gud luk

The Fairest and the Fallen (and those who followed)

Judy wanted to be a Knight.

Nick wanted to be left alone.

Neither would really get what they wanted.

Here. Take my messy excuse of a story! I needed some practice between writing practicum and this is what I could come up with! It’s a little… nonsensical. But it’s the cause of sleepless nights, grad school, and a test tomorrow morning that I haven’t nearly studied enough for.


He is a thief, and she is a…

She is what she is. And she tells him, as she waves a sword in his face, that she’s a knight.

“A knight, huh?” He scoffs, and jingles the cuffs she’d ceremoniously slapped onto his wrists. They were rusted and red, and he hoped that whatever that was wasn’t blood but he had a sneaky suspicion-

She breaks him from his reveries. “You’re coming with me.” The daggers at her belt aren’t tied correctly, and they clink together when she turns on her heel. “The King has an order out for you. First knight to bring you back gets the reward.”

“First Knight.” He followed her, falling into step cheerfully. “I don’t think he said First Bunny. Do you get cuteness points or something?”

She spun round, and her sword was back. Held incorrectly, he noted. One swat of his paws and that thing would go flying halfway across the little crushed shell path they were standing on. He smiled, giving his reflection on the blade a little how-do-you-do. “Don’t” she intones, “call me cute.”

“Fine. Adorable. Endearing. Small and fluffy. Doesn’t matter. You’re still all of the above. And Knight hardly qualifies.”

She looks like she wants to cut him down. He doubted she could. But. Still. The look was almost enough. Then, with a haughty little puff of air, she collected herself up. The seashells under her feet rattled when she began to walk again. “Just… let’s go. I don’t have time for this.”

“Two weeks walk to the King’s. You’ve got plenty of time for me, Fluff.”

He’s right. And she’s regretting it dearly.

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St. Ives Scrub Scandal

Most if us will recognise this product. Many of us will have used it. Back when I knew next to nothing about skincare I used this morning and night, and I would go to town with it, not a gentle rub across the skin, I’d push and scrub it in. There’s this illusion and false advertising that makes us feel like we need to remove any an all oils and dirt from our face and we need to scrub our faces and clean out all those pores. Which in the end does far more damage to our skin. Which is why 2 woman in the US have sued over this product.

Kaylee Browning and Sarah Basile are suing Unilever, the company that makes the product, for $5 million. Saying that it is ‘’unfit to be sold or used as a facial scrub’’. Which I completely agree with.

Having used this product myself for many years under the guise of it being an excellent exfoliater for my acne covered skin, I can assure you it will not help your acne. It will make it worse.

The product contains small pieces of walnut shell! Just think about that, walnut shell, crushed up. Hard pieces of shell with sharp, jagged edges that the naked eye would be unable to see as its too small. Tearing your skin on a microsocopic level, causing mini wounds and open areas for bacteria to get in and create more acne.

It you are looking to exfoliate for your acne, do not use this product! Chemical exfliators are great, and at a low % much safer and there’s plenty on the market.

This scrub may be good on your legs before shaving, or on your feet to get rid of dry skin, because the skin there is thicker and could take it, but please do not put this anywhere near your face.

One dermatologist is quoted in the claim saying that crushed walnut shells have the same effect as “sandpaper on your face

You don’t want to sandpaper your face guys.

Witch Tip #12

As many of you know, seashells can break so easily. Use already broken shells and crush them with a pestle & mortar to create seashell powders. Depending on the type of seashell the powder is made of will determine it’s correspondences. I’d suggest crushing various shells of the same type just to make things easier (just all scallops or all clams, etc.). 

Plus these are excellent for spell jars and bottles as well as sprinkling. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about them breaking (unless you keep them in a breakable container) ! :D (You can use whole, non-broken shells as well, I just personally feel less guilty if I use the already broken ones for seashell powders.)

Landlocked Sea Witch Salt

I use this sea witch salt to cast circles, amplify sea witch spells, and scrying, etc. as a landlocked sea witch (hopefully not for long) this sea salt has really helped my craft! It can be altered for every kind of sea witch, if you are keeping your craft a secrete or sharing it with the world! I used Rosemary as my herb because it has strong connections to sea witch craft, enhances magickal and psychic connections, and has protection properties. 

 You will need:

 -Rosemary essential oil (or dried herb)

- sea salt
- sea shell powder/ crushed seashell 

- moon stone 

- small jar, container (I used an empty spice jar) 

Combine a few drops of the essential oil or dry herb to desired amount, add sea salt, moon stone, sea shell to container. Ground and center yourself, charge with thoughts and feelings of the moon and ocean. I like to specifically add the way I feel when I first touch the ocean waters when I go to the beach. Think of the way the moon and tide affects you. After charging with your intent, shake the container to mix ingredients, leave outside or in a windowsill to bathe in the moonlight for one night. 

And there you go! 
Use it to cast circles and add to ocean/moon spells to help you feel close to the sea💙🌊



You calling them silly names in front of the other members

You calling them oppa for the first time

You find out that they only approached you because of a bet

When they see you twerking

They find out that you liked another member before them

You being good at rapping

You being late on your first date together



You wanting to have sex with them

Their gf asking them to cuddle with her because she’s stressed

Their classmate (you) falling asleep on their shoulder during class

You breaking up with them over webcam because you can’t handle LDR

Their bestfriend kissing them

You nagging at them while you’re cleaning

When you break up with them out of nowhere

Another member flirting with you

You being a virgin

You accidentally touching their butt

When they come home and they find you fangirling over BTS

You ignoring them because they did something to make you jealous

You bothering them because you’re bored

When you are dating one of the members, but another member flirts with you so you get angry.

You teasing them in public

When you’re a member who’s disguised as a dude and they find out that you’re a girl

Seeing their girlfriend checking out another member

Their girlfriend hugging them from behind and accidentally grabbing their crotch

Their girlfriend kissing their neck for the first time

Their girlfriend sitting in their lap for the first time

Their older/noona girlfriend wanting them to call her “Mommy” or “Mistress” during sex

They find out that their crush is a tomboy instead of a more feminine girl

You accidentally farting

You smoking

Their girlfriend fangirling over the lead male in a kdrama


To think it’s hot when their girlfriend imitate their voice (Rapping/singing)

To date a short girl

To bring their crush out of their shell

To be friends with benefits

To not mind dating someone who isn’t very social


Hyungwon smut “Stress Relief”


Their gf breaks up with them because they’re being persecuted by their fans

They surprise you in the morning


Have children before marriage

To bring their crush out of their shell

To not mind dating someone who isn’t very social

To let their gf sit in their lap while cuddling/making out/watching a movie


Their gf accidently grabbing their crotch

The other members walking in on you two during sex

You send them nudes when they’re at work

They catch you dancing to one of their songs

You asking them for nudes

Their girlfriend starting to act differently after their breakup

When their child walk in on them having sex because they’re scared

You being good at rapping


To let their gf sit in their lap while cuddling/making out/watching a movie

To be friends with benefits

wake up to the sun - ok, so i got a little dizzy last night. i got a little out of my head from all the mixed drinks, the river water and the mint leaves, the feeling when the sun goes down and the whole world feels dark and hopeful. i felt hopeful, standing up and swaying, all young and dumb and orange with the glow of fairy lights. talk to me abt the ghosts in your house. do they sing to you? do you sing to them? mouth open like a scream but friendlier. talk to me about the light through the window, the scrub jay at the bird feeder, crushing peanut shells in your fist for the hell of it, falling hard, running without shoes on, taking cold showers. wake up and hang around for a while. even the boys are taking a break from their racing. even the power lines are lazy.

Easter Hunt - Reader x Dean x Sam

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Warnings: None - just a lot of Easter fluff.

Word Count: 1640 (give or take a few)

Dean and Sam walked into the library after spending the better half of the morning shooting rounds at target practice. It almost felt like they were going to bring the whole place down with the way the gunshot sounds bounced off the walls and echoed to every inch of their home. They took a seat at the library table and poured themselves a glass of whiskey, each taking comfort in the silence.

Wait. Silence? That couldn’t be right. There were three hunters in the bunker the last time the duo had checked.

“Have you seen (Y/n)?” Sam asked, being the first one to realise that they were down a hunter. Dean took a sip of his drink and leaned back in his seat. Just once, he wanted to relax and not be bothered with something trivial like the lost case of (Y/n).

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