crushed quotes

Your smile lights up my day. I love seeing you smile. Your laugh fills ears. I love your laugh. I love seeing you happy. Never stop being happy.
—  smile // 12:27pm
I had a dream that we kissed last night. And suddenly, I prefer sleeping to reality.
—  Dreaming of You (h.c)
Hold my hand in the car. Tell me about your dreams and the reason your mom cries. Hug me in the book section of the store and kiss my cheek while I read. Fall asleep with your head on my chest. Hold tightly to my arm while we watch movies. Kiss me quick and soft or long and hard but just kiss me. Call me to say goodnight and text me when you have a bad dream. Learn my favorite things and understand my different moods. God forbid though if you fall in love with me. Don’t be foolish because you know that’s not what you want. I am not what you want.
—  The two lovers that never loved
And though I
Hate you
Detest you
Loath you
I know that I cannot stop liking you
And I
Hate myself
Detest myself
Loath myself
For doing so
—  || hate, detest, loath
I think the worst possible thing is being completely devoid of emotion. When the burden has become too much, the weight too heavy to hold. When a person no longer feels anything, they no longer have anything to lose.
—  Void. (h.c)